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St. Paul's Logan Marchi and Woodland's Tanner Kingsley, two of the most prolific passers in NVL history, will meet for the third time in their careers Saturday afternoon in Bristol. Credit: sscreativedesign

St. Paul’s Logan Marchi and Woodland’s Tanner Kingsley, two of the most prolific passers in NVL history, will meet for the third time in their careers Saturday afternoon in Bristol.  They are battling for the NVL’s all-time passing touchdowns record. Credit: sscreativedesign

Usually Week 5 marks the halfway point of the season, but because we are in the middle of the Best Season EverTM, we still aren’t there! Most of this week’s games should be pretty insignificant with heavy favorites in each, but the Ansonia-Derby and Woodland-St. Paul games have potential with their importance.

Here are Kyle and Remmy in this week’s video preview, which is sponsored by Pour House Sports Tavern in Naugatuck and Wolcott.

Thursday, Oct. 10
Seymour at Sacred Heart, 6 p.m.:
 Welcome to the season, Wildcats. Got another shutout in you?
Remmy’s Take: Seymour will be able to run the ball at will. There is no stopping Joey Salemme, who leads the Wildcats with 750 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.
Kyle’s Take: The ‘Cats are about two or three plays away from being 4-0. That, of course, isn’t how football works but it shows that they are a pretty good ball club. The Hearts are not, but they’re showing up week in and week out. I’ll say something here about this “Electric Company” I keep hearing about and assume it’s a compliment toward Seymour’s cool players.
Picks: Remmy- Seymour, 49-0. Kyle- Seymour, 42-0.

Friday, Oct. 11
Naugatuck at Torrington, 7 p.m.:
 The wind that had inflated Naugy’s sails for the first three weeks has changed direction. Luckily for the ‘Hounds they get a good opportunity to bounce back.
Remmy’s Take: The Greyhounds are coming off a big-time loss at Woodland just a week ago. But they get back on track this week against a struggling Torrington bunch.
Kyle’s Take: Like we have said a few times recently, Torrington is a year or two away from being back in the thick of things. The Greyhounds need a game to stabilize things. I know constantly throwing the deep ball is a favorite of Craig Bruno’s offense, but it hasn’t been very successful so far this year.
Picks: Remmy- Naugatuck, 42-12. Kyle- Naugatuck, 54-14.

Crosby at Wolcott, 7 p.m.: Congratulations to Eagles quarterback Vincent Gambino for finally making Remmy’s fantasy team.
Remmy’s Take: Wolcott has been on a roll lately and could be undefeated if not for Naugatuck blocking a PAT. Gambino has been one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league and he will have another big night in front of the home crowd.
Kyle’s Take: Gambino might not even throw for the most yardage in this game with Crosby freshman Mike Marshall on the other side. But the Eagles have playmakers up the wazoo. They will have no problem in this one.
Picks: Remmy- Wolcott, 49-14. Kyle- Wolcott, 42-7.

Holy Cross at Kennedy, 7 p.m.: Hey, at least after this game you can try to forget about it by saving 20 percent at Swirls Frozen Yogurt Bar.
Remmy’s Take: Kennedy has no answer for Holy Cross’ passing game. The Crusaders have a tough road ahead of them facing teams such Woodland, Naugatuck, St. Paul and Wolcott. This week should not be as tough.
Kyle’s Take: This is a pretty blah game. Cross might be finally settling into a little bit of an offensive groove, and Kennedy couldn’t do a darn thing against a terrible St. Paul defense last week.
Picks: Remmy- Holy Cross, 42-20. Kyle- Holy Cross, 38-12.

Wilby at Watertown, 7 p.m.: Wilby’s Jacob Thomas ran for 130 yards against Ansonia. That’s good, even in a big loss. Watertown: What happened against Seymour?
Remmy’s Take: Wilby is the best of the Waterbury teams — better than Holy Cross, in my opinion. The Wildcats should be able to run the ball very effectively against Watertown, which struggled mightily to contain Seymour’s running backs last week.
Kyle’s Take: I agree with Remmy’s assessment of the Wildcats, but unfortunately they don’t play the Crusaders. As long as Darrien Bell takes care of the ball, Wilby will roll. Just when we were about to give a little respect to Watertown, the Indians play a mega-stinker against Seymour.
Picks: Remmy- Wilby, 52-18. Kyle- Wilby, 34-13.

Saturday, Oct. 12
Woodland at St. Paul, 1:30 p.m.:
 Hey now, might this be a good game? Regardless of whether it is or isn’t, it’s a good thing the game starts at 1:30 in the afternoon. We may beat the sunset.
Remmy’s Take: The Hawks are firing on all cylinders right now. The defense impressed me last week. They’ll need a good performance from the secondary to stop Logan Marchi and Co. But St. Paul’s real problem is its defense, which means Woodland wins this game and could very well score on every drive.
Kyle’s Take: Nobody outside the Woodland locker room expected the defensive effort the Hawks put forth against Naugatuck. I thought they were strong against the pass and did a great job containing Naugy quarterback Jason Bradley. A similar game plan would prove successful this week. Woodland players said after the game that its defense against the Greyhounds was built around keeping the quarterback in check, and Marchi is similar to Bradley in his ability to run and keep plays alive. If Woodland’s front is able to get more pressure and contain the edge (here’s looking at you, Levi Fancher), the back end should be OK with safety Coby Vaccarelli, corners Sean McAllen and Mike Kenney and outside linebacker Taylor Tucciarone. Besides, unless Kingsley throws an interception, St. Paul will not get a stop against Woodland’s offense. Here is the Hawks’ chance to help their quarterback make up some room in the touchdown record department.
Picks: Remmy- Woodland, 54-27. Kyle- Woodland, 58-21.

Kyle took a one-game lead on Remmy last week as the guys faltered on their first picks of the season (both whiffed on Woodland’s win over Naugatuck, and Remmy lost his Watertown upset gamble). As always, we invite you to make your picks with us on this thread. We’ll keep track of them in our Predictions Tracker throughout the season (they will finally be updated this week). A little bit of news and notes before we send you on your way:

  • The Seymour-Sacred Heart game will be broadcast by Kyle, Steve and Bob on WATR 1320. We’ll link to the WATR broadcast in our live scoreboard later this week. It will be a special start time of 5:50 p.m. on Thursday.
  • Kyle will have some new stuff on the Red Zone blog throughout the week, including a look back at the Woodland-Naugatuck game, his weekly polls analysis, a new edition of Gimme Five, the first set of local power rankings and more.
  • We will have a few records updates a little later this week, both in that section of the website and here on the front page. Logan Marchi, Tanner Kingsley and Arkeel Newsome are all of interest in that area. If you missed our post-Week 4 NVL fantasy update, check it out here.
  • On Laxworm Radio’s weekly Sunday morning show, Ansonia coach Tom Brockett joined Mike, SPB and Kyle to chat about the Chargers and the season. The guys also talk about Ansonia’s spot atop the polls, the Woodland-Naugatuck game and the upcoming Ansonia-Derby contest. Click here to listen to the show replay.
  • The Ansonia-Derby game is up for the NBC Connecticut Game of the Week feature. (They don’t do as good a job as our friends at WFSB in the broad scope, but they do nice work on whichever game ends up as the one.) Click here to vote. You can also vote for Joey Salemme as the WFSB Friday Night Football Player of the Week. Click here to do that.

Week 5 Predictions are presented by Blanchette Sporting Goods. BSG has been a family-owned and operated sporting goods store for more than 40 years. Located in Shelton, Blanchette carries not only a wide selection of equipment, but also a full line of apparel for several Valley schools. Blanchette can also handle embroidery, screen printing, trophies and more. Call today at 203-929-6331 or visit the showroom on Bridgeport Avenue.

  37 Responses to “Week 5 Predictions”

  1. Seymour
    Holy Cross

    I’m 26-3 this season. Think you guys are spot on this week. Haven’t been too many questionable games so far. Next weeks NVL vs SWC challenge might be tough though, not familiar with too many of those teams.

  2. 26-3 also for the year.
    Seymour 47-6
    Naugy 52-12
    Wolcott 48-6
    HC 40-13
    Wilby 36-12
    Woodland 44-30
    Ansonia 55-20

  3. Seymour 52 Scared Heart 7- Seymour is 10 points from being 4-0. I guess kyle hasn’t been following their games after asking “where’d that come from”.
    Ansonia 65 Derby 21- Joe the Shot is gonna wish he was one of those bodies wags mentioned up in Crosby by halftime.
    Naugatuck 145 Torrington 14- rooting hard for 0-11 for Torrington. Bring that new coach back to reality.
    Wolcott 42 Crosby 21- wolcott is nothing special.
    Holy Cross 35 Kennedy 21- still am yet to here anything great about Holy Cross, but I do know kennedy hasn’t showed anything since 2000.
    Wilby 21 Watertown 14- pickin the upset special right here.
    Woodland 70 St. Paul 48- no doubt that two of the top gun slingers in the state will duke it out in this match up. St. Paul just hasn’t learned how to play defense under jude Kelly, oh wait, his teams at Southington didn’t play any either.

  4. seymour
    naugy——ttown has long way to go
    hc—-begins quest for cherished city of waterbury title
    wilby—-beats a bad watertown team
    woody—-ball will be in air—–woody has better D–i think
    wolcott—-crosby is epitome of waterbury situation
    ansonia—had a dream, JTS picked up a fumble and was running for derby game winning td,when he stopped at 20 yard line to get a fried dough and i caught him from behind———-we win!

  5. Seymour
    St P
    Holy Cross
    I happen to be 28-1 I think.

    Wags fried dough is my weakness u sob. Believer I will be a dead body based on my pick.

  6. Seymour
    Holy Cross

  7. ValleyFalls1

    Seymour 49 Scared Heart 14- Not much of a contest
    Naugatuck 49 Torrington 14- More not much of a contest
    Wolcott 42 Crosby 21- Interesting contest, ’bout all I can think of.
    Holy Cross 35 Kennedy 21- Not interested
    Wilby 42 Watertown 14- Wilby played Ansonia tough. With the right play calling, Cats could rush for 300 yards, who needs to throw the ball?
    Woodland 49 St. Paul 12 First time St Paul will play a defense that will rock them a bit.

    Ansonia 49 Derby 21- I think Derby is pretty good, but not good enough for this game, this night, this year, this decade, not hardly.

    SAC watch
    Masuk over Pomperaug
    Newtown over whoever they are playing :)

  8. Crosby – I have faith
    Holy Cross- they are playing well on defense
    Ansonia- Newsome
    St Paul – Upset minded
    Naugy – Bradley will pass a lot and early
    Seymour – Tough Team
    Wilby – not counting Watertown out if this one, but overall team speed may do them in if they don’t finish drives

  9. Good analysis Valley. I am surprised about your view of woodlands defense against St Paul. Marchi is as good as advertised.. I think woodland wins but 12points?

  10. ValleyFalls1

    Thanks Shot. I agree Marchi and receivers are as good as advertised, just a hunch but think Woodland’s defense is better than what they have faced in previous 4 games. I was very impressed with the win over Naugatuck. Perahps they can pressure Marchi more than other teams have and/or hit him and his receivers a harder. Oh wel…..

    • If Woodland ever wins & holds Marchi to 12 points, the Hawks should be ranked higher than 21 & 23 in the polls.

      • ValleyFalls1


        Have a hunch, this low is risk, if I am wrong, I will only lose 1 finger :) I have a deep distaste for teams that don’t play or bother with defense; basketball scores belong on the hardwood, not on the grass/fake grass. At some point a defense needs to rise to the occasion. For Woodland that occasion is Friday night; rise Hawks, rise!

        As for the polls, the only poll that really truly counts is the last poll. Polls prior to the last poll are fun and entertaining and provide grist for the blogger’s and media mills. Otherwise what would we talk about, left vs right?:)

        but then again the polls are from people that don’t see all the games.

  11. Seymour 45-12 – see it 45-0 before Cats call off the Dogs

    Ansonia 48-20 – Lavender’s lone chance to take part in Game of the Week – #2 gets a chance to play a little more than usual, maybe a half on offense & 3/4 on defense

    Naugy 52-14 – Hounds taking out frustration

    Wolcott 36-6 – never liked picking shutouts

    Holy Cross 27-2 – see Wolcott above

    Wilby 28-15 – WW too fast

    St. Paul 34-29 Hawks sometimes let down the week after Naugy. Hope I’m wrong

  12. Hey Drake how is Shelton going to do this week. Fran C is going there instead of Ryan field to see the real Red Raiders. Wags doesn’t know it yet but he is going to be in a real game for the first time this year. We are going to break out our secret weapon. We will have a US Navy Seal team hijack the Ansonia team bus and drive them around til they forfeit.

    • Franny going to Shelton game with Coach Joe B. They have dates. I have a bad feeling about this game but I’m a born and bred pessimist in the head. If Gaels can win, got to say they deserve that top 10 ranking.
      Head prediction: F Prep 28 Gaels 20. Heart prediction: Orange & Black 33 Jebbies 26.

  13. now that you mentioned it—theres a chance woody might slip but its that st.paul

  14. So who got paid off so woodland could dodge Ansonia and wolcott this year?

    • Their AD does schedule, bottom line!! Supposedly your cross division games are 3 games on power rankings off the previous 2 years W/L record, Woodland #1 on Copper side avoids the top 2 from Brass (Ansonia & Wolcott) is so weak! And it all FELL on Sacred Heart who was basically given Woodland’s schedule! Well they should win Copper & then they have to play Ansonia!!

  15. Seymour 44, Sacred Heart 6 – Do we even have to play these games?

    Ansonia 62, Derby 20 – Derby just not in the same class as Ansonia. Overachieving this season

    Naugatuck 100, Torrington 0 – Really though

    Wolcott 49, Crosby 18 – Wolcott can pound the ball here

    Holy Cross 55, Kennedy 6 – Not many good games this week huh?

    Wilby 42, Watertown 12 – Wilby can run right by Watertown

    Woodland 64, St. Paul 38 – Kingsley gets to play St Pauls defense while Marchi has to play Woodland’s.

  16. Seymour 42-6
    Naugy 65-18 taken out some anger on Ttown
    Wolcott 42-14
    HC 27-20 think this going to be close
    Wilby 33-12 Wilbys not bad
    Ansonia 56-26 1st half will be good but AHS to big and physical for Derby in 2nd half.
    Almost forgot Woodland 49-35 will be lots of tds on this one

  17. Something tells Oldschool that St. Paul is going to do some damage this week against Woodland.

  18. Are you guys forgetting how bad St Paul’s defense is, its a freaking sieve. St Paul has given up an average of 32 ppg. Thats against Derby, Torrington, Watertown, and Kennedy, all teams that, in my mind, are inferior to Woodland. The last 3 years Woodland has put up 54, 27, and 36 on them, all wins for the hawks. St Paul can score, but until they can actually stop someone, they wont win these types of games.

  19. Jamie’s spot on, guys. St. Paul may score some (I don’t think it gets to the 30s, though) but that defense will be lucky to get one stop all afternoon.

  20. Seymour 49 SH 12 (Seymour showed lots of character after tough loss)
    Naugy 49 Ttown 0 (Naugy dads: keep your daughters by your side.)
    Wolcott 55 Crosby 20 (Wolcott beat Crosby like 40 times in a row).
    HC 26 Kennedy 14 (Ugly game)
    Wilby 35 Watertown 14. (I’m not picking Watertown again until Thanksgiving)
    Woodland 63 St. Paul 50 (Could be 3/4 of a mile in offense combined)
    Derby 35 AHS 34 (I think this has the makings of an OLD SCHOOL classic).

  21. Yo Drake:

    Take the Gaels this week with the over.
    First real test for Shelton and they will pass.

  22. Seymour

    Ansonia/Derby should be 11am Saturday every year! I’ve beentelling Pic for last 3 years! If it’s cancelled Friday don’t make it 7pm Saturday!!

  23. Seymour
    Holy Cross

  24. Seymour
    Holy Cross