Sep 022013

torrington-ctAbout the Team

Home Field: Robert H. Frost Complex
Home Surface: Natural grass
Class/Division: L/NVL Copper
Head Coach: Gaitan Rodriguez (first season)
2013 Schedules: VarsityJVFreshman

2012 Results: 6-4 overall, 6-3 NVL, 4-2 NVL Copper
Returning Starters: 2 – Ernie Tracy (Sr., OL/DL), Desmond Langs (Sr., WR/DB)
Other Players to Watch: Joe Kenney (Sr., OL/DL), Alex Rintharamy (Sr., OL/DL), Dylan Heller (Jr., OL/DL), Ben Bonvacini (Jr., OL/DL), Manny Rijo (Jr., WR/DB), PJ Kilmartin (Jr., K/WR/DB), Anthony Pandolfo (Jr., QB/LB), Bryan Rocha (Jr., WR/DL), Zach Mancini (So., RB/WR/DB), Connor Finn (So., QB/DB), Nate Bresson (So., WR/LB), Nick Piniati (So., WR/LB), Kobe Covington (So., OL/DL), Stefan LaForge (So., OL/DL), Tyler Marens (So., RB/WR/LB), Nathan Manchester (So., WR/DB)

Chat with Coach

NVL Blog: What made you want to take over the football program at your alma mater?

Coach Rodriguez: “This opportunity has been dream come true. Not everyone is fortunate to be the head coach of their alma mater. I’m very grateful and excited for this opportunity. It’s an opportunity for me to give back and be a mentor to our football players and athletes at THS.”

NVL Blog: From the time you took over at Torrington and throughout the offseason, what was the most important thing for you to do to bring a sense of stability to the program?

Coach Rodriguez: “My focus as a coach has always been to develop athletes academically, socially and athletically. I have instilled a family atmosphere to enhance the character, discipline and commitment of the players in the football program. There are a number of exceptional athletes in our program that are committed to doing the right things on and off the field.”

NVL Blog: The running game has been the Red Raiders’ strength over the last few seasons, but most of those backs are gone. What can we expect from Torrington’s style of offense this year?

Coach Rodriguez: “Traditionally Torrington has always had a strong run game from as recent years as Coach Dunaj’s ‘ground and pound’ to the early-2000s option scheme with Coach Thompson and in the ’80s with Coach K’s split back veer. Offensively we want to control the tempo. We’ll take what the defense gives us. The goal is to be balanced, run ball in crucial situations and win the game!”

Torrington opens its 2013 schedule Sept. 13 against Ansonia at Jarvis Stadium.