Dec 122012

The first of this year’s postseason awards have arrived. Take a look at the 2012 All-NVL, All-Division and All-City teams (as voted upon by the league’s coaches). We’ve pinpointed the positions as best as we know how they were voted.

All-NVL Offense
QB: Mike Nicol (Wolcott)
RB: Arkeel Newsome (Ansonia), Mick Pernell (Naugatuck)
WR: Andrew Matos (Ansonia), Anthony Scirpo (Woodland)
TE: Raeshaun Finney (Ansonia), Brandon Kuczenski (Naugatuck)
OL: Jeremy Clark (Woodland), Zach McNutt (Torrington), Jim Nelson (Wolcott), George Smith (Holy Cross), Jh’mel Trammell (Ansonia)
UT: Tanner Kingsley (Woodland), Jai’Quan McKnight (Ansonia)

All-NVL Defense
DL: Dan Bonney (Seymour), Phil Bresson (Torrington), Andrew Kalach (Watertown), Gerron Pendarvis (Holy Cross)
LB: Bryan Burnette (Holy Cross), Hezekiah Duncan (Ansonia), Levi Fancher (Woodland), Matt Nicolari (Derby)
DB: Mike Conlan (Seymour), Dillon McMahon (Derby), Ryan O’Connor (Ansonia), Jaquan Overbey (Sacred Heart)
K: Arthur Kwaskiewicz (Ansonia)

All-Brass Offense
Mike Kreiger (Derby)
RB: Tyrae Small (Derby), Jacob Thomas (Wilby)
WR: Matt Cyr (Wolcott), Jon Mitchell (Watertown), Christian Thurmond (Seymour)
OL: Dave Ahearn (Derby), De’Cuan Digsby (Crosby), Mike Lombardi (Watertown), Blair Mitchell (Derby), Matt Simon (Ansonia)
UT: Roshawn Gainey (Crosby), Joe Lynch (Wolcott)

All-Brass Defense
DL: Brian Ballenilla (Wilby), Nygel Gladney (Crosby), Tom Longo (Wolcott), Antone Mack (Ansonia)
LB: Jack Briggs (Seymour), Ephraim Collins (Ansonia), Saiheed Sanders (Ansonia), Zach Sirowich (Seymour), Paulo Villanueva (Watertown)
DB: Anthony Chacho (Watertown), Chris Petillo (Wolcott), Brandon Sierra (Wilby)
K: Joe Keeley (Wolcott)

All-Copper Offense
QB: Logan Marchi (St. Paul)
RB: Adrian Brown (Holy Cross), Jerome Love (Naugatuck)
WR: Desmond Langs (Torrington), Kevin Kalosky (Holy Cross), Rahmi Rountree (Woodland)
TE: Brian Zaccagnini (Woodland)
OL: Kevin Brennan (Woodland), Mike Gugliotti (Holy Cross), Jordan Perna (Kennedy), Ernie Tracy (Torrington), Devon Watkins (Naugatuck)
UT: David Coggins (Sacred Heart)

All-Copper Defense
DL: Matt Carda (Naugatuck), Eric Collodel (Woodland), Rourke Phalon (Holy Cross)
LB: Nick Brown (Woodland), Guen Park (St. Paul), Dan Schebell (Torrington), Xavier Woods (Sacred Heart)
DB: Nate Franklin (Naugatuck), Edgar Gonzalez (Torrington), Adam Grantmeyer (Torrington), Davon Humbles (Kennedy), Shyquan Thompson (Sacred Heart)

All-City Offense
QB: Javon Martin (Sacred Heart)
RB: Adrian Brown (Holy Cross), Roshawn Gainey (Crosby), Jacob Thomas (Wilby)
WR: David Coggins (Sacred Heart), Edward Ellis (Crosby), Kevin Kalosky (Holy Cross)
TE: Tom Rinaldi (Holy Cr0ss)
OL: De’Cuan Digsby (Crosby), Mike Gugliotti (Holy Cross), Alex Guzman (Wilby), Jordan Perna (Kennedy), George Smith (Holy Cross)
UT: Dashaun Abdul-Lateef (Kennedy)

All-City Defense
DL: Damon Atkinson (Wilby), Brian Ballenilla (Wilby), Nygel Gladney (Crosby), Tim Lamadeleine (Kennedy), Gerron Pendarvis (Holy Cross), Rourke Phalon (Holy Cross)
LB: Bryan Burnette (Holy Cross), Parris Wolfe (Sacred Heart), Xavier Woods (Sacred Heart)
DB: Davon Humbles (Kennedy), Jaquan Overbey (Sacred Heart), Brandon Sierra (Wilby), Shyquan Thompson (Sacred Heart)

Special Awards
Jimmy Lee Top Senior: Mike Nicol, Wolcott
Top City Offensive Player: Davon Humbles, Kennedy
Top City Lineman: George Smith, Holy Cross

Team Breakdown
Ansonia: 8 All-NVL, 4 All-Brass
Crosby: 0 All-NVL, 3 All-Brass, 4 All-City
Derby: 2 All-NVL, 4 All-Brass
Holy Cross: 3 All-NVL, 4 All-Copper, 8 All-City
Kennedy: 0 All-NVL, 2 All-Copper, 4 All-City
Naugatuck: 2 All-NVL, 4 All-Copper
Sacred Heart: 1 All-NVL, 3 All-Copper, 5 All-City
Seymour: 2 All-NVL, 3 All-Brass
St. Paul: 0 All-NVL, 2 All-Copper
Torrington: 2 All-NVL, 5 All-Copper
Watertown: 1 All-NVL, 4 All-Brass
Wilby: 0 All-NVL, 3 All-Brass, 5 All-City
Wolcott: 2 All-NVL, 5 All-Brass
Woodland: 4 All-NVL, 5 All-Copper

  15 Responses to “2012 Awards: All-NVL, All-Division, All-City”

  1. Ephraim Collins should be all NVL, not all Brass. But other than that, can’t really complain. And actually Finney I thought was better on defense than offense this year, but that’s just splitting hairs.

    I also thought Lynch had a better year than Small or Thomas. Should have made All-Brass, imo.

    Overall, can’t really complain.

    • I thought Saiheed Sanders was all NVL D look at his youtube And Lynch was balling

      • They could have picked Duncan, Collins, Sanders, and Finney on D. But that’s just not practical for these awards. Fair? Probably not, but it is what it is.

        And I agree def. think Lynch deserved a spot somewhere.

      • Look at it this way – how many players from other NVL teams would start on Ansonia (offense and defense)? We must be honest with ourselves sometimes and choose the best player at each position instead of handing-out awards for the sake of diversity.

  2. BTW, who took these photos? YIKES! lol

  3. Congrats to A-town btw, that is important to note.

    Geography Ribbs with an update. No BPT to NVL. done.

    I told you lousy SOB’s Seymour would play Oxford in the SCC crossover. Though I don’t see how that’s a crossover if Oxford is in the NVL?

    Sacred Heart and Wilby get to go to New Fairfield, thank you very much.

    We get Masuk v. Ansonia as we expected, but Pompy/Woody is also a great geographical match up.

    Seymour also gets Amity in addition to Oxford next year. Geographydoesntmatterblahblahblahseymoursucks I know. I am happy to attend those games, and that is what counts.

    • I’m writing the post now, and analyzing all the records. I think the ADs took a few liberties in arranging the matchups to ensure a lot of things worked out (the Oxford playing Seymour and Derby situation is one of them, I think). That’s going to avoid a mess when Oxford comes over.

      • well that was my hope that they would. clearly there are some better rivalries possible than the exact records would get you to. SCC/FCIAC did the same thing with Shelton/Trumbull, etc.

        But the guys from Wolcott all told me that those things didn’t matter, and what mattered was proving our worth vs. those upper crust SWC schools. So Wolcott gets Newtown and Masuk, deservedly so.

        Looking at the match ups what do you think the outcomes will be W-L by league? My guess which means absolutely nothing has us splitting.

        Masuk at Ansonia – NVL
        Newtown at Wolcott – SWC
        Holy Cross at Weston – NVL
        Woodland at Pomperaug – NVL
        Barlow at Torrington – NVL
        Bunnell at Naugatuck – NVL
        Seymour at Oxford – SWC
        Derby at Bethel – SWC
        Brookfield at Wilby – SWC
        New Fairfield at Sacred Heart – SWC
        Watertown at New Milford – SWC
        Kennedy at Stratford – SWC
        Notre Dame at St. Paul – NVL
        Immaculate at Crosby – NVL

      • I just figured out all the records and there actually wasn’t much (if any) shifting.

        Let’s move this over there.

  4. SWC not SCC (obviously).

    Teach em how to K-Dougie.

  5. Looking forward to these match ups already!