Oct 212013
Woodland defensive back Mike Kenney and Naugatuck defensive back Nate Franklin each snagged takeaways in their teams' big wins last week. The Hawks and 'Hounds combined for a plus-10 turnover margin and hope to continue their hot streaks this week. Credits: Kyle Brennan/GWImages

Woodland defensive back Mike Kenney and Naugatuck defensive back Nate Franklin each snagged takeaways in their teams’ big wins last week. The Hawks and ‘Hounds combined for a plus-10 turnover margin in victories over Pomperaug and Bunnell, respectively, and hope to continue their hot streaks this week. Credits: Kyle Brennan/GWImages

We’re at the midway point of this season, and plenty of postseason contenders are looking to hold or improve their situations this week. That will be easier said than done for some squads as our championship pictures starts to come into focus. Kyle and Remmy have this week’s video preview, which is sponsored by Pour House Sports Tavern in Naugatuck and Wolcott.

Thursday, Oct. 24
Torrington at Holy Cross, 6 p.m.:
 Both coaches seem to be feeling better about their teams, but only one will be feeling good Friday morning.
Remmy’s Take: The Crusaders have been on a roll lately. They represented the NVL very well with a big win over Weston. The streak continues this week as Torrington will struggle to get anything going on offense.
Kyle’s Take: When the Crusaders struggled to a 1-2 start, I said that they had to make a concerted effort to get the running game going. Over the last three weeks, Drew Bialoglowy has been one of the most productive backs in the league. I expect that continue against a young Red Raiders defense.
Picks: Remmy- Holy Cross, 42-6. Kyle- Holy Cross, 38-7.

Friday, Oct. 25
Sacred Heart at Woodland, 6:30 p.m.:
 The Hawks have looked like a state top-15 school through six weeks.
Remmy’s Take: Sacred Heart has been struggling all season long. The struggles continue as the Hearts face one of the hottest teams in the state in the Woodland Hawks. The Hawks have been the biggest surprise, in my opinion, so far this season in the NVL.
Kyle’s Take: Nobody thought the Hawks would be as good as they’ve been on both sides of the ball. Their prolific offense might be a little less of a surprise with Tanner Kingsley have another terrific year, but Woodland’s varsity defense has only allowed three touchdowns in one game. Sacred Heart is no match.
Picks: Remmy- Woodland, 49-0. Kyle- Woodland, 48-6.

Ansonia at Wolcott, 7 p.m.: In terms of quality contenders, this should be our Game of the Week. Unfortunately, we don’t expect it to be much of a game.
Remmy’s Take: Wolcott hasn’t yet proved it can win the big game this season. Facing Ansonia won’t do the Eagles any good. Ansonia will roll.
Kyle’s Take: The Eagles have never beaten the Chargers, and that won’t change this season. Wolcott doesn’t have the defense to slow down Ansonia, quite simply. Maybe the Eagles can score a few touchdowns, at least.
Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 49-13. Kyle- Ansonia, 54-14.

Wilby at Crosby, 7 p.m.: With these city teams trending in opposite directions, this could be a decent game.
Remmy’s Take: Crosby is feeling good after earning its first win last week, and Wilby comes into this game after being hammered by Brookfield. Wilby wins this one, despite a great effort by the Bulldogs.
Kyle’s Take: The Bulldogs have young playmakers throughout their offense, including quarterback Mike Marshall, and they seem to be gaining some confidence. They still don’t have the defense to be competitive, though, and Wilby just has to take care of the ball.
Picks: Remmy- Wilby, 34-28. Kyle- Wilby, 38-20.

Watertown at Kennedy, 7 p.m.: It has not been a pretty 2013 so far for either of these teams.
Remmy’s Take: Kennedy played Stratford very tough, while Watertown has been disappointing all season. I think it’s about time the Eagles get their first win.
Kyle’s Take: The Eagles nearly pulled an upset over Stratford in the NVL-SWC Challenge, and the Indians got pumped by New Milford. I have no idea why, but I’m taking the Indians. Sometimes you don’t question an instinct.
Picks: Remmy- Kennedy, 20-14. Kyle- Watertown, 21-14.

Saturday, Oct. 26
Naugatuck at St. Paul, 1:30 p.m.:
 The Greyhounds are getting hot. That’s bad news for everybody else.
Remmy’s Take: Naugy’s offense plus St. Paul’s defense equals a disastrous day for the Falcons. The Greyhounds’ secondary is good enough to contain the St. Paul passing attack.
Kyle’s Take: Naugatuck’s defense has been tremendous since its loss to Woodland. The Greyhounds have allowed just three points in their last two games and just picked off six passes against Bunnell. That defensive backfield will have some fun against St. Paul, which turned over the ball at will in its last tough game against Woodland.
Picks: Remmy- Naugatuck, 60-14. Kyle- Naugatuck, 58-21.

Kyle (48-2) leads Remmy (46-4) in weekly predictions. Since we’re halfway through the season, this should be a good week to get everything around here updated (records and picks). A little bit of news and notes before we send you on your way:

  • Kyle, Steve and Bob will have two games this week on WATR 1320: Torrington at Holy Cross and Ansonia at Wolcott. We’ll link to the WATR broadcasts in our live scoreboard later this week. It will be a special start time of 5:50 p.m. on Thursday, followed by a regular 6:50 p.m. airtime Friday.
  • It appears as though Derby running back Tyrae Small will be out for the rest of the season with a broken bone in his shoulder. Red Raiders coach George French tells us small was injured on his first carry against Ansonia, yet Small played the rest of the game. He sat out practice before the Bethel game, took a few carries to see how it felt but had to leave the game. French said doctors predict a best-case scenario of a six-week recovery, but surgery could be needed. It’s too bad for Small, a senior who is one of our favorite players to watch.

  34 Responses to “Week 7 Predictions”

  1. Holy Cross

    I’m 46-4 on the year, tied with Remmy and trying to keep pace with Kyle.

  2. HC

  3. Holy Cross

  4. ValleyFalls1

    Holy Cross over Torrington 35-14. Raiders not there yet, Holy Cross barely there
    Woodland over Sacred Heart 49-14. No comment
    Derby over Seymour. 42-35. Derby ready for a comback. Seymour one dimensional but can score. Derby will score quicker.
    Wilby over Crosby 35-28. City teams, city venue, city game
    Watertown over Kennedy 21-20. No interest here. Could be any score, Kennedy could win, Watertown could refuse to board the bus.
    Naugy over St Paul. 49-35. Could be very entertaining.
    Ansonia over Wolcott 49-21. Eagles have athletes and such, can be pesky, but not pesky is not enough.

    SWC watch
    Not as much interest on my part, but I think Bethel will rock Masuk for 3 losses in a row.

    New Canaan over Staples 49-14

    Fanstasy game
    Milford Academy over Jacksonville Jaguars 35-21 (came to me in a dream)

    • Hey Valley, not sure I agree on Bethel. Derby actually gave them 28 points. Small was very limited and Krieger had a very rare off day. Bethel big and strong but passing defense their Achilles. Guess we will wait and see. Like the rest of your picks.

      • ValleyFalls1

        Thanks Shot. I will know better after I watch the whole game on CPTV tomorrow night, but I was not impressed by Masuk at all. Bethel will probably not play the kind of pass defense Ansonia did, but they may be able to make up for it with solid ground pounding. After Thursday night, Masuk was exposed as poundable.

      • No one pounds like Arkeel. I saw game, he gets hundreds of yards on his own. 2nd level and bye bye.

    • I agree with your Bethel prediction, Masuk will have no clue how to defend triple option. The time of possession will be heavy in Bethel’s favor as will the score. Bethel by 2 TD.

  5. HC 42-7
    Woods 56-12
    Derby 35-21
    Wilby 28-14
    Naugy 47-21
    Kennedy 21-12
    Ansonia 56- 12 Wolcott will never beat Ansonia.

  6. Holy Cross
    Derby playing for the rest of year, especially with Small out for season. Defense?

  7. Congratulations to Arkeel Newsome for being named the National High School Player of The Week by the U.S. Army All-American Bowl staff. A healthy Newsome can end his career with over 10, 000 yards rushing. If Ansonia were to run the table and play 15 games, Newsome would only have to average 180 yards a game. Hell, he does that in the first half. Fourteen games = 202 yards per game, thirteen games = 232 yards per game, twelve games = 270 yards per game and eleven games = 324 yards per game.

  8. Ansonia
    Holy Cross
    Derby (with Small on offense) – Seymour (if Small doesn’t play on offense)

  9. Small is almost certainly out the rest of the season. He is out this week, for sure.

  10. Holy Cross 91 Torrington 0 HC staff gets pinched for bullying
    Woodland 49 SH -6 Woody offense rolls against weak D
    AHS 42 Wolcott 28 AHS has to play for 3 qtrs. this week
    Seymour 28 Derby 14 Losing Small hurts, Seymour too physical up front.
    Wilby 28 Crosby 7 Wilby is just better
    Kennedy 21 Watertown 20 upset special?? Actually I flipped a coin,
    Naugy 55 St Paul 35 Naugy D is better than St. Paul’s.

  11. Steve Sanders

    Holy Cross beats Torrington 28-0. Crusaders thrive on D
    Woodland defeats Sacred Heart 58-14. Cort Johnson deserves better and Woody love to pund the defenseless
    Derby loses to Seymour. 33-21. Seymour goes 50-50 pass run with a few field goals mixed in.
    Wilby beats Crosby 27-6. Wilby is cream of the crop in the waterbury area
    Kennedy over Watertown 21-7. Tough times for the Indians
    Naugy over St Paul. 88-66. Keep the day open for tjhis one
    Ansonia defeats Wolcott 55-7. Eagles gonna give up 100 pts in 2 weeks.

    • If Seymour goes 50-50 pass-run, it’s going to be in big trouble. The Wildcats’ passing game just isn’t up to the task.

      • Steve Sanders

        Its run game wasn’t up to task either, maybe Briggs has a bigger impact on Friday, he has been silent lately. If they aren’t balanced i don’t see them winning, even though they are bigger up front then the raiders, the raiders overall have better team speed.

      • Seymour may be SLIGHTLY bigger than Derby. Oxford looked huge vs. Seymour and even they aren’t gigantic.

      • Even if it did try 50-50, Derby, without Small in the secondary, has enough speed to contain Seymour’s wide receivers.

        The key in this game will be who can be tougher up front. If Seymour can’t run the ball (see Oxford game last week), that pretty much spells disaster this week at Derby. Salemme and company need to get going on O for the ‘Cats to win.

  12. ansonia——-chargers stay focused
    derby—–derby needs to win out to make playoffs——seymour secondary not very good
    holy cross—–t-town is just bad
    woody—–bye week
    naugatuck—–easy to predict st.paul
    wilby—–cats a little more talented
    kennedy——upset over watertown——missing oulette yet?
    red sox in 6

  13. Holy Cross 27-6… Torrington 1 of 5 pretty bad teams in this league
    Woodland 34-14… Sacred Heart 2 of the 5
    Ansonia 52-20… and the beat goes on
    Derby 27-21… Seymour will take 8 minutes to score
    then Derby will take 2
    Wilby 36-12… Crosby 3 of the 5 although Bulldogs may be getting better
    Watertown 22-8… 4 and 5 of the 5
    Naugy 38-34… this and Derby v Seymour should be the thrillers

    Pop quiz: Name the only league in the world that has 2 Wildcats, 2 Eagles and 2 Red Raiders.

    • Yo Drake, Shelton has a tall task this week. I saw Hand play twice. During pregame both times, Hand looked like a bunch of little kids sipping on juice boxes on the sidelines. Then the whistle blows and they get after it. They are undersized and very young, but man are they fundamentally sound and they get to the ball. They don’t make mistakes. The margin for error is very slim this week for the Gaels. One more loss and it’s curtains for any post season hopes.

      • I figure Hand is a top program in CT. Great coach. Very impressive with their 5 straight wins. Maybe 9-2 will get a team to the post season. Xavier and West Haven on the horizon too. Not good.

  14. theres no way shelton makes playoffs——-they are not that good—–they have no signature wins and they lost to prep,probably one of the better teams in scc—i see them losing to hand and xavier—hand well coached but depleted by grads and xavier isnt even best team in middletown

    • Like Ansonia, Hand is never depleted by graduation. Hand fired their senior QB after game 1 and have since started a Soph who is going to be sensational. I agree that Xavier is 2nd best team in Middletown. there will be some new faces in LL playoffs this year.
      Crosby must have lumped up Immaculate, they will likely cancel their season because of low numbers and safety. Very sad that a private school with a once respectable football program got to this point. Sacred Heart likely not far behind unless they recruit some talented players to go there and fast.

  15. agree on all points——its the tuitions that are killing private schools——oh well

    • Not St. Joe’s. Not Xavier. Not F Prep really either. Both NDs seem to be feeling it though, among the rest. Got to twist the reins, like those schools in every other state.

  16. HC

    Hey Wags, why couldn’t the Cardinals team that showed up last night at Fenway been the one our beloved Dodgers played? They looked like a Babe Ruth team, not NL champs! Red Sox on a 9 game World Series win streak, is the series over already? Hope not!

  17. Derby
    Holy Cross

  18. Holy Cross

  19. story of my life 96