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Joe Lynch and his Wolcott Eagles need to win out to have a shot at the Class M playoffs. Jordan LaRue will lead his banged-up Red Raiders in their spoiler role. Credit: GWImages

Joe Lynch and his Wolcott Eagles need to win out to have a shot at the Class M playoffs. Jordan LaRue will lead his banged-up Red Raiders in their spoiler role. Credit: GWImages

Hey, it’s Week 8 — the time when teams start to figure out whether they’re headed to the playoffs or playing for fun. We’ve got a number of games this week that have postseason implications as we roll into November. Sadly, we’ve got no video previews this week so you’ll have to settle with our writing only.

Thursday, Oct. 31
Watertown at Ansonia, 7 p.m.:
Remmy’s Take: Kennedy is something like 0-35 all-time against Ansonia. Watertown is coming off of a loss to Kennedy. It’s not going to be fun for the Indians.
Kyle’s Take: The Chargers will tie their school record with their 36th straight win.
Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 50-0. Kyle- Ansonia, 48-0.

St. Paul at Sacred Heart, 6 p.m.: Those looking for a treat on Halloween should not go to Municipal Stadium.
Remmy’s Take: St. Paul has a slightly better offense than the Hearts. That’ll decide this one.
Kyle’s Take: This one falls squarely into the not-very-attractive-Copper-Division-games category. St. Paul will score, and Sacred Heart will score because neither team plays any semblance of defense. The Falcons’ offense will score more.
Picks: Remmy- St. Paul, 42-28. Kyle- St. Paul, 54-26.

Friday, Nov. 1
Wolcott at Derby, 7 p.m.:
 A few weeks ago, this looked like it was going to be our Game of the Week between squads jockeying for postseason position. Now, it’s a must-win for the Eagles while the Raiders are likely out of it.
Remmy’s Take: Wolcott hasn’t yet won a big game this season. But with Derby’s running backs all out with injuries, this could be the game where Wolcott has its coming-out party.
Kyle’s Take: A string of physical games has taken its toll on the Red Raiders — particularly on defense. Wolcott moved the ball pretty well on Ansonia and will do even better against Derby. Look for a balanced attack from the Eagles.
Picks: Remmy- Wolcott, 49-21. Kyle- Wolcott, 48-28.

Crosby at Seymour, 7 p.m.: The Wildcats have their first winning season under Tom Lennon in their sights after upsetting Derby.
Remmy’s Take: Seymour showed its toughness last week, especially on defense. Crosby will struggle to move the ball on that D this week. ‘Cats, big.
Kyle’s Take: The coaches in Seymour are too good to allow for a letdown after a big win, especially playing an offense that is still young and will turn over the ball. Joey Salemme will take another bite out of the yardage needed to break Edwin Esson’s single-season school rushing record.
Picks: Remmy- Seymour, 42-12. Kyle- Seymour, 49-18.

Kennedy at Torrington, 7 p.m.: One team will notch its first Copper Division win, finally.
Remmy’s Take: The Raiders have lost their fair share of games this season but have been playing very hard. The Eagles are just coming off of a win and are getting better as the season progresses — making strides. This could be the tightest game of the week. Can the Eagles win two in a row?
Kyle’s Take: I saw Torrington last week against Holy Cross and the Red Raiders really didn’t play like a winless team. They’re young and starting to come around. I think they’re in for a nice end of the season and will build some momentum for next year.
Picks: Remmy- Kennedy, 28-21. Kyle- Torrington, 38-26.

Wilby at Naugatuck, 7 p.m.: You’ve gotta keep winning, Naugy. Just keep winning.
Remmy’s Take: Naugatuck shellacked St. Paul last week. The shellackings will continue ’til Thanksgiving morning when Ansonia visits the borough. Jason Bradley and Co. will be too much for the Wilby defense to handle.  
Kyle’s Take: Wilby will provide more of an all-around test for the ‘Hounds than did St. Paul last week. Naugy has to stop the run to take control of this game. On the other side, the Greyhounds’ receivers need to sharpen up after a day full of drops last weekend.
Picks: Remmy- Naugatuck, 55-12. Kyle- Naugatuck, 46-20.

Kyle (53-4) leads Remmy (52-5) in weekly predictions. A little bit of news and notes before we send you on your way:

  • Kyle, Steve and Bob will have the Woodland-Holy Cross game this week on 1320 WATR. We’ll link to the WATR broadcast in our live scoreboard later this week. (Torrington-Kennedy will also be on WAPJ.)
  • Kyle will have some new stuff on the Red Zone blog throughout the week, including his Week 8 local power rankings, his weekly polls analysis, a new edition of Gimme Five, a look at the playoff picture and more.

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  38 Responses to “Week 8 Predictions”

  1. St. Paul
    Wolcott – Said Ansonia game was the beginning of the end for Derby, looks that way.
    Kennedy – Torrington plays the other 3 worst teams in the league in the final 4 weeks, can they win one. Kennedy coming off a decent win keeps on rolling. Torrington always had trouble with them.

    • Good call Bu but how did you predict all the injuries and the suspension? I agree Bethel would have been to tough. It does look hard the rest of the way.

      • I thought they were done even without the suspensions and injuries. Didn’t think they could hang with Ansonia, Wolcott, Woodland, or Shelton. Bethel and Seymour were toss-ups.

      • You might have been right looking at it now. It seems you take delight in Derby not doing well. Am I wrong here. Do you think Derby has a shot this week. Before you answer maybe you should consult Seeing Red. He might just show up this week.

      • I don’t take joy in Derby losing. My parents are from Derby, lived their during the glory days, and I think French is doing a great job. I do however, slightly enjoy when an overrated team comes back to reality. I hate calling Derby overrated, because they did nothing but win the games they should have early in the season. But some people were already booking their spot in the playoffs before they even played a decent opponent.

      • I have to agree with Jamie on this one, Shot. For George French to come out and say we’ll see Ansonia in the playoffs, could have meant one of two things. Either he thought Derby would make the playoffs, or, he’s going to rent a bus and take his team to New Britian to watch Ansonia play.

  2. Saint Paul 45 Sacred Heart 12 – banner day for SP QB
    Woodland 34 Holy Cross 21 – something says could be closer
    Wolcott 48 Derby 36 – if they rush the passer like Seymour did
    Ansonia 105 Watertown 0 – even if AHS doesn’t practice this week
    Seymour 42 Crosby 6 – the Cats’ really can pass the ball
    Torrington 24 Kennedy 16 – sorry fish, just can’t pick a city team this week
    Naugatuck 38 Wilby 27 – something says it won’t be that close

  3. Yo Fish, you’ll be happy to know… Steubenville dropped their 3rd straight. Now 5-4.

  4. hey Kyle, whens the prediction tracker going to be updated ?
    St Paul 52-13
    Seymour 38-12
    Torrington 33-13
    Ansonia 60-12
    Naugy 55-12
    Wolcott 44-20
    Woodland 56-12

  5. st.paul——game report very predictable
    naugy——wilby upgraded a little but still not ready
    woody—– holy cross best of waterbury schools……i think
    kennedy—fly eagles fly
    seymour—-cats should win easily
    ansonia——-if my sorry dodgers were playing i might think about missing this one
    wolcott—— this will be derbys toughest game of year psyhcologicaly

  6. St. Paul

  7. Congratulations to Coach Cort Johnson on his new arrival. Awesome stuff.

  8. St. Paul 50 SH 12 Marchi adds to his stats
    Woodland 49 HC 20 When will Woody play a good team?
    Wolcott 44 Derby 20 Sorry shot.
    AHS 60 Watertown 12 Another controlled scrimmage
    Seymour 35 Crosby 14 I like the way Seymour plays tough
    Kennedy 21 Ttown 13 Come on Eagles!!!
    Naugy 28 Wilby 26 (almost my upset pick)

  9. ValleyFalls1

    St. Paul Over Sacred Heart 49-21
    Woodland 49 HC 21 Woodland beats up in over manned Cross
    Wolcott 49 Derby 21 Eagles too much for depleted Raiders
    Ansonia 49 Watertown 6 It’s been a rough 3 game stretch over 2 pesky tough teams and a declining super-power.
    Seymour 49 Crosby 14 Cats chase Dogs north
    Torrington 35 Kennedy 21 13 Those other Red Raiders finally win a game
    Naugy 49 Wilby 28 Dogs chase Cats north

    SWC watch
    Children of Mary JVs over Immmaculate JVs 3-2 (CoM receive special dispensation to kick an extra point after a safety)
    Newtown over whomever they are playing
    Masuk slows decline by finally winning again

    St Joes over New Canaan 35-33

  10. Woodland
    Derby despite all the naysayers. Need time to adjust to lower numbers again.
    Saint Paul

  11. shot——personally ive never seen a season turn so quickly.mr.french can somewhat salvage it with a upset or two in remaining weeks.Its gonna be tough,but with high school kids you never know how they are going to react.

  12. congrats to cortez on gift——-makes football kind of irrelevant–good health and luck

  13. FYI: Ansonia vs Watertown has been moved to 3:30 PM Thursday. (as reported by Mr. Brennan).

  14. Responses to assorted points:

    – Predictions tracker … sometime. Sometime.

    – Best team in Waterbury? I’ve thought it’s been Wilby since the start of the season, although Cross has closed the gap to a basically dead heat, I think. (Too bad we won’t find out because they don’t play.) Although, looking at their schedules, neither team has beaten anyone — Wilby’s wins have a combined two victories, and Cross’ wins have a combined five.

    – Congrats to Cort Johnson and his family!

    – If we’re not going to consider Naugatuck a good team (I would, but some don’t) then the only good team Woodland will play is Ansonia. Tough standard, I guess.

    A few other items:

    – The Ansonia-Watertown game has been moved up to Thursday at 3:30 p.m. Could be because of a poor forecast on Friday, but that shouldn’t affect the 100 people that were going to attend.

    – It’ll be interesting to see what kind of weather develops Friday. Most games are on turf, including the Woodland-Holy Cross game. That might close the gap between those teams just a little bit, but not too much.

    – Some clown from MSG Varsity said today he thinks New Canaan would beat Ansonia by four touchdowns. Here’s betting he hasn’t seen Arkeel Newsome ever play in person.

  15. Right K, Naugy is decent.
    The last comment is something you would expect from down the line in the Snobville neck of the woods. Speculation is always the last hired gun… especially when it’s about something that will never happen.

  16. ValleyFalls1

    Yes he is a clown, a loud clown :)

  17. johnnyribbs

    I dunno. This is a guy who absolutely respects Ansonia…..I agree 3 or 4 TD’s may be too high cause I just don’t think Ansonia would let that happen. But NC is pounding pretty good teams. Ansonia is pounding their schedule as well….

    You guys that attended the Masuk game, you can’t tell me you think that Masuk team was very good. That looked like most NVL games that Ansonia plays. 20-0 end of 1q. No different than Wilby. Newsome and the other guys out in the 3rd.

    Derby played Ansonia tougher no?

    It is like arguing who would win in a fight between He-Man and the Hulk, cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    Quick has to get clicks to live and he knows he wants to hype the St. Joes/NC game, and he knows A-towners will go crazy watching that video and commenting on the page.

    Ray Brown is already camping out over there. Mission accomplished.

  18. quick knows where his meal money comes from.ribbs things must be going well for you——-someone told me you just got cable t.v. congrats.when you predicted forseeable demise of ansonias program 5 years ago i knew you were a big mike quick protoge

  19. 50-50 raffle thursday will have ansonia oweing winner.i might be wrong but werent the gurus saying a couple years back new caanan would embarass st.pauls in playoffs?

  20. Wags, ha. I don’t even understand what your talking about but I’m laughing.

    I think I am saying that it isn’t ridiculous to think that NC could give Ansonia a game. If you can’t even put yourself there, I’m not sure what to tell you at this point. Also I am agreeing that Quick is a NC yes man….but he isn’t exactly clueless about the sport.

    I’m giving Ansonia all the credit in the world. They could have beat Masuk 100 to 15 if they wanted to….same could be said for most of the games on their schedule. NC is pretty good though no? No? Nothing? No credit at all?

    I wouldn’t say I predicted a demise, but rest assured that even in A-town…nothing lasts forever.

    • ribbs i remember clear as day your comments 5 years ago—-nonetheless im only bustin em on mike quick comments—–your right everything comes to an end—-theyve been saying that since 1977—sadly you and me probably wont be alive to see it—-but its been a 40 year ride for people that coach,support and are involved in ansonia programThe bickering over whos no.1 in the polls is fodder for the media.im no dummy.i know ansonia cant beat everyone they play every year–its impossible.i also know that NVL schedule is inferior to some leagues, but i also believe that in a one game scenario a class S school from the NVL can beat any team in state.P.S.——BTW your better off without cable—rabbit ears man myself

  21. Woodland-easiest schedule in the state?
    Wolcott-should be a battle
    Seymour-will grind it out
    Kennedy-big test for the eagles
    St. Paul-expect lots of scoring (duh)
    Naugatuck-great job by Bruno on and off the field this year.

  22. Ansonia
    wake me up for the NVL champ game

  23. Ansonia jv’s over Watertown varsity
    St. Pauls over Sacred Heart – congrats Cortez!
    Wolcott over a tough but depleted Derby team
    Seymour over Crosby
    Torrington finally wins a game beating Kennedy
    Naugatuck over Wilby in a close game
    Woodland over Holy Cross

  24. Mike Quick just needs to pay the bills! If he believes anyone in the state would beat AHS by 4 TDs, it would have to be UConn and I doubt that would happen either! He also thought Staples was unbeatable last year and they didn’t even make the finals!

    St. Paul

    Someone else wrote this but I have to agree, wake me up for the NVL title game! Or maybe Fell will vote down NVL title game this year??

  25. Voice you have a lot of nerve agreeing that we are overrated but let’s not go there. You guys get very sensitive. We would not be overrated if we were healthy.

    Jamie I know who you are. It still seems a little too snarky for me when I read your stuff. I know you mean well so maybe I am too sensitive.

    • i a gree to a point shot——injuries will decimate a small school program.i dont know if its possible to change philosophies,but i think teams are learning to deal with spread offenses.Also i just dont believe you can win without big dogs in trenches on both sides of ball.just sayin.Derby needs to win a creditable game—-theyll have some chances to wake up the echoes

      • Wags good points. The voice took French out of context. There was a whole lot more in that conversation. He said something like the only chance we have to play them again would be in state finals. No big deal it just saddens me that we are getting smaller by the hour. No excuses…..gotta execute. Your kids seem to that better than anyone.