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Can Logan Marchi and St. Paul rebound from a devastating loss to Derby in Week 1? The Falcons visit Watertown on Friday. Credit: Remmy

Can Logan Marchi and St. Paul rebound from a devastating loss to Derby in Week 1? The Falcons visit Watertown on Friday. Credit: Remmy

The only bad thing about Week 2 is that all seven games are on Friday night, which means you can only pick one to see for yourself. The good news is that a few of the games should be awfully good, including Holy Cross at Derby, Kennedy at Seymour and our Game of the Week, Wolcott at Naugatuck.

In fact, Kyle and Remmy headed to the borough for our weekly preview video. If you haven’t seen a good view of the Greyhounds’ new field, take a look at this:

Friday, Sept. 20
Crosby at Woodland, 6:30 p.m.:
Woodland looked a bit better than expected in Week 1. Crosby looked about the same as we expected in Week 1. That’s good news for one team and bad news for another team.
Remmy’s Take: We now know the Hawks have some playmakers at wide receiver. The running game will be good enough to roll past Crosby. 
Kyle’s Take: The Hawks were much more balanced in their season-opening win over Branford (19 passes, 32 runs) than y’all remember from last year. Look for Sean McAllen and Coby Vaccarelli to get another 10 touches each this week while it’s business as usual for Tanner Kingsley and his new receivers, including Mike Kenney and Dylan Abarzua.
Picks: Remmy- Woodland, 47-18. Kyle- Woodland, 48-12.

Holy Cross at Derby, 7 p.m.: Derby must be coming into this game on a high after its remarkable comeback win over St. Paul, but the Red Raiders won’t be at full strength in Week 2. They’ll face a better defense in Holy Cross, but the Crusaders struggled mightily on offense in their opener.
Remmy’s Take: Derby will be without its biggest playmakers in running back Tyrae Small and wide receiver Jordan LaRue. That’s what makes this game a toss-up. Kreiger’s late-game heroics in Week 1 may give the Red Raiders the lift they need going into Week 2 to win this tough game against the Crusaders. Holy Cross doesn’t have a stud on offense to carry it through big games. Will someone finally show up? If not, it could be a long day for that offense.
Kyle’s Take: I wouldn’t even hesitate in picking the Red Raiders if Small were playing, but he’ll be suspended after his ejection from the St. Paul game. Maybe it’s not as huge as loss as it seems on the surface, though. Ricky Bartone, the backup running back, played very well last week and Mike Kreiger is still the quarterback. Derby’s defense won’t be attacked as much as it was last week and Holy Cross didn’t show anything last week that wowed me on offense.
Picks: Remmy- Derby, 27-20. Kyle- Derby, 21-17.

Ansonia at Sacred Heart, 7 p.m.: Yikes.
Remmy’s Take: Bad timing for the Hearts. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ansonia quarterback Jai’Quan McKnight doesn’t play in this one (he didn’t play last week vs. Torrington due to turf toe). This will be a long night for Sacred Heart.
Kyle’s Take: I feel bad for everyone involved with this game.
Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 49-7. Kyle- Ansonia, 47-0.

St. Paul at Watertown, 7 p.m.: It will be interesting to see how the Falcons bounce back from their devastating loss to Derby last weekend. One would imagine with Logan Marchi leading the team, it will be a fine performance.
Remmy’s Take: Marchi is the real deal. And from what I saw in Week 1, St. Paul has a surprisingly decent running game with running back Eli Parks in the backfield. Watertown is coming off of a loss to Holy Cross, which didn’t need much firepower on offense to get the job done. I like the Falcons this week — big.  
Kyle’s Take: The Falcons are going to score an awful lot of points. For Watertown to have any chance of keeping it close, its not-too-bad front seven is going to have to get after Marchi. That probably will not happen, and the Indians’ offense struggled mightily against Holy Cross.
Picks: Remmy- St. Paul, 49-21. Kyle- St. Paul, 53-14.

Kennedy at Seymour, 7 p.m.: The modern-day NVL rushing attempt record could be set in this game. Too bad that record doesn’t exist.
Remmy’s Take: Will Seymour pass the ball? Better yet, will it need to? Probably not in this game. But the ‘Cats will need to think about when to use the pass to win games and this may be a good time to attempt some passes. They’ll need it later in the season against some of the stronger teams in the league. Kennedy could keep this close if Seymour decides it wants to run, run, run.  
Kyle’s Take: It was a big-time head-scratcher as to why Seymour didn’t attempt a pass against Amity. Maybe that was a matchup-based decision, but eventually the Wildcats will have to integrate it. Based on what Kennedy always does (single wing all day) and what Seymour did last week (so much double wing) there will be a running extravaganza. Seymour’s defense is better.
Picks: Remmy- Seymour, 35-20. Kyle- Seymour, 28-12.

Wilby at Torrington, 7 p.m.: The Gaitan Rodriguez era at Torrington got off to a rough start, which was expected. Now we’ll get to see what the Red Raiders can do.
Remmy’s Take: Torrington struggled mightily against the run in Week 1. I expect the same this week with Jacob Thomas in the Wilby backfield.  
Kyle’s Take: Even against Ansonia, you have to do better than negative-4 first-half yards. It’s just tough to see who is going to step up in Torrington’s offense. At Wilby, meanwhile, we know who the man is.
Picks: Remmy- Wilby, 42-12. Kyle- Wilby, 34-14.

Once again, we’re totally in line with each other (that will change soon, we’re sure). By the way, we both went 8-0 in Week 1 and almost nailed a few scores on the head. Maybe we’re finally learning how to do this stuff!. As always, we invite you to make your picks with us on this thread. We’ll keep track of them in our Predictions Tracker throughout the season (standings after Week 1 will be updated sometime this week). A little bit of news and notes before we send you on your way:

  • The Naugatuck-Wolcott game, which will be our Game of the Week, will be broadcast live Friday night on WATR and CPTV Sports. We’ll link to the WATR broadcast in our live scoreboard later this week. The preview of that game will be up Wednesday.
  • Update: Wolcott coach Jason Pace will not be suspended for the Eagles’ lopsided win over Crosby (we still don’t know whether it was 61-6 or 62-6, but that’s neither here nor there). Good thing.

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  45 Responses to “Week 2 Predictions”

  1. Week 2:

    St. Paul

  2. seymour——-kennedy is not too good
    watertown—–st.paul can have sid luckman at qb—-they cant tackle
    wilby—–if t-towns a better team,thats sad
    derby—-hc has no offense,then again they might play D—–tossup
    woodland——halftime game
    naugy——naugy fans dusting off alumni sweaters
    ansonia—–known cortez a long time—-wish him luck for year–good guy

  3. Woodland
    Holy Cross
    St Paul

  4. Woodland
    St. Paul

    Only Derby/HC is a close affair.
    Kingsley throws for only 200 and 4 touchdowns.. Because he probably is only going to play a half.

  5. ValleyFalls1

    Last week I missed Seymour over Amity. Was at the game, Seymour played very well, could have won with just a smidge of offensive diversity. Missed on Derby St Paul also. But for a tackle here, or a slip there, could have been different outcome.

    Seymour over Kennedy: Run run/good defense over Run run/not so good defense
    St Paul over Watertown: St Paul can score, Watertown won’t score as much
    Wilby over Torrington: Normally not a question, but Torrington needs to work on Offense, Defense and Special teams. Think that about covers it. Wilby won the city Jamboree soooooooooooooooooooo……..
    Derby over Holy Cross: Go valley, score! Don’t think HC has the firepower to keep up
    Woodland over Crosby: UGH! Cloudy and chance of touchdowns
    Wolcott over Naugatuck: Ok, ok, yes, yes. Just a feeling :)
    Ansonia over Sacred Heart: Triple UGH! However, I do like going to games at Municipal stadium, great hot dogs!

  6. Good choice for game of the week.
    Wolcott – in a close one
    Woodland – Hawks can run now too
    Derby – lest I anger JTS
    Ansonia – ya think?
    Seymour – what’s the over-under for # of Wildcats’ passes?
    Watertown – just cuz I like the colors
    Wilby – lest I anger the Fisherman

  7. woodland -big
    derby -by 2 scores
    ansonia- big
    stpaul big
    wilby by 2 scores
    upset set of the week Wolcott over Naugy 34-32

  8. Woodland 42 crosby 7- hawks too much for crosby defense.
    Naugatuck 35 wolcott 28- naugy keeps on truckin
    Derby 21 holy cross 14- a toss up
    Ansonia at Sacred Heart- ZZZzzzZzzZ
    Seymour 42 Kennedy 0- Kennedy can’t stop anything.
    St. Paul 50 Watertown 14- marchi throws for 500 this week.
    Wilby 28 Torrington 0

  9. chargers ranked 1———-state polls should start 3 or 4 weeks into season

  10. Woodland 50 Crosby 12 woodland offense too much
    HC 21Derby 20 Derby’s kicker from ’72 has no more eligibility.
    AHS 49 SH 0 should be a full house for that one
    Seymour 28 Kennedy 14 wildcats should be 2-0
    St.Paul 55 Watertown 14 marchi finally wins a game
    Wilby 26 Roofies 0 wonder if anybody misses last years staff yet.
    Wolcott 34 Naugy 30 hope coach Pace can participate in this classic

  11. Woodland
    Holy Cross
    St. Paul

    • Just kidding, Kyle for the record its DERBY not Holy Cross in my picks. No one even noticed. Women have stopped noticing me and now its guys on the blog. I quess at my age we are like old furniture.

  12. Crosby – I’m Biased and don’t care
    Wolcott – Gambino Lynch
    Derby -Comback Kings
    Ansonia -# 1
    Seymour -Thirsty for a win after losing a close one
    St Paul – I believe in Logan
    Wilby – Wilby is faster

  13. Woodland 38-20…close until the 4th
    Holy Cross 26-13…Crusaders grind it out
    Ansonia 55-6…over early (now)
    St. Paul 55-24…Falcons respond
    Seymour 38-12…Cats pound
    Wilby 32-18…not close
    Naugy 28-27…squeaker

    For the tiebreaker, I’m going with Michigan over the Huskies. No 50 point rule so look out…

  14. jados lol good pick on tiebreaker—-hopefully pps sw3ansong

  15. Woodland 55, Crosby 13. – Not really a test for Woodland. Another big stat day for Kingsley

    Naugy 34, Wolcott 24 – Naugatuck better all around than Wolcott. Might not be this close.

    Holy Cross 28, Derby 19 – Don’t think Derby’s offense was as impressive as St. Paul’s defense was bad.

    Ansonia 49, Sacred Heart 0 (at halftime) – No comment necessary. League’s best vs. worst team

    Seymour 44, Kennedy 14 – Seymour impressive in opener

    St. Paul 52, Watertown 35 – St. Paul should win and the offense could have a big day, but Watertown will run the ball and score points on their D

    Wilby 35, Torrington 20 – Wilby can run circles around them

  16. Fish, you’re out of your mind with that pick this week haha my dad and I got a good laugh outta that one last night

    • Hahaha. I bet Coach Dunaj is thrilled to be where he is coaching now.
      He looks like he increased his biceps by at least 2 inches from last year. One thing I know, he’s well liked on his new staff and he’s doing a great job.

  17. 20 inch pythons! Like hulk hogan haha.

  18. So much for those who say Ansonia doesn’t play anybody in the top 10. Masuk logged in at #10 this week in the Register poll.

  19. Beautiful. Drake I really miss all the multiple personalities that use to be on here.

  20. I don’t disagree but I do miss the silly banter. If only Seeing Red where real…….

  21. multiple screen names—–happens on every blog—–its benefits people that hope sooner or later theyll get it right

  22. This week’s picks:
    St. Paul

    Seems like the refs in that Derby/St. Paul game had ZERO control! Nice win for Derby and I wanted to make a quick comment about the Ansonia game, every year I hear from fellow Ansonia people how no one goes to the games cause of blowouts, etc. I thought there was a very good crowd up at Jarvis last Friday. My guess was anywhere between 1200 & 1400 fans. Not bad for a 52-7 game.
    Maybe we can get up near 4000/5000 for Week 6!

  23. it use to rem

  24. Ansonia isn’t ever going to get those size crowds again guys, remember back in the day, 12k vs. Naugy? Those days are over but the winning doesn’t stop, sad though that people don’t come out like they used to

  25. Ansonia
    ST Paul
    Nuagy 42-21 opens new field with statement win

  26. the reasons for declining attendance are many—–a lot of older fans are passing away——-the citiy has been in vaded by people who could care less about ansonia football—–alumni have left area because of decline of community—–and i still think scheduling nite games is a negative——lot of older fans dont want to deal with cold weather.onthe other hand theyve been drawing good crowds considering their opponents hardly bring anyone–evcept for the big games.ansonia has always had a strong core of alumni fans.changing subjects—-when will the gutless ciac get rid of the glad pace escaped suspension but rules are rules–either enforce them or get rid of them.

    • I thought it was because the players parents were having trouble getting rides to the game from Waterbury and Hamden. Just kidding. People are sick of watching lousy games. No competition. I bet there will be some people at the masuk game in a few weeks.

  27. I agree with Wags. You hit it on the bass man. All sad and true. go to an Oxford game and see all the valley names. Friday lites is a thing of the past here in the valley.

  28. Naugy 34-30 Wolcott
    Woodland 42-12 Crosby
    Derby 26-20 Holy Cross
    Ansonia 54-6 Sacred Heart
    St. Paul 46-20 Watertown
    Seymour 24-18 Kennedy
    Wilby 32-19 Torrington

  29. Woodland
    St. Paul

  30. fish—–youd be surprised how many parent(s) dont go to games

  31. Wags, I was just breaking stones. That’s sad if parent(s) cant find the time to go see their kid play.

  32. Woodland 42-13
    Holy Cross 28-21
    Ansonia 49-0
    St. Paul 35-14
    Seymour 28-14
    Wilby 28-7
    Wolcott 28-27

  33. Woodland 48-7
    Derby 31-21
    Ansonia 54-6
    St. Paul 42-15
    Seymour 27-12
    Wilby 42-14
    Naugy 42-34

  34. sure is

  35. There are many reasons for declining attendence at games. One reason that has not been mentioned is that all the games are played at the same times. There was a time when a true valley football fan could attend several games on a week end. Shelton games were played at 4:00 on Saturday or on Friday night, Derby played on Saturday morning and I think Ansonia played on Saturday afternoon. Fans would attend more than one game.
    Another reason was that in the fall high schools only offered one sport. Shelton had a football team and a boys cross country team. Shelton now offers football, boy’s and girls’ cross country, boys and girls soccer, volleyball and swimming thus reducing the opportunities for many to attend the football games.
    The final reason is the lack of competitive games. You have to be a true fan, or really boored to go to the Ansonia Sacred Heart game tonight.