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Woodland wide receiver Anthony Scirpo had a receiving touchdown, a punt-return touchdown and a kickoff-return touchdown in the Hawks’ easy win over St. Paul. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

Everyone blew out everyone again in Week 5. We pretty much expected that, except for the big Copper Division game going on in Torrington. But once again our expectations surpassed what actually happened on the field.

Naugatuck posted the most dominant, non-Ansonia, big-game victory in the league this season with a statement-making win over Torrington to lift the Greyhounds to the top of the Copper standings. That’s where they sit with Woodland, who was also a big winner over St. Paul.

The usual suspects–Ansonia, Holy Cross, Wolcott and Derby–also coasted to wins while Sacred Heart got its second win in three weeks with the return of David Coggins and Co.

Now we get set for what should be the most exciting non-Thanksgiving week of the season, with huge matchups galore. But first we take a more detailed look back at the Week 5 that was.

What Happened

We figured Naugatuck was going to score plenty of points (maybe not 54) in Torrington but we thought the Raiders would do a little better than the two varsity touchdowns they got in a 54-20 drubbing last Friday at the Robert H. Frost Complex.

Mick Pernell scored four more touchdowns (two long catches and two runs), giving him a league-leading 19 on the season. Jason Bradley threw four more touchdown passes (two to Pernell, one each to Ryne Griesenauer and Brandon Kuczenski). Naugy forced five turnovers. The game was pretty much over late in the second quarter.

The ‘Hounds do so many things well. Play designs are great; Naugy runs about as many different formations as I have seen from any team this year and runs them all well. Bradley is elusive in the pocket, extends plays and makes way more good throws than mistakes. Pernell may be the new Fastest Man in the NVL. And the Greyhounds’ front seven gets fantastic pressure.

It all adds up to a team that should be considered the Copper Division favorite at this point. The success of this team comes straight from the coaching staff, which has done as good a job as any in the league. From the mess in which they found themselves about two months ago to where they stand now, the Naugatuck coaches deserve a great deal of credit for what they do in practice and games.

Torrington, meanwhile, is probably out of the Copper and Class L playoff hunt unless chaos ensues in the next three weeks. Even though the Red Raiders had their fullest lineup they’ve had all season (minus the dinged-up ankle of Joan Toribio), they didn’t look all there against Naugy. Their win over Holy Cross now looks stranger than ever.

Speaking of the Crusaders, they got back on track with a 48-12 win over Kennedy last Thursday. It looks like Holy Cross’ offense might be falling back into order. Starting on about its third drive, Cross went to a spread look with Kristian Harmeling in the shotgun, Adrian Brown in the backfield and Isaiah Wright motioning across from the slot. That package gives the Crusaders far more dimensions than the Wright-run wildcat and had much more success (albeit against Kennedy). I would look for them to build upon that over the next few important weeks.

Cross trails Naugatuck and Woodland, who became the latest team to hammer St. Paul in the first half only to see the margin of victory slip away with a meaningless second half. The Hawks led 48-7 at the half of their 54-28 win. Tanner Kingsley threw four more touchdown passes, giving him 14 in Woodland’s three wins, and continued to spread the ball around very well. Anthony Scirpo scored three touchdowns in three different ways and the Hawks’ varsity defense has allowed only seven points in three victories (taking that with a grain of salt). Woodland doesn’t have an easy game left, with the Torrington-Naugatuck-Holy Cross-Wolcott-Seymour string to close the season.

Wolcott and Derby both kept up their momentum headed into a huge Week 6 clash. The Eagles demolished Wilby 53-6 behind Mike Nicol’s five touchdown runs and a scoring pass. Nicol also rushed for 245 yards while Joe Lynch had nearly a hundred and a score. Meanwhile, the Red Raiders scored in all sorts of ways in a 47-19 victory over Watertown. Michael Kreiger threw two touchdown passes and caught one from Dillon McMahon, who also scored in two other ways.

These two teams’ meeting in Wolcott next week is massive, not as much for the Brass Division as it is for the playoffs. Both teams have a great shot to get in this year with a win over the other in Week 6. More coming on that soon.

Ansonia’s Saiheed Sanders filled in for Arkeel Newsome last week at Seymour and rushed for over 100 yards with three touchdowns in a 47-0 win. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

Ansonia, while resting Arkeel Newsome to hopefully rid that ankle injury for good, beat Seymour 47-0. From all accounts of the game, it sounded even uglier than that. The Chargers roll on with their next big game coming in Week 8 against Wolcott, while the Wildcats get a short reprieve from a tough stretch.

Finally, Sacred Heart earned a 33-14 win over Crosby in the returns of David Coggins, Javon Martin and Xavier Woods. Coggins made the statement he was hoping for, catching two touchdown passes, returning a kickoff for a score and picking off a pass. Martin also had a solid game with nearly 200 yards passing. The Hearts have a real shot to finish .500 or better with these guys back in the lineup.

Who Did It

Top Passers: Jason Bradley (NHS): 6-10, 235 yds, 4 TD, INT; Logan Marchi (SP): 19-43, 233 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT; Javon Martin (SH): 8-13, 191 yds, 2 TD; Tanner Kingsley (WRHS): 11-15, 159 yds, 4 TD; Michael Kreiger (DHS): 7-10, 75 yds, 2 TD, rec TD
Top Rushers: Mike Nicol (WOL): 14 rush, 245 yds, 5 TD, pass TD; Roshawn Gainey (CHS): 21 rush, 135 yds, TD; Jaquan Overbey (SH): 19 rush, 126 yds, 2 TD; Mike DiMaria (HC): 16 rush, 120 yds, TD; Devone Thomas (THS): 23 rush, 106 yds, 2 total TD; Joe Fancher (WRHS): 6 rush, 109 yds, TD; Saiheed Sanders (AHS): 9 rush, 107 yds, 3 TD; Mick Pernell (NHS): 17 rush, 97 yds, 2 TD; Adrian Brown (HC): 6 rush, 96 yds, 2 TD; Joe Lynch (WOL): 10 rush, 96 yds, TD; Rocco Guerrera (WAT): 17 rush, 94 yds, 3 TD; Davon Humbles (KHS): 10 rush, 94 yds, TD; Andrew Matos (AHS): 4 rush, 89 yds, return TD; Dillon McMahon (DHS): 5 rush, 57 yds, TD, return TD, pass TD; Isaiah Wright (HC): 5 rush, 51 yds, TD, return TD
Top Receivers: Mick Pernell (NHS): 3 rec, 128 yds, 2 TD; David Coggins (SH): 3 rec, 101 yds, 2 TD, return TD; Brendan Carroll (SP): 5 rec, 81 yds, TD; Brian Reis (WRHS): 4 rec, 64 yds, 2 TD; Anthony Scirpo (WRHS): 2 rec, 22 yds, TD, 2 return TD

Sacred Heart senior wide receiver/defensive back David Coggins is our Week 5 Blanchette Sporting Goods Player of the Week. In his first high school football game since November 2010, Coggins caught three passes for 102 yards and two touchdowns, returned a kickoff for an 80-yard touchdown and intercepted a pass in the Hearts’ 33-14 win over Crosby. Credit: 247sports.com

What’s Next

Week 6 will be the most important week of this season to date. We will have three hugely important matchups, including Holy Cross at Naugatuck, Derby at Wolcott and Woodland at Torrington. All three carry major divisional and playoff implications. We’ll have full coverage and previews of these games all week long.

The Holy Cross-Naugatuck game is probably another elimination game for the Crusaders (in terms of both the division and the playoffs) while Naugy can basically assure it will play for the division title the following week against Woodland with a win. That game will be the WATR Game of the Week on Friday starting at 6:50 p.m.

Playoff chances are the major prizes at stake in the Derby-Wolcott game, where Remmy will be Friday night. The Red Raiders have a shot at their best season in more than 15 years and a win over the Eagles would bring them one step closer to an appearance in the Class S playoffs. Wolcott, meanwhile, would be one step closer to clinching a Class M berth with a victory.

Woodland has more on the line when it heads to Torrington on Friday. The Hawks have won three cupcakes but they have no easy games remaining. The Red Raiders, coming off a disappointing performance, might have a little extra in the tank this week. That game will be broadcast on WAPJ.

Seymour has a chance to get back on track against Crosby, while Wilby hosts St. Paul and Sacred Heart looks to even its record against Kennedy. Ansonia will play another yawner against Watertown.

Extra Points

Wolcott’s Mike Nicol is up for the WFSB Friday Night Football Player of the Week. Click here to vote. … The Predictions Tracker is updated through Week 5. … Our weekly predictions thread will be up Tuesday. We’ll be posting a midway recap later today with some of our surprises, disappointments, midseason awards and second-half predictions. … Plenty of new stuff will be going up in the Rep-Am Red Zone and Red Zone blog throughout the week, too, and we’ll post links accordingly. … For those interested, the replay of Hand-Xavier will be on CPTV Sports on Monday at 7 p.m. and Thursday at noon.

Week 5 Fantasy Football- Kyle def. Remmy, 146-119

  • Team Kyle: QB Mike Nicol 62, RB Arkeel Newsome 0, RB Mick Pernell 46, WR Anthony Scirpo 20, WR Rahmi Rountree 9, TE Levi Fancher 4, Ansonia defense 5
  • Team Remmy: QB Tanner Kingsley 31, RB Joe Lynch 15, RB Isaiah Wright 17, WR Andrew Matos 17, WR Dillon McMahon 23, TE Brandon Kuczenski 9, Holy Cross defense 7

  20 Responses to “Week 5 Wrap”

  1. “If the Hawks’ staff wants to help Kingsley’s case for All-NVL at the end of the season, they might keep the varsity defense out there a bit longer to keep Logan Marchi’s usually inflated numbers down.”

    I have to admit that you are not my cup of tea. Not that it matters to you.

    Why do you keep hammering this St Paul and their KIDS? Its very unbecoming. I don’t like a lot of the changes you have made to the blog. I hate being dragged into the 21st century. I don’t really need to know how the swim or soccer teams are doing. I come here for football. It is a football blog.

    Frankly its getting a little boring. I better take a happy pill huh?

    • Who’s talking about swimming or soccer?

      • I have no idea what hes talking about with swimming or soccer but the sometimes sarcastic, non-analytical points are adding up. Marchi has no chance whatsoever at St Paul with the youth and lack of talent around him. Kingsley vs St Paul defense and Marchi vs Woodland defense. Who do you think will look better? Does that really prove anything?

      • Nobody said it proved anything, per se.

        Y’all are making a bigger deal of St. Paul than deserves to be made. The team is 0-5 and is way on our back burner. The only reason it was in the discussion last week is because the two best passing quarterbacks in the league played in the same game. We have nothing more to talk about them the rest of the way.

        We let you guys make your comments in the comments. We make our comments in the blog posts. Pretty simple.

  2. Woodland is a fun team to root for. Great kid and QB with Kingsley, talented WRs, a smaller defense that flies around and plays hard, well coached. Won’t be an easy out for anyone. I think HC and Naugy are on a slightly different level though. Woodland finishes 2nd in the division to the winner of the Holy Cross v Naugatuck game Friday

  3. Kyle what’s the deal with the player of the week selection, so much for all your tuff talk a few weeks back. There are at least a half dozens kids who had a better week. To make it even worse he had a ok night aganist Crosby.
    Also please lay low on your Hawks and their QB until they prove something. thx

    • wow things getting chippy here

      • I’d love to see Marchi (or any other player in the NVL) play at the next level.

        The question is, will UConn offer a scholarship if Marchi does indeed finish his last 2 seasons at STP, let’s say, 2-18? If so, does he have what it takes to play at UConn?

        I think Marchi has what it takes to play in college – just not exactly sure where. In my opinion, Casey Cochran was the best QB I’ve seen in CT in recent years. And I think he’d get the nod at UConn a little later in his career (junior, senior years). Marchi is a step below Cochran. How well does this work out for the kid?

    • My talk was about poor decision making. Never did I doubt his ability on the field nor did I say he was a bad kid. I’ve talked to him several times and I like him. I’m glad to see him do well and I hope something new for college jumps out soon.

      Our Player of the Week selection has several things go into it. We don’t pick repeat winners until the postseason, and it’s not always about numbers.

      Also I’ll say what I’ve seen and Woodland’s offense is good. Nobody says you have to buy into those guys.

  4. Kyle, I certainly agree with the poor decision making and that the kid is a talent. I trust you believe he is a good kid. My concern is for the kids who did it right they worked hard all summer (w/ their own teams) and these first five games. Names like McMahon,Kreiger,Bradley,Scirpo,Overbay,Thomas and Lynch. What do you say to them? Screw the team concept and look out for number one. You send a crummy message with your choice. I wish only success to Coggins but let’s let him earn it first.

    • I understand where you’re coming from but Coggins did earn his performance Friday night. In order for him to regain his starting position, he (and the other two suspended players) started out in a freshman role at the beginning of practice. He helped clean up after practice and had to earn the respect of his coaches and teammates (when we shot our Red Zone interview with him last week, that’s exactly what Cort Johnson told us off-camera). I respect that a lot and had I not known that, he probably would not have been our pick.

      The other guys have all been excellent and have plenty more weeks to be recognized (and I’m sure they will).

  5. guys I was referring to the twitter feed. Its a nuisance to me, but it is part of todays communication environment. Not much any one can do about it but sometimes I have to shoot my mouth off.

  6. 36 games played by NVL teams so far this year. 5 have been by 2 touchdowns or less. 3 have been by less than 1 touchdown. Kind of sucks.
    I hope it starts getting closer.

    • Nice job running those numbers. Perfect barometer of how bad the games have been so far.

      Two of the three games decided by five points or fewer came all the way back in Week 2, so it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a good one. Hopefully this week we turn the page.

  7. As far as Marchi at STP, a lot of us came into this season thinking he would have a breakout year and that Uconn would be the floor for this kid, not the ceiling. Bad decision making and not having what it takes in the head is always more important than how much talent you have.

    Watertown and Torrington might be the most disappointing teams, but Marchi with 9 (I think?) Interceptions through 5 games, 5 of them returned for TDs is my biggest disappointment as a player. Not to bash the kid but completion percentages in the 40s and that many interceptions is not the mark of a good quarterback regardless of how little help he has around him.

    Hopefully we can shift the focus onto players and teams that matter. Krieger leading an upstart Derby team. Kingsley leading an upstart Woodland team with a gauntlet schedule ahead. Great underclassmen kids with a lot of talent and playing at a high level. Big games between Holy Cross and Naugy, Derby and Wolcott, Woodland and Torrington… Why would we spend any more time talking about what Logan Marchi and St Paul aren’t doing?