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Friday night will mark the final games of two of the Naugatuck Valley League's -- and the state's -- all-time statistical leaders in Ansonia's Arkeel Newsome and Woodland's Tanner Kingsley. (Credits: GWImages, sscreativedesign)

Friday night will mark the final games of two of the Naugatuck Valley League’s — and the state’s — all-time statistical leaders in Ansonia running back Arkeel Newsome and Woodland quarterback Tanner Kingsley. (Credits: GWImages, sscreativedesign)

Welcome back to the Naugatuck Valley League Invitational, where it’s finally time to crown a champion. The winner will also take the Class S state championship. Ansonia will look for its 19th state title (and third straight) while Woodland will look for its first since 2005. Friday night’s game will also be the last in the tremendous high school careers of Arkeel Newsome, Tanner Kingsley and many others.

No. 2 Ansonia (14-0) vs. No. 4 Woodland (12-2)

When/Where: Friday, 7:05 p.m., Arute Field at CCSU
TV/Radio: CPTV Sports, WELI 960 AM, Hersam-Acorn Radio
Remmy’s Take: The game plan for both teams is quite simple. Ansonia will feed the ball to Arkeel Newsome and Woodland will be forced to throw the ball with injuries to its two running backs. It’s going to be very tough for the Hawks to move the ball on the Ansonia defense and for that reason, I am not expecting an exciting game. However, I am looking forward to seeing Tanner Kingsley, Arkeel Newsome and the seniors from both teams play their final high school football game.
Kyle’s Take: We don’t yet know the official status of the injured Sean McAllen and Coby Vaccarelli (we will find out for sure Wednesday) but even with both of those guys healthy, Woodland wouldn’t stand too much of a chance. With one or both of them out (McAllen has a chance to play pending his concussion; Vaccarelli seems far less likely), the Hawks will just be too depleted for any magic to happen. Woodland didn’t tackle very well against Bloomfield and those mistakes are far costlier against Arkeel Newsome and the Chargers. Tanner Kingsley needs to have the game of his life and his wide receivers need to figure out a way to get some separation and catch anything near them. If Ansonia doesn’t turn over the ball, the Chargers will roll. Enjoy the last time you’ll get to see Newsome before the big-time.
Picks: Remmy- Ansonia, 49-7. Kyle- Ansonia, 47-13.

Of course, we have to pick the other three state finals.

Class LL
No. 4 Southington (11-1) vs. No. 7 Fairfield Prep (11-2): Remmy- Southington, 20-14. Kyle- Southington, 24-21.

Class L
No. 1 Darien (12-1) vs. No. 3 New Canaan (13-1): Remmy- New Canaan, 21-14. Kyle- New Canaan, 14-0.

Class M
No. 2 St. Joseph (12-2) vs. No. 5 Brookfield (11-3): Remmy- St. Joseph, 42-21. Kyle- St. Joseph, 48-28.

Extra Points: We’ll have plenty of links up to stories and previews after Wednesday’s CIAC media luncheon. For starters, here’s a graphical look at Tanner Kingsley’s record-setting career, as well as a hypothetical examination of how an open division could have looked this year. Also, check out a feature on Woodland’s Levi Fancher and a notebook from the event. … Remmy is 19-5 in the playoffs, while Kyle is 17-7. … We will be enjoying a nice tailgate at CCSU on Friday afternoon. We’ll figure out the time within this thread (probably starting around 3:30 p.m. or so) and you’ll all be welcome to drop by. Bring anything you’d like.

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  34 Responses to “Class S Championship Preview: Ansonia vs. Woodland”

  1. CHARGERS 52-26 Newsome becomes the national rushing leader
    Southington 26-13
    N.Canaan 13-7
    St. Joes 44-23

  2. Ansonia 48-14 Newsome goes for 300+ yards 5 tds
    Prep 21-20
    Darien 20-14
    St. Joes 42-21

  3. AHS 55 Woodland 21 happy for Newsome, happy to see him graduate
    New Canaan 21 Darien 19 NC kicker is legit
    FF Prep 28 Southington 20 SCC > CCC
    St. Joes 55 Brookfield 14

    And that’s a wrap on 2013!

  4. Here’s a little food for thought for you guys. It’s what this year’s open division might have looked like:

    • Nice job Kyle, as always. Thought provoking indeed. Reinforces regret this is the final weekend of CT H.S. football… Bet you sports scribes can use a break. lol!

  5. Ansonia

    St. Joseph

    New Canaan


  6. ValleyFalls1

    Ansonia over Woodland 49-21
    New Canaan over Darien 31-28
    Southington over Prep 42-35
    St. Joes over Brookfield 62-14


  8. forecast is for heavy snow saturday——should have great crowds

  9. you’re too much, Wags.

  10. Wags think the snobs in the land of the rich will get there wish granted. With weather game mite be moved to Fairfield U.

  11. Maybe take a ride to Boyle. I love the old staduim feel. Olny bitch is parking for big games.

  12. A few notes from my desk on this Thursday:

    – Remmy and I will probably be arriving at CCSU between 3:30 and 4 p.m. on Friday. We’ll bring a little bit of food, and we assume the big-time tailgaters out there will have their grills, so drop on by and bring a little something to eat or drink if you’d like. Looking forward to catching up with you guys.

    – I figured the CIAC was going to end up moving Darien-New Canaan in light of the weather, but I really thought it was going to end up at West Haven or Fairfield University or something. Whatever, now I won’t have to deal with those people Saturday.

    – Saturday’s three games will be streamed on MSG Varsity (as much as I really don’t like those people) so for those of you who want to watch the games without venturing out in the snow, you’ll have the option. Friday’s Ansonia-Woodland game will be live on CPTV Sports and I believe Hersam-Acorn will be streaming a live audio broadcast online. We’ll have a link when the time comes.

    – I did a feature story on Woodland’s Levi Fancher for today’s Rep-Am:

    – Over on the Red Zone blog, I’ve got a graphic on Tanner Kingsley’s career (Arkeel Newsome’s graphic will be posted early next week) and I took a shot at seeing what an open division would look like this year had we used a BCS-like formula to pick the eight teams:

    That’s all for now. We’ll have more stories up from my stuff at the Rep-Am tonight and tomorrow.

  13. another great move by the clown princes of sports———-sorry jimmy b

  14. Good job as usual, Kyle. Hope to see you Friday evening. I guess Mike Quick let the Ansonia people get to him. The Ansonia / Woodland game is the only one that won’t be seen on MSG Varsity. Wonder why? As far as the venue change for the New Canaan/ Darien game, it was a cowardly move by the C.I.A.C. to appease the people in Fairfield County, plain and simple. They complained all week about having to travel to New Britian and wallah, The C.I.A.C. under the guise of a big snowstorm coming on Saturday grants their wish and moves their game to Stamford. If the timing of the storm holds true, the Fairfield Prep/Southington game will be played in a snowstorm. Next time, FP fans make some noise and the C.I.A.C. might cater to you too.

    • Hey voice, I’m not sure the move was done to appease the people of Fairfield County as much as it was to try and make as much $ as possible by allowing the NC and Darien fans to make the game with a bad snowfall coming. I can’t speak for the CIAC, but it would make sense to move that game to a local venue so that more people can attend, which equates to more $ at the gate.

      I kind of feel for St. Joe and Fairfield Prep for having to travel to New Britain – Oh, wait. No I don’t.

  15. I forgot to make note of a reason I think the New Canaan-Darien game was moved instead of Southington-Fairfield Prep … apparently CCSU wanted to keep the Southington crowd, so the one that was picked to move was the Class L game.

    It looks like the CIAC gave in, but it’s not really that from what I can tell. There’s no way a 6 p.m. kickoff was happening Saturday with this storm.

    • Considering Friday and Saturday’s weather, Rentschler Field’s comfortable $60 indoor seats would have been nice this year. I sat up there last year and enjoyed the game.

  16. I really only care about one game this weekend and that’s the game between Ansonia and Woodland. The rest of the playoffs could get snowed out for all I care. I’m going to stop putting my energy into things I can’t control even though I know the C.I.A.C. caved. Enough said on that subject. Go Chargers, bring home #19. Score early and often.

  17. Here are a few things to consider about the change of sites for the Championship.

    The weathers system is forcasted to arrive on Saturday in the afternoon and continue through the afternoon on Sunday. The games must be completed no later than Sunday. That being said if no changes were made there was a strong possibility that the LL game would probably have been postponed til Sunday and then possibly cancelled because of the forcast.

    The L and LL games appeared to be the two games at risk. The solution was to move one of those games. Consideration was given to distance that each team and their fans would be traveling in a possible severe snow storm. Darien and New Canaan are the two farthest schools from Arute Field.

    People on the blog can believe what ever they want to. These are some of the issues as I know them to be.

  18. more like cosideration was given to the two teams that were in contention for 1 ranking. Can you picture if class S game was only one played? the bulls……t is piled higher than the supposed snow coming.

    • What’s difficult to comprehend about the explanation? I sure as heck didn’t want the Class L game moved just to spite those clowns down there, but the situation called for unfortunate measures and this solution is the best they could have done.

      • what about prep?they have as far to go (give or take a couple miles) as darien or new caanan.look thru the crap—–the crooks are basically telling M and LL that their games are irrelevant

      • That’s one team, not two. Southington is practically next door to CCSU.

        If you think that “crooks” are telling two classes that “their games are irrelevant,” you’re lost.

  19. See what happens when you anger the Ansonia football gods
    SNOW and lots of IT. Lololololol

  20. Last report I saw is that light snow is supposed to now start early Saturday morning, with the heavier snow not to come until Saturday night. Looks like all 3 games will have to deal with at least some snow now.

  21. What’s on the menu for tomorrow what are people bring

  22. All sorts of stuff by me in Friday’s Rep-Am:

    – Game preview:

    – CIAC media day notebook:

    – The first 15-game seasons:

    We’ll have our live scoreboard up at some point early Friday. WELI will be broadcasting the game on radio, for those who haven’t seen. We’ll have links to all that stuff.

    • Great season Kyle and Remmy! Kyle, I used the Tune In radio app on Thanksgiving (AHS/Naugy) and this past Saturday (end of Woodland) to listen to games I couldn’t get to and you are dam good. Keep it up! That open divison article was great, I would’ve loved to see AHS/Prep last Tuesday, would have been a great game. Congrats to all 8 teams who got in to finals, great accomplishment! This may not be the best AHS Senior class ever for football but I don’t care who you play, if they win tonight, they will be 43-0 in their 3 years as Varsity players (I know a few played or suited up as freshman but you know what I mean) and that’s just awesome!!
      I was 32-1 in my short football career (only loss in Georgia in Super Bowl II in 1988 for Pee-Wees, before the time the title was played in Disney). I still remember that stuff, so these kids will have a lifetime of memories!

  23. unfortunately the poll issue has overshadowed the season in i believe the ciac wanted to get the S and L games in so that pollsters can justify their final poll ? yes.if safety and travel were the concern,what about other four teams? heres hoping the ciac takes a financial bath.