Sep 052013

st paul 2013About the Team

Home Field: St. Paul Catholic High School
Home Surface: Natural grass
Class/Division: S/NVL Copper
Head Coach: Jude Kelly (ninth season, 31-42)
Online: Website
2013 Schedules: VarsityFreshman

2012 Results: 3-7 overall, 2-7 NVL, 2-4 NVL Copper
Returning Starters: 10 – Logan Marchi (Sr., QB), Reid Morin (Sr., WR/DB), Daija Fitzpatrick (Jr., WR/DB), Brendan Carroll (Jr., WR/DB), Eli Parks (Jr., RB/DB), Kyle MacLean (Jr., LB), Doug Nessing (Jr., OL/DL), Austin Morin (So., WR/DB), Joe George (Sr., DE), Jose Silva (Jr., LB)

Chat with Coach

NVL Blog: You coached a number of great quarterbacks during your successful career. How does Logan Marchi stack up among the best you’ve coached?

Coach Kelly: “I have been fortunate to have coached many outstanding quarterbacks over the years, each having qualities all of which were very important to the success of the teams they played on, with each bringing their own strong points. Logan has a very strong throwing arm, he can throw far and fast with outstanding accuracy. He also is an outstanding athlete in all sports he competes in. His work ethic in the weight room has helped him tremendously over this past offseason. He is a student of the game; he enjoys watching film and meeting times. His leadership skills have improved as he has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches.”

NVL Blog: Marchi has a deep stable of receivers with which he can work, but some opportunities last season were missed because of drops. Do you expect improvement in that area, and in the receiving corps as a whole?

Coach Kelly: “Our receiving corps has worked hard and many of them have been playing together for two or three years. I feel they work together well and take great pride in their contributions to the team.”

NVL Blog: The Falcons have been a young team with not a ton of depth for the last few years, but many of your starters this year have several years of experience. Is this the year when you think you can put it all together to challenge for the NVL Copper Division title?

Coach Kelly: “We are what we are. We will do our best each week.”

UConn-bound quarterback Logan Marchi could put up the biggest passing numbers in the league. Credit: Kyle Brennan

UConn-bound quarterback Logan Marchi could put up the biggest passing numbers in the league. Credit: Kyle Brennan

The Falcons begin the season Sept. 13 against Derby at DeFilippo Field.