Dec 122012

swc-nvlThe Naugatuck Valley League and South-West Conference decided not to waste any time to announce the schedule for the NVL-SWC Challenge, which is set for Week 6 of the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

The NVL said in a press release originally posted by the Republican-American that the “matchups were determined after examining the win/loss records for the 2011 and 2012 seasons” and that the home team will determine the date and time for each contest.

Here’s the schedule:

NVL Team
2013 Game
2014 Game
Ansonia vs. Masuk at Newtown
Crosby vs. Immaculate at Notre Dame-Fairfield
Derby at Bethel vs. Oxford
Holy Cross at Weston vs. Pomperaug
Kennedy at Stratford vs. New Milford
Naugatuck vs. Bunnell at Joel Barlow
Sacred Heart vs. New Fairfield at Brookfield
Seymour at Oxford vs. Bethel
St. Paul vs. Notre Dame-Fairfield at Immaculate
Torrington vs. Joel Barlow at Bunnell
Watertown at New Milford vs. Stratford
Wilby vs. Brookfield at New Fairfield
Wolcott vs. Newtown at Masuk
Woodland at Pomperaug vs. Weston


So you can get some perspective on how these matchups were settled, here’s how each team finished (in the regular season) over the last two seasons:

Naugatuck Valley League
South-West Conference
Ansonia (20-0; 10-0, 10-0) Masuk (19-1; 10-0, 9-1)
Wolcott (16-4; 7-3, 9-1) Newtown (18-2; 8-2, 10-0)
Holy Cross (15-5; 9-1, 6-4) Weston (15-5; 7-3, 8-2)
Torrington (13-7; 7-3, 6-4) Pomperaug (12-8; 8-2, 4-6)
Woodland (12-7; 6-4, 6-3) Joel Barlow (11-9; 3-7, 8-2)
Naugatuck (12-8; 6-4, 6-4) Bunnell (11-9; 8-2, 3-7)
Derby (10-10; 4-6, 6-4) Oxford (11-9; 3-7, 8-2)
Seymour (10-10; 5-5, 5-5) Bethel (11-9; 7-3, 4-6)
Wilby (9-11; 4-6, 5-5) Brookfield (10-10; 5-5, 5-5)
Sacred Heart (7-12; 4-5, 3-7) New Fairfield (9-11; 3-7, 6-4)
Watertown (6-14; 4-6, 2-8) New Milford (7-13; 5-5, 2-8)
St. Paul (4-16; 1-9, 3-7) Stratford (4-16; 2-8, 2-8)
Kennedy (3-17; 2-8, 1-9) Notre Dame-Fairfield (2-18; 1-9, 1-9)
Crosby (2-18; 1-9, 1-9) Immaculate (0-20; 0-10, 0-10)


Based on these regular-season records, most matchups went pretty much according to the records. The only exceptions are Woodland swapping places with Torrington (the athletic directors may have taken into account the Hawks’ postseason games this year) and St. Paul flipping with Kennedy (the ADs frowned upon the Falcons’ two wins over Hamden Hall, presumably).

Oxford’s excellent season this year negated the potential wrench the school’s move to the NVL would have been to the NVL-SWC Challenge. Even if the Wolverines move over to the league (that seems probable at this point, but we’lll see), they’ll be playing the schools that everyone has wanted them to play in the Challenge and in the NVL. All works well.

If you’re Ansonia, you have to like the matchups against Masuk and Newtown, even though those teams may have reached their ceilings at this point. The Ansonia-Masuk game next year will be with a little less steam because John Murphy resigned after 16 years as the Panthers’ head coach. That should be an interesting coaching search.

Wolcott got a pair of a tough matchups, but as a coach I talked to today said, that’s the price that comes with success.

Holy Cross fans must like a matchup with old rival Pomperaug, and the Woodland-Pomperaug matchup is intriguing, too. Torrington and Naugatuck both have some history with Bunnell, so those are good matchups. It’s too bad Brookfield’s been down over the last two years because the Bobcats would have been a great addition to the top of this Challenge. They should be better next year, so Wilby will have its hands full.

Overall, this should be a good time.

Extra Points: The All-NVL, All-Division and All-City teams were posted early today. Click here to check them out. … CHSCA All-State awards are set to be released by the end of this week. New Haven Register All-State will be out in early January. … The All-NVL Blog Team will be out next week, and the All-Valley Team will be out before the end of the month. … Hopefully we’ll have an update on the Naugatuck coaching search sometime next week. The position was only posted internally (only on the Naugatuck Board of Education website, not on the CIAC) on Dec. 5 and is set to expire Dec. 18. It’s a very interesting move, one that usually doesn’t happen during coaching vacancies. It makes one think that Naugatuck athletic director Tom Pompei has had a plan all along. The candidate field is expected to be very strong. … Speaking of coaching vacancies, the following positions are currently open (and more are expected): Wilby (we haven’t heard if interim Gino Capuano has been made full-time coach), Masuk (John Murphy resigned), Trinity Catholic (Peter Stokes resigned), Bridgeport Central (Dave Cadelina resigned), Avon (Brett Quinion resigned), Bacon Academy (position reopened by school), St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (Scott Cook forced to resign) and Fairfield Ludlowe (Matt McCloskey resigned). … By the way, the three Bridgeport public schools are not coming to the NVL. Thank goodness.

  7 Responses to “NVL-SWC Challenge Set”

  1. Just some more quick reaction to this:

    – Oxford was among four SWC teams tied at 11-9 over the last two seasons. I think the way it worked out so Oxford played both Derby and Seymour could be a fairly good indication that the Wolverines are on their way to the NVL. It would have been nice to see Oxford play their natural Valley rivals even if it was staying in the SWC, but it seems almost too convenient that the matchups happened. It was an easy way to patch a potentially messy situation with the Challenge if Oxford does come. I’d say the chances are very good at this point.

    – JohnnyRibbs brought up a question when this first broke as to how the leagues will do against one another, at least next year. Let’s see: My quick picks have Ansonia, Crosby, Derby, Weston (toss-up), Stratford, Naugatuck (toss-up), New Fairfield (toss-up), Seymour (toss-up), St. Paul, Joel Barlow (toss-up), Watertown (toss-up), Brookfield, Newtown and Woodland.

    That means it’s eight for the NVL and six for the SWC, with an awful lot of toss-ups in there. This should be pretty even.

  2. sound fairly even on paper from my view as well. I think Derby and Seymour could throw the thing the NVL’s way, but I don’t see this going 10 wins either way to either side. The great debate will continue I suspect…..

    Masuk at Ansonia – NVL
    Newtown at Wolcott – SWC
    Holy Cross at Weston – NVL
    Woodland at Pomperaug – NVL
    Barlow at Torrington – NVL
    Bunnell at Naugatuck – NVL
    Seymour at Oxford – SWC
    Derby at Bethel – SWC
    Brookfield at Wilby – SWC
    New Fairfield at Sacred Heart – SWC
    Watertown at New Milford – SWC
    Kennedy at Stratford – SWC
    Notre Dame at St. Paul – NVL
    Immaculate at Crosby – NVL

    • I’m already getting crap from SWC people who have said– “Ansonia doesn’t play anybody”

      I’m more worried about Newtown-Wolcott than I am Ansonia-Masuk. Masuk lost Milone and Coach Murphy. Excuses? Perhaps. But I have to believe they are less of a powerhouse, if any, losing those two than Ansonia would be by losing Matos/Finney/Duncan/Collins/Trammel/O’Connor. Those are some big losses. But with the group AHS has returning next season, how could Ansonia not be the overwhelming favorite to win that game?

      I’m calling it now — St. Paul 62 ND-Fairfield 12

  3. will all these matchups begin before league play?

  4. Week 6. Exact dates of that week (Friday or Saturday, most likely) will be determined by the home teams.