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Woodland quarterback Tanner Kingsley set NVL single-game records with 502 passing yards and eight passing touchdowns in the Hawks’ 56-30 win over Naugatuck. Credit: Remmy/NVL Blog

Just about everyone who needed to hold serve in Week 7 did it–and some in record-breaking fashion.

Wins by Woodland, Holy Cross, Ansonia and Wolcott set up a pair of divisional championship games for us in Week 8, although it’s anybody’s guess as to when exactly these games will be played (Sandy and her ensuing power outages are going to have a lot to say about that). More on that later.

What Happened

Woodland quarterback Tanner Kingsley set NVL single-game records for passing yards (502, also seventh in state history) and passing touchdowns (eight, second in state history) in the Hawks’ 56-30 win over Naugatuck. He was superb, misfiring just 13 times on 40 attempts and not throwing any interceptions. Kingsley had all sorts of time all night, not taking any sacks by the strong Naugatuck defensive front thanks in large part to Woodland’s offensive line.

Although the game saw 86 points, it really came down to a pair of Woodland (5-1, 5-0 Copper) defensive stops that sandwiched halftime. With the Hawks leading 24-22 with about two minutes remaining in the second quarter, Naugatuck (4-3, 3-2) quarterback Jason Bradley led his team downfield before throwing an interception to Rahmi Rountree. Two plays later, Kingsley hooked up with Rountree for a long touchdown pass and a 30-22 halftime lead.

The Greyhounds drove again at the start of the second half but the Hawks’ defense stopped Naugy four times from inside the 5-yard line, including a fourth-and-goal from the 1, to get a turnover on downs. Kingsley then led Woodland on a six-minute, 98-yard drive for another touchdown and a 38-22 lead. The Hawks cruised after that.

(Watch this week’s video in HD by switching settings in the gearbox.)

Naugatuck tried just about every defense in its playbook but Kingsley found a way through them all. Anthony Scirpo had three touchdowns, Rountree and Brian Zaccagnini each had two and Brian Reis caught one. Not everything turned out great for Woodland, though, as running back Joe Fancher went down with a knee injury that will likely end his senior season.

The Hawks definitely have some holes in their offense, even though they played their second game without Levi Fancher, who might be their best linebacker. He may return for the Holy Cross game but Woodland had some trouble stopping the straight-ahead running game by Jerome Love, who rushed for 192 yards and a score.

For Naugy, the loss puts to bed any remaining chance at the Copper Division title and the Class LL playoffs. Still, its chances at a winning season are alive and that would probably be considered a successful year after everything that’s happened this year.

Woodland didn’t clinch the division title last week because Holy Cross won its third in a row, pulling away from Sacred Heart for a 52-20 win. The Hearts (3-4, 1-3) closed the Crusaders’ (5-2, 3-1) lead to 31-20 in the third quarter before touchdown runs of 30 and 40 yards by Adrian Brown stopped the comeback. Brown finished with a season-high 262 rush yards and three touchdowns on 23 carries while Gerron Pendarvis and Kristian Harmeling also rushed for more than 100 yards.

The big story of the week for the Crusaders, though, was the apparent suspension of Isaiah Wright for an in-school incident during the week. From what we’ve heard, it sounds like the incident was severe enough to warrant either a multiple-game suspension or possible expulsion. A check of the Holy Cross football website Sunday indicates Wright has been removed from the roster. At this point it seems very unlikely that Wright will be playing either this week at Woodland or the rest of the season.

Ansonia running back Arkeel Newsome scored twice in the Chargers’ 61-20 win over Crosby. Unbeaten Ansonia will face undefeated Wolcott in Week 8 for the Brass Division title. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

In other action, Wolcott and Ansonia both earned victories to move to 7-0 and set up a Brass Division championship game in Week 8 at Jarvis Stadium. The Eagles (7-0, 5-0) struggled with Watertown (1-6, 1-4) before pulling away on a late interception-return touchdown by Jim Nelson to earn a 28-14 win. Mike Nicol failed to rush for a touchdown for the first time this season and threw two interceptions but Wolcott did enough to get the victory. Ansonia (7-0, 4-0) also cruised to a 61-20 win over Crosby (1-6, 0-4) as Arkeel Newsome and Saiheed Sanders both rushed for two touchdowns while the Chargers’ defense scored twice.

The upset of the week came in Derby as Torrington pulled off a surprising, 52-44 win. Torrington raced out to a 39-0 lead in the second quarter and although Derby rallied it could never pull even. Devone Thomas had four rushing touchdowns for Torrington while Phil Bresson threw three touchdown passes, two of which went to Desmond Langs. Mike Kreiger was 17-of-28 for 328 yards and six touchdowns (all career highs) while Dillon McMahon caught 10 passes for 238 yards and four scores in defeat. The loss effectively knocks Derby out of Class S playoff contention.

Seymour held off Wilby in a not-so-pretty, 23-14 game to keep its slim Class S playoff hopes alive. St. Paul also broke its long NVL losing streak by pummeling Kennedy 41-0. We’re not sure which stat was more surprising: Logan Marchi’s 10 pass attempts or Kennedy’s zero points.

Who Did It

Top Passers: Tanner Kingsley (WRHS): 27-40, 502 yds, 8 TD; Mike Kreiger (DHS): 17-28, 328 yds, 6 TD; Javon Martin (SH): 13-25, 208 yds, 2 TD; Jason Bradley (NHS): 12-21, 172 yds, 3 TD, 2 INT; Mike Nicol (WOL): 8-21, 150 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT; Logan Marchi (SP): 9-10, 108 yds, 2 TD; Phil Bresson (THS): 3 TD; Jai’Quan McKnight (AHS): 2 TD
Top Rushers: Adrian Brown (HC): 23 rush, 262 yds, 3 TD; Jerome Love (NHS): 19 rush, 192 yds, TD; Arkeel Newsome (AHS): 7 rush, 146 yds, 2 TD; Eli Parks (SP): 8 rush, 120 yds, TD; Brandon Sierra (WIL): 23 rush, 118 yds, TD; Gerron Pendarvis (HC): 5 rush, 112 yds, TD; Kristian Harmeling (HC): 9 rush, 107 yds; Saiheed Sanders (AHS): 91 yds, 2 TD; Joe Masulli (WRHS): 19 rush, 85 yds, TD; Mike Conlan (SEY): 8 rush, 67 yds, 2 TD, pass TD; Andrew Bialoglowy (HC): 3 rush, 32 yds, 2 TD; Devone Thomas (THS): 4 TD
Top Receivers: Dillon McMahon (DHS): 10 rec, 238 yds, 4 TD; Brian Zaccagnini (WRHS): 6 rec, 150 yds, 2 TD; Anthony Scirpo (WRHS): 6 rec, 126 yds, 3 TD; Jon Mitchell (WAT): 8 rec, 121 yds, TD; Rahmi Rountree (WRHS): 5 rec, 104 yds, 2 TD; Shyquan Thompson (SH): 3 rec, 101 yds, TD; Mick Pernell (NHS): 6 rec, 90 yds, TD; Brian Reis (WRHS): 6 rec, 85 yds, TD; Jordan LaRue (DHS): 5 rec, 73 yds, TD; Desmond Langs (THS): 2 TD

Since we gave Woodland quarterback Tanner Kingsley our award last week (and we can’t break our rule of not giving it to the same player twice in the regular season), this week’s Blanchette Sporting Goods Player of the Week goes to Holy Cross running back Adrian Brown, who had a pretty excellent week for himself. Brown powered the Crusaders, who were without the suspended Isaiah Wright, to a 52-20 win over Sacred Heart. Brown rushed for 262 yards and three touchdowns to give Cross a shot at the Copper Division title next week at Woodland. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

What’s Next

The Brass Division title will be on the line (with no strings attached) at Jarvis Stadium in Week 8 when undefeated Wolcott faces undefeated Ansonia. The Eagles will enter off a sluggish win over Watertown while the Chargers haven’t had a competitive game since Week 4 against Holy Cross. A win by either team will all but assure a playoff berth (and it may, we’ll be checking on scenarios later this week) while the loser will be on the ropes in terms of the postseason.

The Copper Division championship will also be at stake (with one string attacked) in Beacon Falls when Woodland hosts Holy Cross. If the Hawks win they’ll capture their first division title since 2007, the inaugural season of the current divisional format. If the Crusaders earn a victory, they will have to beat St. Paul in Week 9 to lock up the championship. The game may also be a Class S playoff elimination game.

Seymour and Derby will meet at DeBarber Field with the Wildcats clinging to faint hopes of a Class S playoff berth. The Red Raiders were likely eliminated with their loss to Torrington so we won’t have as much on the line in this Valley rivalry.

In other action, Crosby takes on Wilby while Torrington faces Kennedy.

We already have one game moved due to Hurricane Sandy (Sacred Heart at St. Paul, Saturday at 5 p.m.) and it’s very likely that we will see more games pushed to Saturday or later. Many NVL schools have already closed for Monday and Tuesday, so making the optimistic assumption that schools will be open Wednesday, that would really only give one day of full-contact practice before Friday games. We’ll have all the scheduling updates here.

Extra Points

Tanner Kingsley and Mike Kreiger are both up for the WFSB Friday Night Football Player of the Week. You can vote here. … Photos and videos, where available, can be accessed by clicking on the game story links in this post. … The Predictions Tracker will be updated through Week 7 shortly. … Kyle will have another update on how NVL teams’ playoff chances are a little later this week. Ansonia (No. 2 in S), Wolcott (No. 1 in M) and Woodland (No. 6 in S) are all currently in qualifying position while Holy Cross (No. 10 in S) and Seymour (No. 11 in S) are still alive in Class S. Check the full standings here. … The New Haven Register’s Mike Wollschlager had some great thoughts about the 50-point rule in his “Sunday Gravy” column this weekend. We encourage you to check it out.

Week 7 Fantasy Football- Remmy def. Kyle, 154-126

  • Team Kyle: QB Mike Nicol 17, RB Arkeel Newsome 26, RB Mick Pernell 15, WR Anthony Scirpo 30, WR Rahmi Rountree 22, TE Levi Fancher 0, Ansonia defense 16
  • Team Remmy: QB Tanner Kingsley 69, RB Joe Lynch 9, RB Jaquan Overbey 14, WR Andrew Matos 9, WR Dillon McMahon 47, TE Raeshaun Finney 6, Holy Cross defense 0

Stay safe this week, folks.

  38 Responses to “Week 7 Wrap”

  1. Not everyone was surprised by the Torrington win

  2. Just a heads up, AJ Cattaneo actually threw the bulk of the passes for Watertown in the second half.

  3. TORRINGTON came to play!!!! Derby has a QB and a couple of goood position players and that is it . Thay are not a playoff team this year. Torrington could have won this game 80 to nothing !!

    • If it could have been 80-0, Torrington wouldn’t have turned its 39-0 lead into a one-touchdown lead.

      First Naugy’s blowout win over your team was a “fluke,” now Derby was apparently 80 points worse than your team.

      Whatever floats your boats.

      • Hvac since it scares me that people in the world can be this stupid, I hope you’re joking.

      • I did not comment on the naugy game!! Just commenting on what i saw !!! Torrington scored at will in the first 18 minutes of the game against derby !!! They did give up a huge lead but i think the reffs wanted to be part of the story too !!!

      • Didn’t say you commented on Naugy, but one of your pals did.

        A game is 48 minutes long. And referees do not contribute 44 points to any team.

    • 80-0 reminds me of week 1. Ansonia at Torrington. Could’ve honestly been the halftime score.

      • how llong had it been since ansonia gave up a kick return td? torrington was there to play just outmatched and an 80-0 halftime score for that game may have been the stupidest thing ive ever heard

      • I’ll give you that KR. That was an awesome play by Gonzalez.

        I’d say a 70-12 halftime score was not out of the question.

      • That’s almost as bad, people say the holy cross game was a steal, torrington was there to play and if they were in ansonia like they were holy cross it would’ve been a totally different game

  4. Why mention Kingsley in player of the week award when he already got his ?? I know he had an incredible day but if your going to give it to Brown, have it be about Brown !! I hope A. Brown puts that in his back pocket this week like he did the tweets from the Sacred Heart kids last week !!

  5. The problem was HC was trying to flip somebody else’s switch to keep him happy, and forgot about the heart of the team. You can’t leave players like Brown, Pendarvis, Harmeling, Rinaldi on the sideline!! Cross might be better with Wright gone !?

    • It’s a very interesting point. I think it’s possible Holy Cross is better on offense (i.e. getting back to pounding the ball on the ground) but not necessarily on defense. It’s tough to not have such a good cover corner in a game against such a multi-faceted spread offense.

  6. Ansonia and Torrington was actually 7-6 at one point. Every Ansonia game is a bigger blowout than the last. Regardless, all you Torrington woofers need to back off kyle, as no one on here expected Torrington to beat Derby. Torrington appeared to be a finished team after getting clobbered by Woodland and Naugatuck in consecutive games. Yes, Torrington notched a big win vs hc, but that game was more about holy cross losing than it was Torrington winning. Hard to believe in any team that surrenders close to 50 points a game and that is no exaggeration.

  7. We’ll have our Week 8 predictions thread up either tonight or tomorrow. We’re fully expecting all the Friday games to be moved to at least Saturday (some maybe to Sunday or Monday), and Sacred Heart-St. Paul has already been moved.

    It sounds like Woodland-Holy Cross will be moved, too. I’m sure they won’t be the only ones as a lot of teams would like to have more than one day (Wednesday) of full practice before some big games.

    In the meantime, you may want to check out a pretty neat slideshow interview a buddy of mine did for his “Blitzing the Industry” blog. He caught up with me before our Woodland-Naugatuck broadcast last Friday night and took some pretty sweet photos along with a good interview. Here you go.


    Stay safe, folks, and best of luck with your electricity.

  8. Great video! Kingsley’s uniform stayed nice and white throughout the game. Great game, great pass pro by Woodland. Maybe Woodland is the second best team in the league. We will find out in 2 weeks!

  9. Remmy – The Wolcott Ansonia game is not going to be a good game at all. Wolcott MIGHT score on AHS’s first team by a fluke but there is no way Wolcott comes close to stopping Ansonia’s offense. It will be over at half time. The bigger question is how will Wolcott respond to the final two games after they lose badly to AHS. They will most likely have to win BOTH to get in the playoffs. It could be a tough 3 weeks for the Eagles.

    Football aside…GO MITT ROMNEY!!!

  10. The Woodland HC game is going to be another classic battle. The aerial assault of Woodland against the ground and pound of HC will certainly make for a great game. A few things to think about:

    HC has the athletes in the secondary to play with the Woodland receivers. Especially if Wright is back on the field this week.

    Woodland had a tough time stopping the run last week against Naugy and I believe this ground game from HC is better than what Naugy has. There better be a tackling clinic taking place this week in Beacon Falls or we could see these two teams blow out the lights on the score board.

    The coaching match up is about even. These two head coaches are both very solid and have excellent assistants. I have been very impressed by the play calling of Tim Phipps from Woodland and I also like the way Smolley is attacking defenses. Defensively I give the edge to HC. Giampetruzzi serves as his own DC and he has been one of the better defensive coaches in the NVL for a while now. Moffo from Woodland is in his firt year as a DC and has gone through some growing pains. I think he did make some good adjustments last week against Naugy but he cant give up big yards and points to HC because they will capitalize on Woodland’s mistakes and make them pay for it.

    This is going to be a GREAT game. Two strong programs, the Copper title on the line and most likely a playoff spot. If you are a fan, don’t waste your time going to see Wolcott get killed by AHS; pack your stuff up and head up to the hill to see an awesome game between Woodland and HC.

    • Wright will almost assuredly not be playing for Holy Cross. We’ll have more on this later in the week, assuming we’re all alive.

      • Kyle – That is HUGE news. I believe this will have a very significant impact on the game. Wright could have either manned up against Scirpo or Rountree and essenially taken them out of the game plan; or at least slow them down a bit.

        I do, however, think this game will be won in the trenches. The Clark vs Smith battle will be a pleasure to watch. Two very good, very large linemen hitting each other for 48 minutes. If Woodland can protect Tanner “The King” Kingsley the way they did last week it will be another career night for him. If the HC line opens holes the way they did last week for Brown then we are in for a special night of offensive football.

      • Agreed on all counts.