Nov 142012

Andrew Matos and Ansonia beat Anthony Scirpo and Woodland, 47-16, in the teams’ Week 2 meeting. They’ll meet again Thursday night at Municipal Stadium for the NVL title. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

Ansonia and Woodland are being forced to play an NVL title game Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at Municipal Stadium. That means we’re forced to preview it. We’ll keep it brief. (P.S. There’s real news about Oxford potentially coming to the NVL at the bottom of this post.)

Remmy’s Keys to the Game: Woodland better find a way to stop Ansonia’s rushing attack or it is going to be an even longer night this week for the Hawks at the Stadium than it was last week up in Wolcott. Woodland relies on passing the ball more than it does running it. That’s bad news for most NVL teams but not Ansonia. The difference this week is that Ansonia has the athletes to match up with the Hawks’ skill kids and I don’t think Woodland can rely on its run game to beat Ansonia. This game could get ugly, quick, especially if the Hawks can’t gain yardage on the ground and run some clock. Relying too heavily on your passing game and going three-and-out several times isn’t the recipe for beating Ansonia. Ansonia will capitalize when it possesses the ball. I look for Ansonia to do what it’s been doing all season and that is running the ball down your throat and popping a pass every now again for big yardage. The Hawks play with as much emotion as anyone in the NVL but I don’t know if that will help them this week.

Kyle’s Keys to the Game: Based on all the evidence we’ve seen (from Ansonia, from Woodland last week at Wolcott and from these two teams’ Week 2 meeting) this game will be over by halftime. This game should not be played. None of the coaches in the NVL want this game. Neither of us want this game. The only guys who want this game are the athletic directors. Hopefully they make the smart decision in the offseason and revert to the old method of only playing this game when absolutely necessary. Ansonia’s defense is just too good for Woodland’s offense, especially after seeing how the Hawks forced things last week and committed turnovers because of it. Maybe Woodland can scheme up a little something to keep things close for a while, but talent wins out after long enough. The Hawks’ secondary is not consistent enough to stop Jai’Quan McKnight and Andrew Matos, and once that passing game gets going Arkeel Newsome will have some fun.

Remmy’s Players to Watch: Woodland’s star this year has been quarterback Tanner Kingsley. Kingsley is coming off of a rough week in Wolcott where he threw for only 165 yards and tossed three picks. Last time Kingsley faced Ansonia, he threw for 97 yards and zero touchdowns–his lowest totals in any game this season. Woodland can’t win if Kingsley doesn’t have a big game. Ansonia’s MVP has been wide receiver Andrew Matos. The senior has been outstanding this season, hauling in 26 passes for 632 yards and 11 touchdowns. He’s also done damage on the ground (23 rush, 256 yards, six TD). His performances this season have overshadowed those of running back Arkeel Newsome, who will be just one of the many weapons Woodland will try to contain. Other players to watch are Woodland running back Joe Masulli, who will need to get going on the ground in order to give Woodland a chance and Ansonia defensive lineman Jh’mel Trammel, who has been a one-man wrecking crew this season on the defensive side of the ball.

Kyle’s Players to Watch: Woodland’s Anthony Scirpo and Rahmi Rountree will probably get the responsibilities of double-teaming Matos, which is pretty much a necessity for defending the Chargers’ offense as far as I’ve seen. If Brian Reis covers Ryan O’Connor on the other side, that leaves eight guys to defend the run. Woodland can send all the pressure it wants but if the Hawks tackle the way they did in Wolcott it won’t mean a thing. Levi Fancher has to play his best game of the season at linebacker, as does the entire defensive front with guys like Eric Collodel. The way that Mike Nicol torched Woodland in several different ways last week in Wolcott leads me to believe Jai’Quan McKnight is going to have a big game.

So let’s get this straight: Ansonia won the first meeting of the regular season. That wasn’t good enough for the league’s athletic directors to decide the Chargers should be league champs, so we play an NVL title game between the first- and third-best teams in the league. In addition, if the Hawks somehow win this game they become league champions even though both teams will have beaten each other once. Man, this is dumb.

Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 49-14. Kyle- Ansonia, 48-13.

Extra Points: The NVL championship game is the WATR Game of the Week and Kyle, Steve Gesseck and Bob Sagendorf will have the call on WATR 1320 AM and starting at 6:20 p.m. … Check out Kyle’s Rep-Am Red Zone blog, where he asks if Wolcott can win the Class M state title and shares this week’s power rankings. … Our pal Ned Griffen watched Wolcott’s dominant win over Woodland last weekend and shares his thoughts here. … The latest state polls are out and Ansonia stays put at No. 2 in The Day Coaches Poll and No. 3 in the New Haven Register Media Poll. Wolcott is also inside the top 20. … Derby’s Tyrae Small is up for the WFSB Friday Night Football Player of the Week. Click here to vote.

Postseason Update: Ansonia has already clinched a home quarterfinal in Class S and Wolcott has locked up a bid in Class M. The Eagles can earn their first-ever home quarterfinal with a win over Holy Cross on Thanksgiving. Woodland, Derby and Holy Cross are all still alive in Class S (the Hawks have the best shot but Derby is in good position to capitalize upon any upsets). Check out all Kyle’s scenarios for all four classes, with extra emphasis on the local squads, in the Rep-Am Red Zone.

Oxford to NVL?: Paul Singley of the Oxford Patch reported last night that the Oxford Board of Education voted to apply for acceptance to the NVL. The move would give the NVL 15 teams without any additional moves and would probably necessitate three five-team divisions if the league cannot find another member (or doesn’t want to kick out St. Paul). Oxford currently competes in the South-West Conference and has not officially applied for acceptance. The Wolverines also compete in some sports the NVL doesn’t sponsor, including boys volleyball and wrestling, so we’ll see how that’s managed. Also, this likely throws quite a wrench into the NVL-SWC Challenge scheduled for next season. There’s lots to be decided, but everyone so far seems to think this is a good move.

Week 9 Odds and Ends: Since Week 9’s schedule didn’t end until Tuesday night, we decided against a whole wrap of a thread. But we still do have a few things to take care of from the week that was (Predictions Tracker will be updated soon). Aside from the margin of Wolcott’s win over Woodland, the major surprise of the week came as Watertown upset Seymour 30-7 on Tuesday. Other winners included Ansonia over Wilby, Naugatuck over Kennedy (congrats to Mick Pernell for setting Naugy’s single-season scoring record), Derby over Crosby (similar congrats to George French and the Red Raiders for clinching their first winning season since 1996), Torrington over Sacred Heart and Holy Cross over St. Paul.

The Blanchette Sporting Goods Player of the Week for Week 9 is Derby running back Tyrae Small. Small helped the Red Raiders beat Crosby 46-6 to clinch their first winning season since 1996. In the game, he had 182 rushing yards and five touchdowns along with an interceptions. Credit: GWImages/@GWImages

Week 9 Fantasy Football- Kyle def. Remmy, 148-94

  • Team Kyle (4-5): QB Mike Nicol 53, RB Arkeel Newsome 26, RB Mick Pernell 43, WR Anthony Scirpo 18, WR Rahmi Rountree 3, TE Levi Fancher 0, Ansonia defense 5
  • Team Remmy (5-4): QB Tanner Kingsley 7, RB Tyrae Small 51, RB Jaquan Overbey 0, WR Andrew Matos 17, WR Dillon McMahon 10, TE Brandon Kuczenski 9, Holy Cross defense 0

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  28 Responses to “NVL Championship: Ansonia vs. Woodland”

  1. Ansonia 42-20 Woodland The Hawks and maybe every team in the NVL is not in the same league as Ansonia

  2. I believe this game can be close if woodland can do what Wolcott did. Short 4-5 yard passes and sustain long drives that keep ansonia off the field. It worked for Wolcott. I know most people look at the score of last weeks game and think woodland doesn’t have a chance but if you watched the game. Woodland played tough the whole first half. I think the last drive of the first half was a punch in the gut of woodland and after that they played flat and were wrecked in the second half. Wolcott won that game because they were able to take woodlands offense off the field and not able to get into any type of rhythm. Ansonia 42 woodland 21

  3. Dukerock12 Ansonia beat up Wolcott.That’s keeping a game close. Hate to see a blowout in ure book??? This game is done by the half. Ansonia 48-14.Im going to head to Bunnell instead to watch TC vs St Joes

  4. Olny way it’s close if the Ansonia bus gets lost.

  5. Ansonia’s OL and Newsome could probably play 6 on 11 and win the game by 20. Ansonia 55, Woodland 14

  6. If you are going to force your league’s teams to have a title game that shouldn’t even be played can you at least offer a field that has locker rooms?? Oh well!
    My pick is Ansonia
    Get the whistle and balls out, girls hoop starts Monday!!!

    • Basketball starts in January. :)

    • Girls’ hoops? Really? C’mon mannnnnnnnn.

      • Yeah, really Remmy. Start up a NVL Hoop Blog, you would get more followers than football, I’m sure of it. The Waterbury schools would be all over it!

      • I received an e-mail last season from someone in Waterbury asking me to do just that. I love basketball (NCAA), but I don’t know very much about basketball in the NVL. I do know that the W’bury teams usually lay the smack down on the Valley teams. I just don’t feel that interested in wanting to go see local basketball as opposed to football.

      • There were a couple of NVL basketball sites a few years back. They died because nobody posted anything.

        Same thing with NVL baseball. Nobody really cares enough about anything.

      • Do you guys have info to give me to set it up? I’ll set one up for basketball (boys & girls). There are a lot more basketball fans in Waterbury than football fans. Let me know.

      • And there are far fewer computer-literate users.

        I use basketball season to wind down, anyway. But if you want to set one up on WordPress or Blogger, feel free (pretty easy to do) and we’ll plug away.

  7. any time two teams take the field anything can happen.however the chargers are getting better every game and are ready to move on.btw whatever happened to the naugy bloggers?

  8. Rumbling out of Ansonia is that Brockett is going to unleash Newsome against Woodland and Naugy. Arkell has been very upset at the lack of touches and is threating to go back to Waterbury next year. Last year he had 300+ rushes for over 3700 yds and this year 120 rushes for just over 1200 yds.

    • Stop making things up… Stop trying to make a good kid look bad
      Real people that know him. know what you just said is not in his character

    • Very true, real nice kid, soft spoken and can never imagine that coming from him. Where’s he going to go? EOB? He lives in Ansonia….

    • I’m sure he is a great kid. I didnt mean to imply otherwise. I’m just reporting what I was told. I didnt believe it until I saw the stats. I was also told that Brockett is being conservative with him because of all the Waterbury talk. He dosent want to draw to much attention to the kid. If that is true I think that is unfair to Arkell. That can really hurt his recruiting. Again, this is all heresay but you know what they say, “where there’s smoke there’s fire”

  9. Is it only me or does anyone else feel Coach Shea needs to man up and take a good amount of blame for poor performance at Wolcott?

    Let’s face it, Kingsley gets rattled easily and Wolcott sure found a way to take advantage. Why would Shea abandon a lucrative, in your face up the middle ground game and continue to throw the ball (mostly to Wolcott defenders)? Not only on offence was he unable to adapt the game plan but just as poorly on the defensive side. How many times are you going to watch Wolcott’s backfield continue to run around the ends before you change up your defensive alignment?

    If that’s not pathetic enough he shows his true juvenile character by placing blame on the entire team.

  10. Steve Sanders

    Maybe Shea is looking ahead to being the new head coach at Naugy next year. Not sure if that is Naugy’s best choice but that could be where he is heading. Woodland is going to get blitzed to death and this game will be over by the half. Hope good updates are coming on twitter. This game tonight no matter what happens sets up a disaster for the night before Thanksgiving for Woodland. Seymour got shockingly thumped, Woodland will be coming off back to back thrashings, possibly banged up after tonight’s game with playoff hopes hanging in the balance. Seymour has nothing to lose, and Woodland may think asll they have to do is showup. Woodland’s season could come to a screaching hault, a tough end for the most dynamic offense in the area.

  11. Have you guys read the comments from Oxford people on possible move? Wow!

  12. Ansonia 40
    Woodland 14

    Woodland has to be able to cover Matos with Roundtree and put the rest on Newsome patrol. If they choose to zone up Matos then Ansonia’s playing 10 on 9 inside.