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Dillon McMahon and Derby have an important Brass Division game this week against Wilby. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

Now that the NVL (Copper Division, at least) is on the verge of upheaval, it seems like an awfully good time to start figuring out what happens from here.

First off, Holy Cross isn’t dead (yet). Torrington isn’t assured to run the Copper table. Woodland and Naugatuck should make it a four-team race, and it’s very possible that no team emerges unscathed. There’s a long way to go, and it continues this week.

On the other side of the league, Ansonia keeps rolling but a No. 1 contender should step up when Wolcott visits Seymour in a battle of early-season unbeatens at DeBarber Field. Both those teams could be headed toward playoff contention with victories, but only one will get it.

But to start everything off, Thursday night we get to see the Awkward Bowl.

Thursday, Oct. 4
Naugatuck at Sacred Heart: We can’t help but wonder if the four-game suspensions of David Coggins, Javon Martin and Xavier Woods were planned specifically by the CIAC so the last game they would miss happened to be the one against the former apple of their eyes, Naugatuck. Probably. Either way, they’ll be watching as the Greyhounds pass and run all over Municipal Stadium for the second time in four weeks. The Hearts’ offense is slightly improving but their defense is nowhere near good enough to slow down Mick Pernell, Jason Bradley and Naugy. Sacred Heart should see both sides of the ball improve in Week 5 (should those three players earn spots in the starting lineup) but without their stars for one more week, Naugatuck will get the last laugh in a big statement game. (By the way, our pal Ned Griffen presented the facts that Naugy’s 63-point first half against St. Paul landed the ‘Hounds in the record book. Read it.)
Picks: Remmy- Naugatuck, 48-6. Kyle- Naugatuck, 42-0.

Friday, Oct. 5
Ansonia at Holy Cross: We were tempted to make this our Game of the Week, but we couldn’t pull the trigger after Holy Cross’ stinker of a game against a depleted and winless Torrington squad. The Crusaders had some key defenders injured but they should have had enough athletes on both sides to take out the Red Raiders, who were without several suspended players. If those hurt Holy Cross guys can come back, maybe the Crusaders can hang around for a little bit. But to beat Ansonia, it looks like teams are going to need the ability to get a couple of defenders to account for Andrew Matos, play man on the other targets and leave everyone else to focus on the backfield. So, so, so much easier said than done. Holy Cross might have the outside athletes to double Matos, but if the middle defense remains depleted then Arkeel Newsome could have his first big game of the year. We’ll probably have another snoozer on our hands at the Stadium.
Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 55-12. Kyle- Ansonia, 41-7.

Wilby at Derby: This game could end up being one of the best of the week. It was an outstanding contest last year on a muddy afternoon at Wilby High and several players from both sides are back. Derby’s Dillon McMahon has been held out of the end zone in each of the last two weeks, so we’ve got our money on him breaking back in there a few times Friday night. The Red Raiders haven’t moved the ball too consistently in their last two games, except the long scoring runs in the Naugatuck and Ansonia games. Derby had trouble stopping the many rushing styles of Ansonia last week, failing to stop Andrew Matos on his pitches and runs. The Raiders will have to account for Jacob Thomas, who has strung two big games together. Wilby’s defense has not been a pushover at all, allowing just three touchdowns in its last two games (albeit against poor offenses in Kennedy and Watertown). There’s a distinct possibility that we have our first defensive struggle of the year on our hands in this game, which should come down to the fourth quarter.
Picks: Remmy- Derby, 27-20. Kyle- Derby, 20-15.

Kennedy at Woodland: The Hawks should be plenty rested after sitting out Week 3. You had better believe that Tanner Kingsley and the Woodland offense will come out with guns blazing, wanting to tune up the spread machine before the tough Copper Division games begin later this month. If the Hawks don’t score 40, something went wrong. They should be 3-1 by the time they reach their gauntlet, which starts in Week 6.
Picks: Remmy- Woodland, 46-12. Kyle- Woodland, 47-6.

Crosby at Watertown: We would argue that no NVL team has been more disappointing so far than Watertown. We thought the Indians’ offense would take advantage of some returning linemen and a lot of speed to put some points on the board but it hasn’t been the case. Watertown’s been stronger on the defensive side of the ball but just cannot move the ball. The passing game has been virtually nonexistent and if it stays that way it becomes too tough to get the ball to Jon Mitchell and Rocco Guerrera, the two quickest players on the team. Crosby has a decent offense with the ability to go long and run with two backs. This also could be a pretty close, if not especially well played game.
Picks: Remmy- Watertown, 23-18. Kyle- Crosby, 20-13.

Saturday, Oct. 6
Torrington at St. Paul: The Red Raiders went from the brink of losing their season to being at the forefront of the Copper Division race thanks to a 20-yard field goal by a 120-pound sophomore. But PJ Kilmartin’s game-winner against Holy Cross may have done more for Torrington than just give it a big win: The Raiders should now have plenty of confidence as they head deeper into the tough part of their schedule. Their defense will get another test–which it most certainly passed last week–against the most prolific passing offense in the league. (Bet on a Red Raiders pick-six, since Logan Marchi has thrown four in three games.) Remember last year how this game evoked some bad blood on both sides, when Torrington had to re-insert its starters to counter St. Paul’s comeback with its varsity offense against the Raiders’ JV defense. While this one might not get that ugly, it shouldn’t be pretty, even with Torrington still indefinitely without several suspended players.
Picks: Remmy- Torrington, 77-42. Kyle- Torrington, 62-28.

As always, we invite you to make your picks with us on this thread. We’ll keep track of them in our Predictions Tracker throughout the season (still in progress; there’s a lot of updating to do).

Our Game of the Week thread is coming up a little later this week and will feature the Wolcott-Seymour matchup at DeBarber Field.

Both the Naugatuck-Sacred Heart and Ansonia-Holy Cross games will be broadcast live on WATR and watr.com. We’ll have links when our Live Scoreboard goes up Thursday.

Also, we hope you aren’t offended by the lack of preview videos this week. We were a pair of rambling men during our usual weekend filming times. We’ll be back next week.

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  74 Responses to “Week 4 Predictions”

  1. Naugatuck 48, Sacred Heart 6 – Naugy must be feeling confident after their… well, let’s just call it a win against St Paul. Not sure if this is a false sense of confidence or not, but Sacred Heart won’t be too much more difficult without Coggins and Martin. Really wish SHHS had those 2 for this game, would have been interesting and many more story lines.

    Ansonia 56, Holy Cross 15 – Let’s be honest. Everyone’s upset that HC lost last week so we don’t have our “big matchup” as planned this week. Xavier, Staples, and Hand are the only 3 teams in the state I would say could consistently beat Ansonia. Holy Cross not even close to the same class, yet sadly their biggest competitor. If Newsome is out, maybe slightly lower scoring.

    Wolcott 27, Seymour 14 – Certainly a “how good are we really” game for Seymour. I think Wolcott still the better team and will be able to move the chains more easily. Nicol will have to be sharp, but with Wolcott’s schedule moving forward, would definitely like to take this one and be full head esteem for the playoffs.

    Derby 32, Wilby 20 – Don’t know if it will be as close as some people think. Derby significantly more disciplined and well coached. Who knows, maybe coming off a game at Ansonia, Wilby will seem like a pop warner team. Lots of speed though, could be a tight one if Krieger turns the ball over.

    Woodland 40, Kennedy 7 – Haven’t been totally impressed with Kingsley so far this season, but with Woodland very well rested, Kennedy doesn’t stand much of a chance against their passing game.

    Watertown 23, Crosby 0 – Watertown finally plays to its potential against a weak Crosby team. Every time St Paul loses by 30+, Crosby’s win over the Falcons looks less impressive.

    Torrington 72, St Paul 35 – Actually a lot of intrigue in this game despite the obvious talent, toughness, and competence difference. Torrington will run up the score on St Paul for the second straight year after a bit of an altercation on the field between the two side’s coaches last season. Story plot #2: Logan Marchi, a Winsted native, apparently could have played at Torrington but chose St Paul. Marchi has become the king of pretty passing numbers with yards and 13 TDs, but killer interceptions (4 returned for TDs) and most of his good stats being put up in garbage time. Aren’t QBs supposed to stop the bleeding? St Paul’s historically bad defense continues on a comical path – Torrington big here.

  2. Naugy 42-13
    Ansonia 40-13
    Derby 43-20
    Seymour 20-14
    Woodland 48-6
    Watertown 34-12
    Torrington 54-30

  3. Steve Sanders

    Naugy vs Sacred Heart- If the CIAC had a sense of humor this would have been Coggins and Martin’s first game back, but instead it’s an easy win for Naugy. Hounds 44-7

    Ansonia vs Holy Cross- Torrington put a damper on this game, but if not last week, this week the whoopin was coming. Ansonia shuts down the other team’s best players on a weekly basis, Chargers big 50-14

    Derby vs Wilby- Raiders walked into a hornet’s nest this week but big things are still ahead and they don’t allow thomas to kill’em Raiders 35-21

    Seymour vs Wolcott- Game of the week. I think if the Cats can stop the run and make Nicol beat them with the pass, they will be in good shape. Cats win a low scoring affair 14-7 I believe

    Woodland vs Kennedy -Woodland buries bad teams 55-15

    Watertown vs Crosby- Crosby can get it in the endzone, a loss for Watertown may really put them in the tank. Crosby 28-21

    Torrington vs St Paul- Torrington riding high, I predict they score on every offensive possesion, St paul only scores every other possesion Torrington 85-44. St Paul doesn’t allow you to stop scoring.

  4. Naugatuck 46 Sacred Heart 20
    Ansonia 53 Holy Cross 24
    Seymour 18, Wolcott at 6
    Wilby 22, Derby 20
    Woodland 40 Kennedy 14
    Crosby 28 Watertown 22
    Torrington 49 St. Paul 28

  5. Naugatuck
    Ansonia – Kind of want to go to this one to see how many times Isaiah Wright quits on his team. Took his helmet off and stood in the back of the end zone pouting for 3 plays during the Ttown game.
    Wolcott – Seymour has looked improved this year, but face their first real challenge after beating one of the worst teams in the state, then 2 of the worst teams in the league. Just don’t see them having enough to win this one.
    Derby – Derby > Naugy > Wilby – simple math
    Torrington – From looking at the Naugy box score from last week its pretty obvious St. Paul hasn’t learned anything from last year thrashing. Down 49 at half they come out and continue to throw every down. No doubt Torrington will get up early, if St. Paul continues to throw and score on JV like last year Ttown might hang triple digits.

  6. Naugy

  7. Naugatuck

    • Fantasy Football rule #1 – Always pick AGAINST your rooting interest. That way if your team loses, you can still feel good about your pick.

      Last year Wolcott won this game pretty handily. I think the Cats are better this year, but still a year away from being a legit playoff contender in Class S. But if Seymour pulls this one out, 7-8 wins is within reach.

      • Donald – This is a tough game to pick because Seymour has played nobody and Wolcott showed some resiliency by coming back to beat Torrington. I do think Wolcott will score plenty of points. Their offense is very explosive and they have a lot of weapons – Nicol, Lynch, Santopietro and a whole bunch of receivers – Presscott, Cyr, Matos, Caggiano etc. If Seymour can run the ball then they will have some success. Wolcott has still shown signs of being weak against the run. Seymour also needs to mix it up on defense. If they stay in 3-3 Cover 3 the whole night then Wolcott will rip them for 42 points. I hope the cats give them a game. I know how hard Lennon has worked and he deserves a good win.

  8. Ansonia

  9. Even though someone keeps voting for me on your polls, the Ansonia non-conference poll caught my eye.
    Is next year when they have the NVL/SWC matchups?
    Will they still have another opening?
    Who can they realistically play? Who has open spots in their schedule that is traditionally good?
    I want to see them play the best but is it possible is my question.
    I’m sick of seeing people write AHS shouldn’t be in the NVL, not fair, stuff like that, I NEVER hear anyone say that about Crosby boys hoops when they win 9 out 10 NVL titles!!!

    • That poll problem is bizarre. Wish we knew what was up.

      Next year, an 11-game schedule will come into play for the first of two years. The NVL/SWC matchup will take place in Week 6, from what we understand, and that will still leave the Week 1 opening.

      Everyone can figure something out and Ansonia should not be settling for Torrington to fill the nonleague spot.

      • I agree on the Torrington thing and hopefully they can set up a 4 year agreement with a top CT football program to show all the naysayers that year in and year out Ansonia can compete and beat almost anyone, anywhere!

      • johnnyribbs

        I always hear from the Ansonia people that Ansonia does reach out and try to get quality non-conference games. I understand the no win situation that teams like Xavier, NDWH, Hand, etc. would enter into playing Ansonia.

        If there is real truth to the fact that Ansonia is reaching out and none of these quality programs are taking them up……what else can they do?

        This blog gets more powerful everyday, can Remmy and Kyle start a movement. Who do we want to see them play?

      • The big difference is—does the staff want to play other big-time CT teams? I know they would love to. But yet, I have no idea why this can’t get done without hearing that big-time programs don’t have any incentive playing a Class S team.

      • It’s understandable that teams from the FCIAC and SCC would avoid playing Ansonia due to the difficulty of their conference schedules. Because most of the top teams in those leagues are in LL or L, 1 loss could mean no state title. Ansonia should look out of state for a good opponent. I remember someone saying that Ansonia doesn’t have the money to travel far for a game, but with their reputation they might be able to attract a decent opponent to the valley. Most Massachusetts schools play 1 non conference game and there are some pretty good school up here that would give Ansonia a run.

  10. Naugy in a blowout…..SHHS is NOT good.

    Ansonia in a Blowout….Too much for HC to defend.

    Wolcott Their offense is very hard to stop especially if Nicol is on. Seymour has not really played anybosy so this should tell us how good they are.

    Derby brings Wilby back down to reality.

    Woodland has the starters out at half time….Time for Sarlo to look for a new job.

    Crosby – I think wheels have fallen off the bus at Watertown. Coach V is losing control of the program and he won’t get it back anytime soon.

    Torrington will beat a “defenseless” St. Paul. Hey St. Jude, how about hiring a defensive coordinator???

  11. As an AHS fan I get tired of hearing who they play. Tell the NVL teams to step up and get better. Naugy is a storied program a coach away from being up. Ttown needs to start getting the kids to stop crying and get them to come out and play.Big school that should be much much better. How can schools like Hillhouse and Norwalk and Middletown ect be good but the Waterbury schools be so bad? Wilby and Crosby need to get a good staff and change the culture of Waterbury football. If this happens then the talk would be on how the NVL is a good league and not that AHS dosnt play anyone? Why don’t we question Masuk not playing anyone or why don”t they go play an out of league power. Just because Hand smacked them. When Ansonia smacked NEW LONDON back in I think 07 no one was questioning why AHS plays no one. Last year they kill the 2nd best team from the CCC that has what 700 teams in the league. Next up they beat up the 2nd best ECC team in Ledyard. They also beat up Bethel in a monsune up at Jarvis when they olny needed about a qt and a half. That was probably the 3rd best team from the almighty SWC confrence. When Ansonia moves up to M and beats these teams up class M sucks. Now Ansonia is back in S and this year M is good. What do you want them to do.They should travel out of state for a game? Come on. If this SWC/NVL challenge happens and say AHS beats up Masuk and then the next year beats up Newtown Bunnel Pomp whats the talk then. Why don’t they play X or Hand or Staples? There in a no win deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • All AHS can do is beat the teams on the schedule and they do. I agree that Waterbury schools and everyone else needs to get better. Saw some great support by Ansonia player(wearing his jersey) at Kennedy vs Seymour Freshman game this week . Someone said his brother plays on the Kennedy Freshman team. Hopefully he works with his brother and spreads a little of that AHS toughness up to Waterbury. I love when Family supports each other.

  12. Seriously, thats your argument, everyone needs to get better, come on. Just admit it, you guys would rather finish undefeated and top 3 in the state than have 1 loss and finish 8 or 9. At least that way you can claim your the best without ever having to prove it. Yes, there are some years that Ansonia might play 1 or 2 good teams, but its becoming rarer every year. Look at college football, most of the top teams schedule difficult non conference games because they know it helps them in the polls and ultimately win a title. Ansonia knows that they can makes states with 2 losses, and they also know that 90% of the time the class they are in is going to be weak. Just think about this, Seymour scheduled New Canaan. Yeah, before you guys go popping off about anything remember that, Seymour has more brass than you. There is no excuse to not play top teams.

  13. Naugy 48-12 Sacred Heart
    Ansonia 52-20 Holy Cross
    Wolcott 46-24 Seymour
    Derby 36-13 Wilby
    Woodland 42-12 Kennedy
    Watertown 32-18 Crosby
    Torrington 67-23 St. Paul

  14. Bunegron what a load of crap. 90 percent of the time the class is going to be weak????. Yup last year they thought class M was weak.This year back to S becuase they new M was good and S was weak. Go back over the years there have been some good teams in S. M was always the weak class. When they beat New london they new class was weak. Bloomfield a few years back with 1 loss from the almighty CCC was crap. Didn’t they play Hillhouse a few years back. Beat them granted both teams were not great. Was a home and home that the House backed out of when it was there turn to come the next year to Jarvis???? Tell your boys up north to get better. Is it that they can’t go a season without team drama all the time. Big school with what 35-40 varsity kids on the roster?????? If some of the Waterbury schools would wake up and Naugy gets a big coach then this would stop. Maybe AHS should go indepent and the NVL can merge with the vo -tech league.This way it would solve some questions.

  15. Ansonia should move, but they wont. And yes, compared to Ansonia’s legacy, class M and class S suck. The one time Ansonia played a good FCIAC team in the playoffs they lost. At Seymour we ended up playing Darien, New Canaan, Bloomfield and Staples 4 out of 5 years. Since their battles with Bloomfield in the 90s, Ansonia has not played 1 team equal to the top FCIAC or SCC schools. Look at the the teams they beat, Cromwell, a sub par Bloomfield, a sub par New London, ND Fairfield, and Ledyard, please. Finally, stop calling the CCC almighty, they suck, as does the ECC. The only conferences that should ever be mentioned as a quality win are the SCC, FCIAC, and SWC.

  16. Bunergron is that sub bar New london team AHS beat a yr before that beat up Seymour the next yr in the the championship game???Lets go back didn’t AHS loose 2 yrs in arow to the monster Bloomfield teams. Before that they lost to Darien not once but 2 yrs in a row. They were really really good teams. Stop the who Seymoure played in the playoffs.Just gave you a list of who the Chargers played. Also that New Canan team you got beat by was what a 6-4-1 team ?? But that was when you were a regional team. Olny quallity wins that should me mentioned you put the SWC. Hows the Chargers and NVL record in the playoffs against them???? ND was from the SWC AHS beat them .The same yr ECC 2nd best team East lyme beat Masuk who one the SWC that yr. Guess the ECC champ every year sucks.Anymore you want to drop on me??

    • Go Blue, did you not read what I posted about Bloomfield and Ansonia in the 90s, which is when the two games you mentioned were played. I’m not talking about the 90s, Im talking about the last 10 years. You played New London pre Casey Cochran and with a younger Jordan Reed. My point isn’t that Seymour lost those games, its the fact that they played them. Also, ripping on Seymour since Oxford left is just wrong, try losing half your enrollment and still be competitive, hell, try losing all your transfers and still win 8-9 games.

      • Jordan Reed was a junior in 2007. He was not young, nor inexperienced, he started as a freshmen. He also played, and lost in a the Class S final that year to Hyde (31-13). He was considered one of top QB recruits in the country as a junior. Furthermore, many…many people picked NL to knock off Ansonia that game. New London was the highest scoring team in the state, with a mammoth OLine (bigger then Ansonia’s) and a stout defense. A number of those kids went on to play in college. In 2008, Reed missed a majority of the season, with a broken bone in his foot. New London lead by Richie Vitale and a freshmen QB, Casey Cochran, beat you guys, 27-18.

        And let’s be honest, New Canaan played Seymour for two reasons:

        1. Paul Spoonheimer
        2. Their wasn’t a chance in hell they would lose.

  17. Steve Sanders

    – I find it curious that NVL fans are openly pining for Ansonia to go play out of league games in the hopes that it will give them some competition. This is basically admitting that the league cannot offer them a true challenger this year. The bitterness and jealously is palpable.

    – Whenever Ansonia has an elite team, everybody gets sudden amnesia and likes to portray the situation as Ansonia winning the NVL every year, and winning it easily. Ansonia did not win the NVL in 2009 or 2010.

    – While its true that top tier teams in the state occasionally schedule out of conference games, if we are being honest, this happens very infrequently. Top teams in the FCIAC and SCC are not given respect for their strength of schedule because of games they actively schedule out of conference. People respect their actual conference schedule. They don’t have to go searching for a game to get respect. They automatically get it every season. This is what the Ansonia fan is bemoaning in the comment above. Ansonia does not have this luxury because the NVL is not where it should be or could be.

    – Continuing on that theme, I completely agree that the NVL needs to get better. It wasn’t always like this. Torrington was a consistent Top 10 team in the early to mid 80s. Watertown won a state title in 1986. Sacred Heart was a consistent playoff team in the late 80s and early 90s and this was when it was actually difficult to make the playoffs. Crosby finished in the Top 10 in 1994. Naugatuck, Derby, and Seymour were all players on the state wide scene. Seymour not that long ago. What the hell has happened? Ansonia has stayed just as good as they always were, while their supposed rivals have all dropped down around them. So yes, it most certainly IS the responsibility of the league to get its shit together and come a little harder than they have.

    – I find it embarrassing that the official twitter account of the NVL blog is spouting off nonsense (in Week 2!!!) for the state to read about how no team in the NVL can touch Ansonia. If they were doing it as a compliment to Ansonia, then ok. But this was not the intention. And everybody else should find this embarrassing as well. Listen up NVL teams, you are letting Remmy and Kyle down.

    – Seymour scheduled New Canaan twice. That was a good move on their part and I do respect that. But in their next two opportunities, they scheduled EOB Tech and Whitney Tech. So let’s slow down a little. Believe me, believe me, believe me I was against Ansonia scheduling Torrington this year. But Torrington is still 10x better than a tech school.

    – Ansonia will play Masuk next year. Hopefully they are also able to schedule a quality opponent in their other open date as well. It is fun for the fan base and will make for interested coverage from the media outlets. I hope there is somebody available that makes sense for them to play.

    • Steve, there is no right or wrong here, IMO. It’s certainly not Ansonia’s fault that the rest of the league is way behind. No one can fault Ansonia for being as good as it has been and steamrolling opponents. I think what people want to see is Ansonia play another top-five team in the state. Do I care if Ansonia doesn’t schedule a game like that? No, I really don’t. Why should they? To please the fans, perhaps. And that’s ok.

      Regarding no one else being able to touch Ansonia — What part of that isn’t true? If that was posted and did not sound right, we apologize. I think I speak for the majority of the NVL fans when I say, WE WANT TO SEE SOME COMPETITIVE GAMES! I can only speak for myself, but this is the main reason I have not seen Ansonia much this year and don’t plan to. Again, is it Ansonia’s fault? No. But I will wait until I think a team will give Ansonia a fight and I’ll make my way to that game. The only game I will be at for sure is on Turkey Day — I’m always there. I will smell the turkey on the smoker while I’m at the game. That’s how I like to spend my Thanksgiving mornings.

      With that said, I saw a great game in Week 2 down at Derby. And I expect to see another great game this week up in Seymour.

      Asking for a competitive game in the NVL has been a tough thing to ask for nowadays, it seems.

    • Steve, Seymour is a different team now than they were when they scheduled New Canaan. I would much rather see them continue their rivalry with Naugy than schedule guaranteed victories like they have been, but if they can some how win 7 or 8 games and make states it will do loads for rebuilding that program.

      • They scheduled the two tech schools when they were coming off a two-year 1-19 stretch and knew they would have a very young team the next two years. I have no problem with them putting some winnable games on the schedule to get their young players some experience and confidence.

        Also, Whitney and OBrien HAD to be looking at Seymour as a winnable game since the Cats were 1-19 the past two years.

        IMO Whitney and Obrien were completely appropriate games considering the state of the respective programs. Next year a much-improved Seymour gets Class LL Amity and a mid-level SWC school out of conference.

      • johnnyribbs

        Also, the Whitney game was only after a Seymour/Branford game couldn’t get solidified because neither team wanted to only have 4 home games.

        The EOB game was a valley natural and Seymour needed to get off on the right foot.

    • Does someone want to explain to me how the notion that no NVL team can touch Ansonia is wrong?

    • There are three reasons Ansonia has remained successful…..John Spoonheimer, Bobby Lisi, and Kevin Rowley. While those programs, at one time, were top tier. They all experienced major coaching changes. Those guys have been at the core of Ansonia’s success for years. They’ve all been successful head coaches. Spoonheimer’s record with the Ansonia freshmen is ridiculous. Bobby Lisi, served as head coach for two years with a record of 19-3-0, before gave up the position to assume administrative positions in the Ansonia school system. Kevin Rowley, was a very successful head coach on the Pop Warner level, winning a number of Southern CT Pop Warner championships and an appearance in the Pop Warner Superbowl, in Atlanta, GA. Although, Ansonia has had a head coaching change during that time, but those guys remain a constant and Coach Brockett was the perfect choice to lead the Chargers. His energy, work ethic, hard work, dedication and willingness to lean on those guys is paying off. He will be the first to tell you how important those three guys have been to his success as well as the team’s.

  18. Well said Steve.

  19. My point with the playoffs is being lost. I understand that Ansonia can’t control who is going to be good in which ever class they are in, but knowing they will never be in Class LL or L, unless they combine with Derby, is a telling sign that they are most likely not going to end up playing a top 5, maybe even a top 10 team in states. Knowing that should be even more incentive to schedule a big non conference game.

    • And that goes to my point about Seymour. Coach Spoonheimer knew that if we made states we would have to face a top FCIAC school, whether it be New Canaan or Staples, yet he still went and scheduled Shelton, because he wanted the big game, and so did we.

  20. Thats fair Bunegron. I thinks it’s hard for them to find somone to play?Hopefully next year they get Masuk and a good 11th game. Won’t be an FCIAC/SCC there crossing over for there 11th.Maybe look to New London Winsor Glastonbury who has a good program.

  21. johnnyribbs

    Ansonia coaching staff and administration isn’t driving this argument, it is the fans.

    I hear year in and year out (since the NVL opened up out of league play) that Ansonia doesn’t play anyone. Is that an insult to the NVL or just an indication of how damn good Ansonia is most years? Yes and Yes.

    To me this argument isn’t about the NVL. It is about the small group of Ansonia fans who will complain if they don’t get voted #1, even after running the table in S (or M). The only way to solve that dilemma is to urge your team to go out there and get a game against one of the big boys. Boise State style.

    If you invite one of those teams and they aren’t willing to play, then put them on blast in the media and let everyone know you tried. It is all you can do. The games are out there to those teams that want to make them happen.

    If Ansonia (not the fans, the team and administration) don’t care to do that and don’t complain about getting no #1 votes…….then we might as well be arguing about alternate endings to Star Wars on this blog. Wasting our breath.

  22. As a New Haven Register poll voter, I can confidently say that if an undefeated Xavier faces an unbeaten Staples in the Class LL championship game, I will be voting for the winner of that game as No. 1 and wouldn’t rule out voting the loser No. 2.

    I really don’t care all that much what Ansonia does in terms of scheduling. The SWC agreement is nice and will help a little next year. If Ansonia wants to schedule non-premier nonconference opponents (whether or not they try to get top dogs) then the program has to live with the stigma of being best of the small schools. Maybe that’s good enough, I don’t know.

    It is undeniable at this point to say Ansonia is the class of the NVL and no team in this league will come close unless something drastic happens in terms of losing personnel. Ansonia waxed Woodland and Torrington, who beat Holy Cross and showed that team isn’t so good, and Torrington should have beaten Wolcott, who is the second-best team in the Brass. Everything is relative.

    Yeah, I cover the NVL. So am I supposed to lie and make it sound like Ansonia is going to be tested anytime during the regular season just so it sounds like we have full competition around here? No. That’s how I lose credibility. We learned last year in Week 1. That does not happen anymore.

    Like it or don’t, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t put out any opinion that I don’t believe to be fact. If it turns out to be proven wrong, then I acknowledge it. But nobody cares about wishy-washy opinions.

    Sermon over.

  23. Just let this end. Ansonia has league games to play. I hope they get challenged? Maybe Trinity can get in the S and North Branford get in and can test them. I really don’t think anyone stays within 3 tds of Ansonia. Hope im wrong.

    • johnnyribbs

      That’s the point Go Blue, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, unless you want to complain about not getting #1 votes in December. Play the schedule, play the teams your class and the tournament line you up with. That’s how this this works.

  24. Steve Sanders

    One thing I can’t deny is how boring the Ansonia games are this year. I have yet to make it through a full one, and I feel their first three opponents did nothing out of the ordinary on defense or on offense. Derby did have McMahon in the Wildcat and had success the first drive, but defensively no one ever doubles Matos, sure they stack the box but that doesn’t work, how about play three down lineman, or play 6 dbacks try not to give up the big play, do something that makes the Chargers think for a quarter of a half. Think outside the box, stop being down 35 at the end of the 1st.

  25. Steve you no the FCIAC good if Trinity gets in can they give them a game. Johnribs i agree just line up play who you play.

  26. It’s going to take a new defensive strategy to beat Ansonia. I don’t know that the team’s line has been overpowering or unbeatable so far, but I think doubling Matos in some matter is a must right now.

  27. To you Ansonia supporters, McKnight was on the Holy Cross Sidelines wearing his white #1 Ansonia jersey at 10:00am in the morning in Torrington. He must have slept over a friends house !!!!!!


    Naugy in the awkward bowl

    Ansonia though I hate to say it

    Watertown puts up its first W

    Woodland-Kennedy plays tough though

    Derby-Valley tough shines through

    Seymour-another NVL upset

    Torrington-but closer than people think

  28. Steve Sanders

    I got to watch the entire Trinity vs New Canaan game and Trinity hands down would be the best team AHS would play all year. They have a beast RB, key is if he and the QB stay healthy. Once the QB got hurt vs New Canaan Trinity did not score a td. They have a solid WR and a FB/WR that wears #35 that looks like MIke Tolbert. U never know with Trinity they could finish anywhere from 9-1 to 6-4 hard to trust a team that hasnt consistently won since 1984.

  29. Your argument about losing half your school to Oxford is weak! Seymour played as a regional high school for years bottom line! Now that it’s a level playing field you complain?
    This whole argument stinks cause nothing can change!
    Ansonia plays their league & their class! What else can they do? Schedule 1 game? The year they play, the argument will be, oh they were down!
    Bottom line is Ansonia has 30/35 kids at best come out for the team for the last 25 years and they been a top 10 team almost all 25 years, don’t hate on them because they produce. Then bring up they would lose to this team or that team, if a school is twice ot triple its size, they should beat them! Too bad the schools in the NVL that are twice or triple their size don’t!!
    Just accept the fact as long as this coaching staff stays around, Ansonia will be in the playoffs under the current system every year!

  30. your write on 96.I do think the nvl needs to get better. Hopefully Nuagy goes out and gets a big coach. Wolcott seems to be getting better. They have a real good young coach. Wilby seems to have the players starting to get into there program. If Wilby and Crosby coach there kids up and get kids to come out and play whats there potiental? HC needs to get things steady. If they play up to what they have in talent they can give AHS a run.

  31. Does anyone really believe Ansonia is not a regional program??? No school in the state has more transfers now that Cochran is gone from HS football.

    • Its funny because everbody knows it, including the players around the league. My son who plays in the NVL has been shrugging it off for three years. It could be even worse in regard to basketball, not Ansonia of course !!

      • Every kid on the field has residence in Ansonia. Do you know how many kids walk around AHS that moved to Ansonia in 7th or 8th grade and don’t play sports, probably 50% of the school.
        It’s what Ansonia has become, people move here for a few years and then are gone. Ansonia’s basketball team has 80% kids who were not in the Ansonia schools in 6th grade but they go 10-10 and no one says a word. That argument is weak, if they didn’t live in Ansonia, they couldn’t play, just look at what happened with the SH/Naugy situation.

      • So by your own words you agree Ansonia is a regional program.
        I had no idea there were that many tranfers 50% of the students came from the outside. wow.

      • No, they live in Ansonia, you said recruiting. They come here because of affordable housing, not for sports is what I mean. Don’t put words in my mouth.
        My point is there are over 300 boys in AHS, about 60 play sports nevermind football, pretty impressive to be competitive with that lack of participation.

      • No, I said transfers you said recruiting which is an interesting statement. Do you think Ansonia recruits players?

      • Being in the top 10 every year, having great mentors and coaches, getting the type of press they get and it’s tradition does all the recruiting necessary. Some of you act as though these guys parade around the state attending middle school games, have dinner with top prospects and their families and give free sideline passes to recruits so they can feel the experience.
        As far as the league strength and Ansonia having to prove if its #1 or even deserving of a #1 over a one loss team from another conference, It’s luck of the draw. The NVL might not enjoy the level of success it had, but its coming. It has alot to do with coaching and their commitment to program building. Our league has lost some very good coaches, legends in fact. It’s on it’s way back.
        If Ansonia is undefeated at the end of the year and #1 is in doubt I’ll Quote coach Hunt ” if there’s any doubt we’ll shovel off the parking lot at Jarvis and they can come find out”

  32. Naugatuck

    My last week predictions didn’t post…son of a…just noticed.

  33. Naugy 52-0
    Ansonia 45-13
    Derby 34-12
    Woodland 42-6
    Watertown 16-6
    Torrington 55-35
    Wolcott 27-21

  34. This debate is incredibly simple. Ansonia doesn’t HAVE to do anything. They can beat up NVL teams (which, let’s be honest, is weaker than it used to be), go undefeated, and walk to a state championship. And they have every right to do so. BUT, as Kyle said, they will never be the state #1 team at the end of the year. So they must make a decision as a program if that’s something they are striving for, the MUST challenge other premiere teams in the state.

    I don’t see how either decision would be wrong. They have a right to play a league conference schedule like everyone else.

    For the sake of breaking the tension, if we’re talking about Ansonia and the NVL’s competition, what do you think the score would be if the Chargers played 4 quarters of football against, say…. St. Paul? haha

    • In reality Ansonia only has to play the 6 Brass teams and Naugatuck for Thanksgiving. That leaves 3 openings for other opponents. They could still play for the NVL title. With the three openings they could play an out of state opponent and an couple of in staters. Thats what many teams around the country do. CT is small and centrally located. You can play a NJ,NY, RI or MA team with less than 2 hours of travel.
      FYI ,here is a link to an interesting Maxpreps article: on records versus out of state opponents. CT seems to do well. It would be good for the state and NVL. Just a thought.

      • That’s untrue, the NVL sets your schedule and being in the NVL you must play it. They chose your other 3 games by some system, I think previous year winning % or something like that. They don’t have 3 openings.
        Also to everyone, if it is so easy to schedule out of league games, how come an NVL team is playing 9 games?
        Most other leagues fill out their entire schedule with league games.
        I’d love to see them play a top program every year but it isn’t as easy as you think. We all seem to have enough time, let’s get a list of teams that have an opening next year and see what fits, Kyle & Rem you up for it?

      • JLG: The NVL fully determines the nine-game league schedule. You play six divisional teams, your Thanksgiving opponent and two other interdivision games based on a two-year power schedule (Ansonia has Woodland and Holy Cross because those teams were among the best in the Copper over the most recent two-game span). So only the Week 1 opening is available for a nonleague team.

        There are still more teams in the state than not who fill their nonleague spots with other league teams, although the number is growing a little bit (the ECC has been the best in recent years). The SWC-FCIAC and NVL-SWC challenges will be great, but some coaches may elect to only play a 10-game schedule next year and take off Week 1 (imagine Ansonia playing 15 games in 2013).

        It’s tough for us to gather who has openings in which weeks because the schedules are in the works long before I get to see them (and I’m able to find them long before most people do). We only usually hear about deals in the works after they’ve been completed or defeated.

      • Seeing Red is meeting me at tonight’s game.

      • “In reality Ansonia only has to play the 6 Brass teams and Naugatuck for Thanksgiving” was a hypothetical statement.. I should have lead with that instead of “in reality”.
        Ansonia is CT’s Don Bosco or Bergen Catholic. Meaning, they win a high percentage of their in league games (3 or 4 losses since 09) I’d love to see them take the show on the road. I think they’d do rather well. Plus the kids would love to take a coach bus to play a team a couple hours a way one or twice a year.
        If I’m not mistaken Windsor was suppose to play Woodland this year, what happened to that?

      • But as long as Ansonia is part of the NVL, it has the obligation to play nine league games. That other spot is available but it’s only good for one shot a year. Plus, we know the budget troubles Ansonia has so an out-of-state game is a long shot.

        And Woodland-Windsor wasn’t “supposed” to happen. They talked and didn’t agree, much like Seymour and Branford couldn’t close their deal.

  35. Naugy

  36. TheProtege

    my picks! I forgot there was a thursday game.

    I woulda picked Naugy all day over Sacred Heart but it ova

    Crosby 28 Watertown 27- Watertown has let me down this season, but this should be a good game. I think Crosby has an edge because they have one win.

    Ansonia 55 Holy Cross30
    Over in the first half just like everyone else

    Seymour 34 Wolcott 20
    Im simply not impressed with Wolcott, say what you may but the coach is gonna have to dig in his playbook to pull off a victory over those scrappy Seymour guys

    Torrington ? St Paul 30
    Torrington wins if St Paul still cant play D. In their defense though pretty much all 11 starters play offense defense and special teams. Its tough to play and win that way.

    Derby 28 Wilby 12 Cats looked good against Watertown but I think Derby has them beat on overall team speed.

    Woodland 50 – Kennedy 0
    Just cuz I said so