Oct 292012

Watertown quarterback AJ Cattaneo and the Indians will try to extend Naugatuck’s two-game losing streak this weekend in the borough. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

Though Hurricane Sandy is sure to push many of this week’s games at least a day off schedule, they will go on at some point. The two big ones–Holy Cross at Woodland and Wolcott at Ansonia–will be fully profiled in our Game of the Week thread, coming up later this week.

In the meantime, though, there’s an important game in the Valley between Derby and Seymour, a contest the Wildcats need to win to keep their faint Class S playoff hopes alive. (The other four potential playoff contenders are in our Co-Games of the Week.)

In the other contests, Naugy looks to break its two-game losing streak and needs a win over Watertown to ensure a .500 season. Crosby faces Wilby, Torrington visits Kennedy and a potential 100-point affair is set for Saturday night under the temporary Bristol lights for Sacred Heart-St. Paul.

Friday, Nov. 2
Derby at Seymour: A few weeks ago, it looked like the Red Raiders’ season might have been on the line in this game. But following Derby’s upset loss to Torrington, it’s now Seymour who has much more to gain (and lose) when these two rivals renew an old Valley classic. The Wildcats have not been especially explosive or pretty against any teams with more than a couple wins but they have managed to rack up a 5-2 record. The Raiders, meanwhile, have been on a downswing–especially on defense–and have lost two in a row. Mike Kreiger had the best game of his career against Torrington, though, tossing six touchdown passes and hooking up with Dillon McMahon for four scores. Seymour does not have that capability. Mike Conlan’s biggest threat is on the ground. The Wildcats will have to chew up the clock and limit Derby’s possessions to be in this game. The Red Raiders’ defense needs to come and lay some hits early.
Picks: Remmy- Derby, 42-28. Kyle- Derby, 41-20.

Watertown at Naugatuck: The Greyhounds went from a potential Class LL playoff team and leader in the Copper Division to having only a winning record left as an achievable goal. Defense has been their undoing over the last three halves, breaking down in the second half against Holy Cross before getting blasted by Woodland’s passing attack. Watertown is nowhere near as explosive as either of those teams, though, and has had the knack of turning over the ball pretty often. While the Indians’ defense is usually OK, Naugy’s offense has been much quieter of late and is probably poised for a re-breakout. Mick Pernell must be itching to get back out there and have a good game and Jason Bradley should have all sorts of confidence. Plus, that Naugy defense cannot be happy with its last two performances.
Picks: Remmy- Naugatuck, 35-20. Kyle- Naugatuck, 42-14.

Crosby at Wilby: The Wildcats have not been able to top any of the league’s better teams but have had a pretty nice season for themselves after Patrick Russo walked out on them just more than a week before the season. The players respond well to interim coach Gino Capuano, and he might be the favorite to land the permanent job after the season. Wilby might have beaten Seymour if Jacob Thomas were healthy. Brandon Sierra is probably the best athlete who will have the ball in this game and Crosby simply turns over the ball way, way, way too much to win this game. The Wildcats’ defense is deceptively good against teams that can’t chuck around the ball.
Picks: Remmy- Wilby, 39-35. Kyle- Wilby, 34-13.

Saturday, Nov. 3
Torrington at Kennedy: We don’t really have anything else to say about Torrington’s games. They’re pretty much shots in the dark, anyway, because we just don’t know which team will show up. Either way, Kennedy is too young to win this game. Next year, maybe.
Picks: Remmy- Torrington, 55-20. Kyle- Torrington, 62-14.

Sacred Heart at St. Paul: Neither of these defenses stand much of a chance of stopping the other without intercepting some passes. Remember that Wilby-St. Paul game two weeks ago? Look for the same thing, except replace Wilby’s running game with Sacred Heart’s passing attack. Last time David Coggins played in Bristol, he caught more than 250 yards’ worth of passes. Nobody should be surprised to see the same Saturday night under the temporary lights.
Picks: Remmy- Sacred Heart, 48-35. Kyle- Sacred Heart, 56-38.

As always, make your picks right here. We’ll be updating the Predictions Tracker soon and it will be up to date shortly. Our Game of the Week thread, previewing the two division championship games, will be up later this week.

Extra Points: Woodland’s Tanner Kingsley and Derby’s Mike Kreiger are up for the WFSB Friday Night Football Player of the Week. Click here to vote. … Ansonia is still ranked No. 2 in the latest The Day Coaches’ Poll while Wolcott and Woodland both received votes. The New Haven Register Media Poll is not yet out. … Check out Kyle’s Week 8 power rankings on the Red Zone blog. More to come there throughout this huge week, including a new look at the playoffs.

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  49 Responses to “Week 8 Predictions”

  1. Crusaders title dreams end, Woodland 40-20
    Chargers roll to another undefeated season and state title.Chargers 43-21
    Raiders play playoff spoilers,Derby 44-23
    Naugy takes out frustrations on WT .Naugy 41-12
    Wilby to edge out Bulldogs, Wildcats 26-20
    Torrington roll winless Kennedy Torrington 54-6
    SH outscores St. Paul 43-41

  2. kyle any word on games being pushed back to yet.

  3. Woodland 35 HC 21
    AHS 56 Wolcott 14
    Seymour 24 Derby 18
    Naugatuck 34 Watertown 20
    Wilby 20 Crosby 7
    Torrington 49 Kennedy 12
    SHHS 76 St. Paul 75

  4. Woodland

  5. No changes of yet, besides the Sacred Heart-St. Paul change to Saturday night that was made before the storm.

    I don’t think we will have any games Friday, but that’s just an educated guess. We’ll probably start getting some postponements either this afternoon or tomorrow.

  6. I think they should get rid of the Classes and have something like the BCS for High School

  7. and the Top 2 teams in the state play each other

  8. Woodland

  9. looks like the Naugy/Ansonia is gonna be 25+ difference again in 2012

  10. Woodland
    Sacred Heart

  11. Woodland 35-28 Holy Cross – Too much Kingsley
    Ansonia 42-26 Wolcott – Ansonia has a defense to go along with an offense
    Seymour 26-24 Derby – Lennon has the Wildcats back on track
    Naugy 38-13 Watertown – Hounds still have much to play for
    Wilby 35-20 Crosby – Cats speed wins over Dogs toughness
    Torrington 56-18 Kennedy – Up and down Raiders win this one
    Sacred Heart 48-36 St. Paul – Hearts are still a dangerous team

  12. Holy Cross 31, Woodland 28 – Cinderella stops here. HC is still a tough team who’s been there before, fighting for their playoff lives. Kingsley’s good, but HC defense can hit Woodland WRs and contain their offense a bit. HC running game can control the clock and keep the ball out of the Kingsley’s hands as well. Defending champs in a close one

    Ansonia 42, Wolcott 20 – If you consider a 22 point loss respectable, then that’s just how good Ansonia is.

    Derby 35, Seymour 21 – Derby ends Seymour’s outside playoff chances. Krieger playing well, and Derby too fast

    Watertown 28, Naugatuck 23 – Probably the upset of the week, it’ll be interesting to see if Naugy bounces back from a thrashing by Woodland last week. Now that they’re out of it, how hard do they play?

    Wilby 44, Crosby 28 – Neither team is very good, but Wilby’s better and will be able to get some stops.

    Torrington 52, Kennedy 6 – Kennedy showed nothing, no fight at St Paul last week. Torrington played well against Derby, should be an easy win for the Raiders.

    Sacred Heart 62, St Paul 40 – Don’t think this will be as close as people are predicting. St Paul has no answer to Coggins and the SHHS offense, and Marchi tends to throw some bad INTs in these types of games. 62 points might mean 41 allowed by the defense, a kick return, and 2 Marchi pick-sixes

  13. After hearing your recent blog I was disappointed in your comment that wolcott’s lackluster performance was probably because they dumbed down their offense against Watertown. What an insult to water towns defense who played very well. As a Watertown fan I understand they have disappointed this season but when the defense puts out a very good effort it should’ve be minimized by a throw away line by you. Give the kids a little more credit than that.

    • Yes, Watertown played well. But the two-touchdown margin was more about Wolcott than Watertown, I think. Take this from Wolcott lineman Jim Nelson.

      “In my opinion I think most of our team was overlooking Watertown, thinking they were a 1-5 team and looking past them right at Ansonia.”

      Kudos to the Indians for playing a little better in the second half of the season. They forced Mike Nicol to play his worst game of the season. But had they really been focused on that game, I don’t think it would have been nearly as close.

    • davek – Are you kidding? The real insult is the staff that Watertown has in place. These guys are a joke. They have done nothing since they arrived and you are worried about how Kyle portrays why Wolcott only beat them by 2 scores. They are a 1-6 team that has underachieved because they are ill prepared week in and week out. As a Watertown fan do yourself a favor, organize the efforts to replace this offensive genius Veroneau and the rest of these guys who have no clue what they are doing. There is absolutely no reason for this team to be 1-6. Defensively you have given up 214 points. Looks like there needs to be a change at the DC spot also. All of your lossess have been by at least two scores, NOT good. Again, absolutely no reason for this colossal failure in Watertown.

      • I just caught this comment. Calling Watertown’s staff an insult is pretty harsh. Those guys work pretty darned hard and have had some misfortune this year but are clearly getting better as the season goes on. I know I watched the Indians play at Seymour toward the end of last season and they were a totally different team by Week 9 than they were early in the season. I think the same is happening this season and we can look at last week for proof (even though Wolcott probably wasn’t totally focused on that game, Watertown made the Eagles earn it). Clearly the performance so far isn’t what Watertown wants but nobody can accuse the team of packing it in.

        I’m not for getting rid of any coaches unless they’ve done something worth canning. That clearly isn’t the case here. I respect all the coaches in this league for the hard work they put in (countless hours per week) and the dedication they have to high school football players. I know Mike Veronneau and he really is an excellent guy. Watertown has a good man in charge.

  14. What has Wolcott done or accomplished? And their looking past someone? Watertown didn’t catch Wolcott looking ahead and if that’s what they really think then realitys knocking at their door. That statement would have me going out if my mind if I’m coach Pace. Do we really think we’re that good? We can just turn it off and on whenever? Let me hear your resume troops, not so impressive is it?

    • Completely agree. Shame on Wolcott’s coaches for allowing that to happen, too. And for a player to come out and say they took a team lightly? This is high school football. 1. saying that is disrespectful, 2. That’s ridiculous, and you deserve to lose.

  15. Kyle every day I get more shocked at how little you know about this game. Watertown is better and they have 3-4 starters back that weren’t playing early in the season. Do your homework. You were loving them and now you think Wolcott kids were looking past them. Also, to publish a kids name and statement on this blog is irresponsible. You will do anything to prove yourself right and every one wrong. You want to break into this business? I suggest you establish yourself as a civil, honest, person rather than another news slime ball. Before I get killed on here I respect everything you do for this amazing blog. Truth be told tho I dont see you be willing to take advice on this stuff.

    • Wolcott kids said they were looking past Watertown. The kid’s quote appeared in the newspaper. I have no reason to say otherwise. There is nothing irresponsible.

      You complain so much about nonsense that your opinion is now borderline meaningless to me. It used to be more valuable. Not anymore.

      • I don’t give a SH;T how you feel about my opinion. If I diid I would stop giving it. You sir are a laughing stock. Here you are again thinking that my opinion of you matters it doesn’t. Every time your private prejudices slip out I let you know. Many have tried to teach you – you ignore everyone. Humility and an open mind are completely devoid in your makeup. Sad really. When you finally ban me we will have the proof in the pudding.

      • Talk about an over reaction…

  16. Woodland-42, Holy Cross 35- Woodland Plays Ansonia NVL championship, gets beat up for what couldbe an interesting matchup against the cats come the eve of thanksgiving.
    Ansonia-63, Wolcott-14- Wolcott gets a thrashing
    Seymour-28, Derby-15- Seymour Train a rolling to Woodland.
    Naugy-39, Watertown-28- Should be a decent game
    Wilby-36, Crosby-20- Cats eatin Dogs
    Torrington 56, Kennedy-44- Eagles always put up points on Torrington.
    Sacred Heart- 50, St. Paul- 39- Coggins has 200 yds in this game.

  17. Ansonia beats up on Wollcott 48-14. Way to much speed for Wolcott to handle. Other winners Seymour Ttown Naugy Wilby Hearts and I think HC knocks of Woodland 35-28.If Wright plays. He is a shut down corner.

  18. My picks:

    Woodland 42-20
    AHS 48-28
    Wilby 14-13
    Torrington 42-20
    SH 56-49
    Naugy 28-21
    Derby 28-21

  19. Holy Cross 28 Woodland 27
    Ansonia 44 Wolcott 28
    Derby 35 Seymour 24
    Naugatuck 33 Watertown 26
    Wilby 49 Crosby 42
    Torrington 55 Kennedy 6
    Sacread Heart 53 St. Paul 42

  20. I’d like to share the following:

    Two Derby players set new school records in their Week 7 loss to Torrington. Mike Kreiger tossed six touchdown passes to tie Adam Ives (1999) for the most TD passes in a game. His 17 completions and 328 yards are not records but career highs. Dillon McMahon, caught four TDs (a record). A number of former receivers including McMahon had three receptions for scores prior. His 238 receiving yards is also a new record breaking his own mark of 212 yards receiving in last year’s game versus Seymour. McMahon now has 22 catches for 447 yards and seven receiving TDs (13 touchdowns overall). Kreiger has completed 57-of-101 passes with just two interceptions for 877 yards and14 TDs in his first seven games as a starter.

    Good work, guys.

  21. to be honest,players stats should be irrelevant this year,due to the fact that this years nvl is defensively obscure.its like playing flag football.real down year for nvl.

  22. Wags ~ I have to say, with the exception of Ansonia’s defense, most teams are letting up a lot of points. There even certain teams who don’t play defense at all: SHHS, Torrington, St. Paul, Kennedy, Crosby, Watertown. Even some of the better teams have struggled on D: Woodland, Seymour, Derby, Naugy. Definitely a down year from a defensive perspective.

  23. There are certain stats that matter. For example the quarterbacks, the completion percentage and TD-INT ratio matters more than yards or total TDs because like you said, everyone’s racking up a bunch.

    This is why Kinsgley has separated himself from Marchi and Nicol and others as the best passing QB. Completion percentage in the 70s, and an unbelievable TD-INT ratio of 26-1! Stats are overrated, but Kinsgley’s stats speak volumes

    • If you consider what wins a game, you’d say 1. The turnover battle 2. Time of possession 3. Finishing drives

      So TD-INT ratio for the first one, completion percentage to move the chains for the second one, and obviously TDs matter in the end

  24. Ansonia
    Sacred Heart

  25. So Marchi throws the ball 10 times against Kennedy then there’s a video on twitter of him playing Wide Receiver at practice… Am I missing something?

  26. week 8:

    Ansonia-not even close

    Wilby- cat’s will scratch this one out

    Torrington-If Isaiah Wright play’s for Eagles maybe different lol !!!!

    Sacred Heart- Coggins to much to stop

    Holy Cross- Crusaders are a TEAM now !!

    Watertown- Indians pull an upset on reeling hounds

    Seymour- tough to call went with my heart

  27. lots of negative stuff directed at holy cross star or am i missing something?

  28. Not just you. Team is better without him. He’s selfish and takes plays off

  29. Ansonia
    Sacred Heart