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Derby's Tyrae Small should be one of the league's top two-way players. He will start at running back and safety Friday night. Credit: GWImages

Derby’s Tyrae Small should be one of the league’s top two-way players. He will start at running back and safety Friday night. Credit: GWImages

To our knowledge, this is the first time in the history of our selecting a Game of the Week that St. Paul is involved. No pressure, Falcons. No pressure.

This should be a pretty good ballgame, considering these teams boast what we think will be two of the best offenses in the league and neither has a suffocating defense to shut down the other. Let’s get after it. (By the way, this Game of the Week is presented by DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding.)

Remmy’s Keys to the Game: Derby’s play in the secondary will be the difference in this game. Expect more Raiders in coverage to try to stop the St. Paul passing attack. I don’t suspect Falcons will run the ball much even if Derby comes out with a weak defensive front. The second biggest key to this game will be the success of Derby’s run game. If Tyrae Small and company are able to milk the clock with long drives and keep Logan Marchi off the field as much as possible, expect Derby to win big. Otherwise, this game could be very, very close.

Kyle’s Keys to the Game: This game is all about the turnover margin. In the Red Raiders’ last few games against St. Paul, they’ve done a good job of mixing up defensive looks and coverages to confuse Marchi and grab some early turnovers. If that’s the case again Friday night, Derby will be the winner. Neither defense is particularly stout, but Derby’s is definitely expected to be better with Small at safety and some decent playmakers among the front (although there aren’t a ton of them). St. Paul’s offense is based on quick throws (although not necessarily short routes) which will make it tough for the Raiders to get after Marchi with regularity, but Derby’s disguised coverages will make it tough on the opposing passing game. On the other side, the Red Raiders will get their points — they just have to keep the ball in their hands and take advantage of their possessions.

Remmy’s Players to Watch: Logan Marchi‘s name has been heard around the state. But it’s his receivers who will have to perform well for the Falcons on Friday if they want to leave Derby with a win. Wide receivers Daija Fitzpatrick and Brendan Carroll cannot drop passes. We saw way too much of this last season. Reid Morin is St. Paul’s best wideout, so look for him to make some great plays out there. On the Derby side, quarterback Mike Kreiger cannot force the ball into the Falcons’ secondary and expect to win the game that way. Also, look for Raiders defensive lineman Arben Komani to get after Marchi and give him fits.

Kyle’s Players to Watch: Everybody (including us, really) is overlooking St. Paul running back Eli Parks, who is a pretty good scat back with potential to catch the ball from the backfield and make defenders miss. The Falcons probably won’t run a whole lot (their offensive line isn’t very good, and passing is their obvious strength) but Parks should be important. Tyrae Small is the second most important player in this game, after Marchi. Small may be the strongest runner in the NVL and should have a field day against St. Paul’s defense. He’ll also be crucial on defense at safety, where he can make things difficult on Marchi and pick off a pass. Also for the Red Raiders, look out for my boy Ricky Bartone. He doesn’t have the name recognition yet of Jordan LaRue or the rest of the wide receiving corps, but Bartone is a gamer and is going to become a darned good player.

Hopefully this is the start of competitive games in this year’s Game of the Week series. Remmy will be in the house, as will the crew from WELI, and it should be a close one until the final possession. In the end, Derby gets one more stop than St. Paul.

Picks: Remmy- Derby, 47-42. Kyle- Derby, 40-34.

Extra Points: Over on the Republican-American’s Red Zone blog, Kyle breaks down the levels of contenders in Greater Waterbury football in a fancy graphic, while he and Mark Jaffee share their Week 1 picks. Kyle also shares his rationale for his preseason ballot for the New Haven Register poll. … Our good friend Ned Gryffindor at The Day has a whole lot of action in his final preseason post, including his predictions for which teams will make the postseason field. … You can also check out our other pal Sean Patrick Bowley’s new website, GameTime, which launched this week. … The Derby-St. Paul and Holy Cross-Watertown games will be broadcast live on the radio. We’ll have links to those broadcasts in our live scoreboard, which will also include tweets from various games.

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  16 Responses to “Game of the Week: St. Paul at Derby”

  1. Derby 47-37

  2. Derby 42-20 ….. Kreiger and Small get the job done with ease

  3. ValleyFalls1

    Offensive edge: St Paul
    Defensive edge: toss up
    Special teams: Special what?

    St Paul’s in a track meet

  4. ValleyFalls1

    Yes, toss up, until I can see them actually play a real game; not a scrimmage not a 7 on 7 competition, not a write up. However, will be at Ansonia Torrington, oh well :)

  5. ValleyFalls1

    I think St Paul’s offense will be better than Derby’s offense. I think the defenses will be a toss up. Better logic next week after results:).

  6. Unless St Paul got real good on defense since last year they may need xtra lights on the score board. Their receivers had to improve a lot also. They suffer from the same thing many teams in this league do……………no numbers or depth. Derby can be very physical.

  7. ValleyFalls1

    Looking forward to watching the highlights

  8. derby should win——–why? i dunno


    Oldschool is back…. not that I’ ve gone anywhere…. been laying low with the Oldschool family…but football season is here and Mrs. Oldschool has given me permission to reclaim my spot at the 40 yard line near the press box. …. My older Oldschool who led the Derby team a couple years back was contacted by this years team, about writing a motivational song for this years squad. My older Oldschool loves Derby so much he went sleepless to get these boys a song, but the principal (who Oldschool feels) holds resentment toward him because of the way things played out with his Senior year is refusing to allow the boys to use it. Or at least that is the rumor in Derby. I hope the link works.. I was a lineman after all…. if not cut and paste…… LETS GO DERBY!

    • Welcome back, oldschool. Glad to hear you’re making a comeback in 2013.

      I hope you give that principal a piece of your mind. Too much softness all around.

    • heres a opening lyric for your motivational song—–straight from the wags—-here goes osbornedale park,take a right
      lets go derby fight,fight fight
      we cheer when we win
      a loss makes us cry
      can you give me a 100 bucks
      so i can get a roseland pie.
      now that will spark anyone

  10. The Derby football team may have been up against an incredible quarterback but they did not quit. Marchi is for real. I give great credit to the Derby kids. Krieger and Small were awesome but their effort was equaled by their teammates on both sides of the ball. Fun game to start the year.

  11. hope derby wins next week so olde school stays on blog—hes been known to disappear after a loss—–then again laying low with family comes first