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register logoAwards season winds down this weekend with the announcement of the New Haven Register and Walter Camp All-State teams. Congratulations to all the NVL players honored. Following the announcement of these awards, we have a pretty good summary of everything that’s happened (and what’s happening) in the first month of this offseason.

New Haven Register First Team All-State
Andrew Matos, WR, Ansonia
Arkeel Newsome, RB, Ansonia

New Haven Register Second Team All-State
Tanner Kingsley, QB, Woodland
Mike Nicol, UT, Wolcott
Anthony Scirpo, WR, Woodland

New Haven Register Third Team All-State
Jeremy Clark, OL, Woodland
Jai’Quan McKnight, DB, Ansonia
Ryan O’Connor, DB, Ansonia

New Haven Register Honorable Mention All-State
Dan Bonney, DL, Seymour
Jason Bradley, QB, Naugatuck
David Coggins, WR, Sacred Heart
Eric Collodel, DL, Woodland
Hezekiah Duncan, LB, Ansonia
Daija Fitzpatrick, WR, St. Paul
Logan Marchi, QB, St. Paul
Dillon McMahon, DB, Derby
Zach McNutt, OL, Torrington
Reid Morin, WR, St. Paul
Mick Pernell, WR, Naugatuck
Matt Simon, OL, Ansonia
Zach Sirowich, DL, Seymour
George Smith, OL, Holy Cross
Jh’mel Trammell, DL, Ansonia

See the entire Register All-State First Team, Second Team, Third Team and Honorable Mention lists here.

Walter Camp All-State
Andrew Matos, WR, Ansonia
Arkeel Newsome, RB, Ansonia
Mike Nicol, P, Wolcott

Newsome earned the Walter Camp Connecticut Player of the Year for the second season in a row. Ansonia coach Tom Brockett was a finalist for the Walter Camp Connecticut Coach of the Year, and the late Jack Hunt was honored with the Walter Camp Lifetime Achievement Award. See the full release, including the full all-state teams and awards, from the Walter Camp Foundation here.

More Awards: In other recent awards, Newsome earned MaxPreps All-American honors for the second year in a row, taking a spot with the junior second-team offense. Newsome, Matos, Jh’mel Trammell and Jai’Quan McKnight were also named earlier this month to the Hearst Connecticut Super 33 All-Star Team. Two of the Republican-American Red Zone’s postseason awards went to NVL players, as well. Nicol earned the Red Zone Player of the Year Award while Woodland’s Anthony Scirpo took the Red Zone Offensive Player of the Year Award. If you missed the All-Valley, CHSCA All-State or All-NVL teams, we’ve featured them in previous posts.

NVL Expansion: The NVL’s athletic directors met for nearly four hours last week with the sole purpose of discussing Oxford’s application for admission to the league. They did not take a vote, but they’re expected to do so at a second meeting Monday at Wilby. The NVL recently declined the Bridgeport public schools’ informal inquiry into potentially joining the league. There’s no telling how much will be decided at Monday’s meeting about Oxford, but if the NVL decides to add a 15th team the ADs will have to decide if and how they’ll change divisions and championship setups in each sport. Remember, football divisions are different than divisions in every other sport, so there’s an additional curveball. The upcoming NVL-SWC Challenge would not be disrupted by Oxford’s addition to the league because the Wolverines are scheduled to face Seymour and Derby in their matchups. Update (Tuesday, Jan. 15): Oxford administrators will pitch their application to NVL athletic directors Jan. 31 at Wolcott High, and a vote is scheduled for that day.

Coaching News: There’s not a ton of news to report on any of the three coaching searches in the NVL. Sources said last week that Naugatuck was prepared to interview four candidates — Bunnell head coach Craig Bruno, Woodland offensive coordinator Tim Phipps, Post offensive coordinator Steve Croce and Naugatuck interim coach Shawn Kuczenski — in the near future (I expect a hire by the end of the month, at the latest). I’ve heard conflicting stories on how many applied; some say 15 and others say 50. I’d be more likely to believe the number was closer to 50, even though the job was only posted internally and not on the CIAC website. Whomever gets the job will not only have high expectations to rebuild and sustain the success Naugatuck enjoyed regularly until the early 2000s, but he’ll also have a brand-new facility that will include a spacious weight room and a turf field. We have no news on Wilby (hopefully Gino Capuano gets the full-time gig because he deserves it) or Torrington, from which Dan Dunaj resigned last week.

Weightlifting Competition: We’re hearing that the NVL weightlifting championships will be March 2 at Seymour. Torrington is the defending league champion (although a repeat would probably be unlikely without Dunaj and his staff leading the crew) while Woodland returns three individual champions. We’re not sure yet if we’ll have a state competition this year (it was canceled last winter).

New Hall of Fame Classic: If you didn’t catch this, the summer all-star series will be changed this year. The New Haven-Fairfield Hall of Fame Classic and the Connecticut-Rhode Island Governor’s Cup have been scrapped in favor of one Hall of Fame Classic at Rentschler Field. The new plan is to select 110 players via combine workouts on March 24, then split the players into two teams via an April draft. Coaches for the teams were set to be selected this weekend. The game will be June 29 at 4:30 p.m.

Newsome’s Recruitment: The star running back, who will likely hold every meaningful state record for rushing and scoring by the time his senior season ends next December, has plenty of big-time schools on his radar (and vice versa). ESPN Boston’s Roger Brown recently wrote an update featuring all the schools interested (they include UConn, Boston College, Florida, Miami, Penn State, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Syracuse and others). Newsome has plenty of time to make a decision.

NVL Blog Awards: The last set of awards we’ll have coming are our very own. We’ll have both the All-NVL Blog Team and the NVL Blog Awards coming either late this month or in early Feburary. We know how excited you all are.

We hope you all had a very happy holiday season and are off to a healthy start in 2013. Go Bobcats!

  27 Responses to “2012 Awards: New Haven Register, Walter Camp All-State”

  1. Now the Register is getting as bad as the rest of them. Two OLs? C’mon! What ever happened to picking an actual team? The 3 second team kids from Montville. Staples and Berlin ought to lay claim to first team status. I can see the defense being a 3-3-6 because of the way they play now, but last time I looked the OL still operates with a center, 2 guards and 2 tackles or least a center and 4 OL.

    • We agree again Drake. Having (2) O linemen is ridiculous. i can see getting rid of the TE position because nobody uses one any more. My view is that an All State TEAM honors the best players at every position.
      The high school football coverage by the Register, CT Post and Hartford Courant are a joke. If this blog expanded to a statewide high school football blog, most of the newspapers in the state could fold up their sports sections and put that budget into getting more democrats elected..

  2. ansonias tramell was undergraded.honorable mention?but again these teams are pretty much uninformed.

  3. Overall, good selections. I cannot see two Defensive Lineman from Seymour as Honorable mention. When Watertown played them their D line was not impressive.

    • I agree, Dave. Bonney wasn’t a surprise. Sirowich was. Not that Sirowich isn’t a good player, but I didn’t think he was a top-five guy (maybe not even top-10) in the league.

      • I want to make sure that this comment doesn’t reflect negatively on Sirowich. He’s definitely an above-average player in the NVL (and definitely in the top-10 discussion) and has caught my eye since last year.

        My comment was more targeted toward other strong NVL defenders being left off the Register mentions. When All-NVL defenders are left off the honorable mention list (Phil Bresson, Andrew Kalach, Gerron Pendarvis, Levi Fancher, Bryan Burnette, Matt Nicolari, etc.), it sticks out and I struggle to see where the Register draws the line. I understand that the Register has to (or should, at least) limit its selections and it’s not an easy job, but it’s worth thought.

        Anyhow, congrats to Sirowich and all the NVL players who earned recognition.

      • Sirowich is poised to have a tremendous up coming season. it wouldnt suprise me to see him on the 1st team All State team next year. He comes from good stock. His poppa was a good one for Seymour back in the day.

  4. Word on the street is that Naugatuck is on the verge of naming a new head coach. Hopefully we hear soon.

  5. Glad you cleared that up Kyle. I thought Sirowich had a hellava motor and played hard every down. He is a future star and his Grand Father Jack Musante was a great QB for Derby in the 60’s.

  6. Awright Fish… with the hard political slant pattern! I was holding out hope that the Register would continue to stand tall as a model of integrity in this realm.

    Thought Z Sirowich was Seymour’s best lineman. Stock goes way back before poppa too. Uncle Bob was part of an Amity forward wall that handed strong Shelton teams 2 of only 3 losses they had over 2 seasons in 1960 & ’61

    Woodland’s J Clark should have been at least 2nd team too.

  7. Hahaha. sorry about the political stuff. Drake and Shot, you guys are true scholars and gentlemen. I appreciate your wealth of knowledge. I’ve learned alot from your posts!

  8. NVL athletic directors met again about Oxford joining the league and scheduled their vote for a Jan. 31 meeting at Wolcott High, according to the Rep-Am’s Joe Palladino. Oxford administrators will pitch their application that day.

    Also, no word on the Naugatuck coaching job as of Monday night. The word on the street was that the job would be filled Monday. Maybe today is the day.

  9. Working on further confirmation right now, but it appears as though Woodland offensive coordinator Tim Phipps will be the next coach at Naugatuck.

    • It’s been a mess of a morning here, here’s a little bit we know right now:

      – Phipps has a final interview set for tomorrow. Earlier my sources said that he was offered the job and a teaching position, but that’s unconfirmed.

      – Croce is no longer in the running.

      – Bruno is a wildcard. I’ve heard that he may be the other final candidate (per SPB) and I’ve also heard that he hasn’t received a call since his last interview.

      – Kuczenski is probably out, but I don’t have anything to confirm that. He may have been interviewed as a courtesy for the job he did this year.

      We should hopefully know for absolute sure by Thursday morning. Phipps is still the favorite (and has been the whole way) in my mind, but he’s not the man yet.

  10. your point about teams not using a tight end is right on fisherman. you will notice that ansonia still uses a te, or two on every play and it’s working out well for them. spread and triple option offenses that don’t use tight ends have become far too popular. aside from ansonia, over the last two years i have noticed that the only other nvl teams using a tight end are naugy, woodland, torrington, and holy cross. im not knocking the other teams for not using one, but if you look at the wins and points accumulated by the teams i just mentioned; using a tight end seems to work.

    • The spread offense has become popular because in general it takes the physicality out of the game. There are fewer and fewer teams playing a physical brand of football especially on the line of scrimmage and on the defensive side of the ball. I suspect it is because of the fear of concussions, injuries and ultimately litigation. Therefore, coaches are choosing to play a more finesse style of offense that has the high scoring potential (as was evident this year in the NVL). I have become a fan of the spread offense because of its versatility. High school football is now similar to basketball in which teams put all their energy into outscoring their opponent. I still hold firm that most spread offense teams are soft on defense and will struggle against teams who are physical.

  11. kinda shocked croce is out,considering the talk we had turkey day.oh well

  12. I was pulling for Bruno. More colorful and a good football guy.

  13. Naugatuck would be wise to select Tim Phipps as their new head coach. I have known Tim since his Pop Warner days and I can assure you that he is a young man of great integrity and football knowledge. He gets my vote!!!!!

  14. I assume we’ll find out the decision Thursday or Friday (no reason for Naugatuck to stretch this through the weekend). The final interviews were scheduled for today.

  15. perspective

    Hey Fish I completely agree with your comments regarding football and the fact that first the coaches’ all-state and now the Register are senselessly omitting o-lineman from the recognition they deserve, however save the political rhetoric, your posts are normally insightful regarding football, but as I have been told this isn’t a blog for politics, use some decorum

  16. Andddddd, here we go.

    Nice job, Naugy.