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Naugatuck running back Jerome Love has played well in the second half of the season and will try to help the Greyhounds secure a winning record against Watertown. Credit: Stan Strusky/sscreativedesign

Today’s Tuesday. That means it’s Election Day. Please go vote if you haven’t already. It’s more important than football. Be an American and do it, no matter who you pick. That is all.

After a long Week 8, we’re set to begin our second-to-last regular-season week. Right now we have no changes to the schedule (some Week 8 games were pushed to later than usual) but we’ll let you know if any come.

Week 9 is notable for Friday’s Woodland-Wolcott matchup that holds huge playoff implications. But Ansonia has a tune-up for the NVL championship game and flickering playoff hopes for Holy Cross and Derby are still alive. Derby, Seymour, Naugatuck and Holy Cross also have chances to post winning records with victories.

Thursday, Nov. 8
Torrington (4-4) at Sacred Heart (3-5): The Red Raiders’ offense, while banged up and erratic, has been highly prolific over the last two weeks. Sacred Heart, meanwhile, has floundered over its last two games after picking up some momentum with the return of their three best players. These two teams really don’t have a whole lot of rhythm so it is basically a toss-up at Municipal Stadium. Both teams struggle on defense so get ready for some points.
Picks: Remmy- Torrington, 48-28. Kyle- Sacred Heart, 46-42.

Friday, Nov. 9
Ansonia (8-0) at Wilby (4-4): We can only assume that the Chargers’ starters will be out by halftime, if some of them play at all. Saiheed Sanders should have a pretty sizable workload out of the backfield again for Ansonia. On to the NVL title game for the Chargers.

Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 49-7. Kyle- Ansonia, 48-6.

Saturday, Nov. 10
Naugatuck (5-3) at Kennedy (0-8): Few of us thought the Greyhounds would have a shot at a winning record early this season after the chaos with Rob Plasky’s resignation. But here they are on the brink of their sixth victory. Naugy should be able to handle a young Kennedy squad that just hasn’t been able to stop anybody this season. Steve Gesseck tells us that the Greyhounds’ staff might have been premature in calling Mick Pernell the single-season scoring leader in Naugatuck history, but he might achieve that feat in this game.
Picks: Remmy- Naugatuck, 55-20. Kyle- Naugatuck, 62-14.

St. Paul (2-6) at Holy Cross (5-3): Talk about two teams trending in different directions. St. Paul was left for dead a few weeks ago but has played well over the past two weeks, pounding Kennedy before upsetting Sacred Heart. Meanwhile, Holy Cross is coming off its worst loss of the season to Woodland, failing to rack up even 150 yards of offense in seeing its playoff hopes likely go up in smoke. The Falcons have played much better since they stopped throwing the ball 35 times a game but the Crusaders’ run defense is pretty solid. Still, the momentum working in different directions might make this one closer than we would have thought a few weeks ago.
Picks: Remmy- Holy Cross, 35-30. Kyle- Holy Cross, 42-28.

Crosby (1-7) at Derby (5-3): The Red Raiders can clinch a winning season for the first time since 1996 with a victory on senior night against the Bulldogs. Derby was successful in the air and on the ground against Seymour, and Crosby’s defense isn’t quite as good. Plus, the Bulldogs turn over the ball more than anybody in the league. Looks like Derby will finally turn the corner.
Picks: Remmy- Derby, 42-19. Kyle- Derby, 47-12.

Tuesday, Nov. 13
Seymour (5-3) at Watertown (1-7): The Wildcats looked pretty good for the first 26 minutes of their game against Derby before the Red Raiders started running the ball right down their throats. If Watertown was paying attention, we might see some running out of the Indians, too. But Watertown has struggled to have any consistency in its offense all season so it will be a slightly easier task for Seymour this week. The Indians have played decent defense at times this season and pulled an upset over the Wildcats in a similar position last year.
Picks: Remmy- Watertown, 28-27. Kyle- Seymour, 31-14.

As always, make your picks right here. The Predictions Tracker is updated through Week 8. Our Game of the Week thread, previewing the Wolcott-Woodland game, will be up Wednesday.

Also, since we had the Monday night game this week, we can now show the fantasy standings for the week.

Week 8 Fantasy Football- Remmy def. Kyle, 148-120

  • Team Kyle (3-5): QB Mike Nicol 9, RB Arkeel Newsome 43, RB Mick Pernell 33, WR Anthony Scirpo 24, WR Rahmi Rountree 2, TE Levi Fancher 0, Ansonia defense 9
  • Team Remmy (5-3): QB Tanner Kingsley 28, RB Tyrae Small 51, RB Jaquan Overbey 22, WR Andrew Matos 30, WR Dillon McMahon 14, TE Raeshaun Finney 0, Holy Cross defense 3

Extra Points: Ansonia is still ranked third in the latest New Haven Register Media Poll. Woodland and Wolcott also received votes. Check out the poll. … Woodland-Wolcott is nominated for the NBC Connecticut Game of the Week. Click here to vote. … Woodland-Wolcott will also be the WATR Game of the Week. Air time is 6:50 p.m. Friday. … In the Rep-Am Red Zone, check out Kyle’s breakdown of the NVL’s three major playoff contenders, the Week 9 power rankings and see how differently Ansonia and Woodland handled their division titles. More to come in the Red Zone throughout the week, including the latest playoffs breakdown Thursday. … The Predictions Tracker is updated through Week 8.

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  47 Responses to “Week 9 Predictions”

  1. Who would have thought I’d be leading in Fantasy without having Newsome on my squad. Insane.

  2. Sacred Heart(52) Torrington(38) – Sacred Heart gives an upset, similar to their last meeting at Municipal 2 years ago. Torrington just doesn’t care anymore

    Seymour(36) Watertown (40) – Big win for the Indians before they go to upset Torrington, again.

    Ansonia Wilby – Ansonia..

    Naugatuck (38) Kennedy (6)

    St. Paul (30) Holy Cross (42)

    Derby (42) Crosby (0)

    • doesn’t care anymore? even after theloss to wolcott which ment pretty much the end of their season they came out with suspensions and beat cross and took derby out of the running to, im looking to see a torrington defense we havent seen this season, they afre holding sacred heart under 25 pts

      • Holy Cross only lost because it was a Saturday morning and half of them just rolled out of bed probably, Torrington beating holy cross was like derby beating Naugatuck. And yes, Torrington beat Derby..after giving up 39 points, half unanswered..we all know Torrington’s passing defense is worse than their rushing..I.E, woodland, ansonia. Sacred heart is a passing team, i don’t see Torrington taking the W.

      • with torringtons upbeat practices lately and the new spark to the defense there is no way that torrington loses this game

  3. Torrington 31 SHHS 28 – Torrington will be able to run the ball successfully because SHHS is awful on D. SHHS will score because Torrington is awful on D. Torrington will control the TOP and win.

    Seymour 20 Watertown 7 – Watertown is NOT good. I have said it a hundred times on this blog, their ENTIRE coaching staf needs to go.

    Ansonia 56 Wilby 12 – Do you need me to explain why?

    Naugy 49 Kennedy 0 – See my comments above about Watertown and apply them to Kennedy.

    HC 42 St. Paul 21 – HC will bounce back against a bad St. Paul team.

    Derby 42 Crosby 7 – Crosby is clueless.

    Woodland 35 Wolcott 21 – This will boil down to Wolcott’s ability to block and defend in the secondary. I realize Ansonia is good but their WR’s were wide open. If Wolcott cannot get pressure on TK then this could be a blow out. Wolcott’s O-Line will also have to step up big time. Woodland is playing very well right now and Wolcott is questioning if they are actually good or not……..We will find out at The Eagles Nest this Friday night.

    • Easy on the high school coaching staffs, dude. It’s high school football and these are good guys.

      • I know but there is just no excuse for the way some of these teams come out to play every Friday. I am sure they are good guys but that doesn’t mean you are a good coach. This league has been so uncompetitive from several teams that it is starting to annoy me. Take a page out of Derby & Wolcott’s book. They are competing and it is not like their rosters are loaded with talent. I know the response is going to be “Nicol is not talented” and “Kreiger and McMahon are not talented” but look at the rest of the team. Their offensive lines are SMALL. These teams out coach their opponents. Even the new guy at Wilby has found a way to win some games with not a lot of talent. I just feel that some of these other teams could be better with the right leadership. Lennon has already won 5 games with not a lot of talent. I am just sayin….I will back off the coaches for you.

      • There’s no doubt that some teams underachieve but I respect the time and effort they give to their programs. I know a lot of the players and coaches read here and I don’t want this blog to become the source of mutinies.

  4. Torrington 56 Sacred Heart 48
    Woodland 28 Wolcott 24
    Ansonia 52 Wilby 13
    Seymour 21 Watertown 18
    Naugatuck 56 Kennedy 20
    Holy Cross 40 St. Paul 32
    Derby 49 Crosby 16

  5. Torrington 48 SHHS 35

    AHS routs Wilby

    Watertown beats Seymour (Watertown’s record is not good, but they played HC and Wolcott tough)

    Naugy routs Kennedy
    Derby routs Crosby
    St. Paul over HC (wheels are falling off of HC’s wagon)
    Derby routs Crosby
    Wolcott beats Woodland. (This is the toughest game to pick all season.
    I agree with cc. Wolcott’s secondary and O-line must step their game up this week. I think they will and win a very close ball game. I smell overtime in this one.)

    • An overtime thriller on Senior Night at The Eagles Nest would be awesome. If Wolcott steps it’s game up we will see two legit QB’s go at it for 48 minutes. Woodland with their aerial attack and Wolcott with their pound Nicol game. Which Defense will make the better adjustments and cause turnovers. I love this shit….It is going to be a great game. Can’t forget, this game also pits two of the better younger coaching staffs against each other. Shea and Pace have similar laid back personalites while these two OC’s are pretty flamboyant (Spelling).

      • Wow! Flambouyant? Liberace’ was flambouyant! lol.

      • You know what I meant.

      • Wolcott’s zone read/option game is tough to defend. AHS did a good job defending it because they played cover 0 and loaded the box with 7 defenders (played 3-3 with Free Safety in the box). Very tough to run when # of defenders out number # of blockers. Wolcott did have some success throwing the ball vs AHS. I think Wolcott WR’s match up better this week vs Woodlands DB’s. Defensively, i think Wolcott should play man to man with cover 2 behind it. Make Woodland run ball and take TK’s arm out of the equation. Wolcott must clean up their run fits and tackle better for this to work. It wouldn’t hurt if Wolcott disguises their coverages presnap to make TK have to think. Great chess match in this game..

      • Don’t sleep on Woodland’s ability to run the ball. They ran ALL OVER Wolcott last year. If they didn’t fumble last year they would have beat Wolcott by two scores easily.

  6. ansonia

  7. Torrington
    St. Paul

  8. Torrington 55, Sacred Heart 36 – SHHS just doesn’t play defense. I’m sure they will be willing to put up points in bunches against Torrington, but THS has the ability to run the football and control the clock more than the Hearts. Torrington takes this one

    Woodland 28, Wolcott 21 – This may have been the toughest game all year to pick. Everything on the line for both teams. I just think Woodland’s defense is too good. Kingsley needs to control the clock despite having a pass-first offense, and if Woodland can get some sort of running game going, they’ll win this game. Could go either way

    Ansonia 55, Wilby 12 – No explanation necessary. JV game

    Seymour 28, Watertown 13 – Could be a very boring game. Don’t think Seymour is good enough to blow anyone out, don’t think Watertown can score enough to win.

    Naugatuck 55, Kennedy 6 – Same as Ansonia vs Wilby

    Holy Cross 48, St Paul 32 – Love what St Paul has been doing but not in the same league as Holy Cross. HC is bigger and more physical. They’ll be able to run all over the Falcons and Marchi can’t do it all by himself. Falcons more competitive than I thought they would be a month ago though

    Derby 42, Crosby 14 – Similar explanation to Ansonia/Naugy games

  9. Yo Fish, Gaels could be done winning for the year. Pay-to-play sh** really starting to screw things up. Kids that were frosh and sophs when the crap all started didn’t want to pay to sit on the bench and now it’s showing up in the numbers. Roster down from 70 and close to 50. Sh**head admin and Bd of Ed.

    • Bums me out Drake. I havent lived in Shelton for 23 years, but I still bleed black and orange. In the mid 80’s, we had about 38 players on the team, but they were 38 kids who REALLY wanted to play football. Many kids could not handle the conditioning and discipline. The BOE and administration in place are people from out of town who could care less about football and tradition. I heard there is a “personnell director” at SHS now who has the power to decisions on who coaches and who doesn’t. Blows my mind.

      • Back in the day, before AYF, there was Pop Warner and that’s it. Now we have two schools of thought. We have the parents that want their kids to play with kids their own size and the ones who just care about age. The problem is the choice enables kids to play in neighboring towns that offer what their looking for. Kids don’t get to build the bond or pride they could of had they stayed home and played what was offered.
        The biggest problem we have in our area/league is the fact that the High schools (not all, but the majority) have their own problems/agenda. We don’t get the programs built from the ground up in the majority of our towns. The teams having the most success, at the high school level, are the ones that share philosophy’s to the feeder programs. If our coaches (NVL) can get the PROGRAMS where they need to be the quality will get better. These guys need to be involved with their youth leagues. Teach the teachers not the kids. Make sure the youth coaches are getting the information and skills to develop these kids and we won’t have to hear about the non violent, one team league.

      • johnnyribbs

        pay to play in Shelton is a disgrace. A town with a good tax base like Shelton should be ashamed of themselves.

        If Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Woodland and Oxford can all get by without pay to play, Shelton would be fine.

        Sidenote, overheard Oxford football players at the Seymour/Derby game they can hang around with and welcome the challenge of playing Ansonia. Think about that one for a bit……

      • Oxford better worry about trying to beat Sacred Heart first.

      • Bethel had the same thoughts last year. Oxford would get handled, period. They do have a nice color scheme though.

  10. Yo JTS, Going for the Predictions Tracker title I see!

  11. Lol yeah in reverse.

  12. Torrington
    Holy Cross
    Derby 49

  13. TORRINGTON 49 SH 26
    HC 44 ST.PAUL 33
    DERBY 49 CROSBY 20

  14. Watertown
    Holy Cross

  15. JR, you’re right on the money. Disgraceful. Makes me want to break the law.

    JTS, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Derby wins on Turkey Day. I thought they would be able to win last year and everybody thought I was nuts. Remember the immortal words of Joe B…. you have to be able to run the ball and, conversely, stop the run.

    Fish, it gives me the blues more than BB King ever had them.

    • Drake I forgot about pay for play in Shelton. Do you think it has been the culprit or could it be the vast amount of non violent sports that they have there. After all why pay to get your head cracked when you can run around kicking a ball back and forth, or batting with your hands or swipe at a shuttlecock.

  16. Remmy I would love to hear your reasoning for outwardly disliking me on this blog. I give fair honest points, don’t start arguments, and I respect you and Kyle.

  17. Torrington 42-28 Sacred Heart – Raiders back on track and Hearts reeling
    Wolcott 32-28 Woodland – Hawks will need a near perfect game to beat Eagles
    Ansonia 55-6 Wilby – Cats are in for a tough one
    Seymour 35-14 Watertown – Indians make too many mistakes to stay in this one
    Naugy 56-12 Kennedy – Hounds have too much offense for Eagles
    Holy Cross 62-38 – St. Paul still needs to stop somebody’s offense
    Derby 42-20 Crosby – Derby will be a load of trouble for Dogs

  18. Ansonia
    Torrington (whenever they play)
    Just a few views I have from the Ansonia/Wolcott game (I know it is only 1 game) but Wolcott’s QB took a beating but kept coming back for more and really impressed me. How sad is it that I was excited to have Ansonia with only a 14 point halftime lead so I can still watch the Varsity play in the 3rd quarter.
    I totally agree with Kyle in terms of these coaches & players not deserving the abuse on here or anywhere. They dedicate a lot of time to their team and I’m not talking just football, all sports. Some teams may not win as much or be as good but it’s not for a lack of trying! There are a lot of factors that go into any program and we should respect their dedication and realize this is still HS sports, these are kids and the coaches are making well below minimum wage for all the hours they put in. So keep the negative stuff to your favorite professional/college team, for these kids and coaches respect the time & effort they put into something they believe in!