Nov 212013
Ansonia's seniors won their third NVL championship with a 48-7 victory over Woodland on Wednesday. (Credit: GWImages)

Ansonia’s seniors won their third NVL championship with a 48-7 victory over Woodland on Wednesday at Municipal Stadium. (Credit: GWImages)

Ansonia won its third straight Naugatuck Valley League championship and sixth in eight years with a 48-7 win over Woodland on Wednesday night at Municipal Stadium. You can read accounts of the game at all sorts of media outlets:

Republican-American: game story, column, highlights, photosgame summary/stats
GameTime CT: game story, highlights, photos
Connecticut Post: game story (photos)

And, of course, we have our own game highlights from Remmy.

Next up, Thanksgiving. We’ll have all our previews up at the end of the weekend. It should be a fun week as five NVL teams look toward the playoffs in their rivalry games.

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  9 Responses to “Ansonia Wins 2013 NVL Championship”

  1. For those looking for playoffs stuff to hold you over this weekend:


    Ned Griffen’s:

    Remmy and I took in the Newtown-Brookfield game last night. Newtown is good, but not the Class LL favorite as far as I’m concerned. For the age-old question — how would Ansonia do? — I’d pick the Chargers by two-three touchdowns against Newtown.

    I may check out New Canaan-St. Joseph II tonight.

  2. Nice article about the NVL title game, AD Fell is just lost! Just like when he forgot to schedule Ansonia this year!
    Here’s how I look at it:
    The NFL plays 16 games in 17 weeks and players are paid millions of dollars to play! FBS college football plays 12 games in 14/15 weeks and they make millions for their schools & the kids get scholarships, room & board for free. Now in HS you are asking kids to play 15 games in 13 weeks and that’s ok? The trophy the 6 captains are holding probably cost $10 at Blanchettes, that seems worth it! If you want a league title game, lose a regular season game or change the entire format where Thanksgiving is the 1st round of the playoffs, which will never happen, so END IT!
    Keep it in all other sports, just end it in football, too many games!

  3. ValleyFalls1

    I think that the Woodland AD’s comments were irresponsible. This is all about the players, Student-Athletes. About thier health, safety and welfare. It is not about the league or any other nonsense.

  4. Congratulations to the Ansonia Charger football team. The incredible amount of hard work paid off this year. Great job. Hats off to the coaches on a great season. Classy and well played.

  5. The Road to Arute for the Ansonia High School Football team took a sad turn on Friday when Tarence Mitchell, a captain of the Bloomfield High School football team, a possible first round opponent of Ansonia, was arrested and charged with murdering his 27 year old gay lover.

  6. knowing the state–theyll give him a weekend furlough to play