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Ansonia's Thomas Majchrzak caught one of Jai'Quan McKnight's two touchdown passes as the Chargers won their 42nd game in a row. (Credit: GWImages)

Ansonia’s Thomas Majchrzak caught one of Jai’Quan McKnight’s two touchdown passes as the Chargers won their 42nd game in a row. (Credit: GWImages)

Ansonia, meet Woodland. Woodland, meet Ansonia. Oh, you already know each other? OK then.

The Naugatuck Valley League’s two best teams have outlasted everyone else in Class S and will meet Friday at 7:05 p.m. at Central Connecticut State University’s Arute Field for a state championship. It will be the Chargers’ fourth straight trip to a state final and Woodland’s first since 2005.

No. 2 Ansonia (14-0) didn’t have many issues in a 49-27 win over No. 3 Rocky Hill. Arkeel Newsome ran 36 times for 269 yards and five touchdowns while the Chargers’ defense held Chris Young to 137 yards and two scores on 20 carries. Ansonia never trailed in the game and pulled away from an early 7-7 tie to take a 34-7 halftime advantage. Jai’Quan McKnight returned from his ankle injury and threw a pair of touchdown passes.

Here are Remmy’s highlights from the game:

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Woodland's Taylor Tucciarone caught seven passes for 109 yards and two touchdowns in the first half and added 16 carries for 87 yards in the second half as the Hawks beat Bloomfield, 30-26. (Credit: sscreativedesign)

Woodland’s Taylor Tucciarone caught seven passes for 109 yards and two touchdowns in the first half and added 16 carries for 87 yards in the second half as the Hawks beat Bloomfield, 30-26. (Credit: sscreativedesign)

No. 4 Woodland (12-2) never trailed in a 30-26 victory over No. 8 Bloomfield but had to grit out the win in a back-and-forth second half. The Hawks started the game without Sean McAllen (concussion) and lost his replacement Coby Vaccarelli to a knee injury late in the first half. Vaccarelli’s injury allowed Bloomfield to turn an 18-0 deficit into an 18-14 game early in the third quarter.

The Warhawks actually dropped out all their linebackers often in the second half until the Hawks used wide receiver Taylor Tucciarone as a running back. He loosened up the defense enough for Woodland to score twice in the second half — a 2-yard sneak by Tanner Kingsley and a 12-yard touchdown pass from Kingsley to Joe Poeta. That scoring toss was Kingsley’s fourth of the game and 113th of his career, which set a state record. It also put Woodland ahead 30-20, and Poeta picked off Norvel Stewart to end the game with 46 seconds to play.

You can take a listen to Kyle’s calls of Poeta’s two game-breaking plays as heard on 1320 WATR.

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Woodland and Ansonia drew the Friday night game at CCSU, which will give us plenty of time to tailgate that afternoon. We’ll have more information on that as the week goes on. We’ll also be previewing the game on Monday or Tuesday, so stay tuned for that.

As for Saturday’s three finals? In Class LL, it will be No. 4 Southington against No. 7 Fairfield Prep at 6:05 p.m.; in Class L, No. 1 Darien and No. 3 New Canaan will meet at 2:05 p.m. in a rematch of their Thanksgiving game, which the Blue Wave won in an upset; and in Class M, No. 2 St. Joseph will pit its offensive juggernaut against No. 5 Brookfield at 10:05 a.m. For anybody who wants to know more about how those other semifinals went, our pal Ned Griffen summarized and linked out to stories from all of them.

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  1. Who will be tailgating and when

  2. what a low ball job by sheehan high and the crooks from CIAC.No scoreboard,some clown who couldnt read team rosters let alone calling punts field goals—–parking stunk—–concession stand didnt open till kickoff and portolets for toilets—–nice job guys

  3. ValleyFalls1

    Very poor site mangement for $10 a ticket.

    On the good side however, is the Youtube video embedded here. Clear look at highlights and Newsome’s tackle for a fumble. Great catches by Gul (great throws also). Interesting contrast between 2 coaches with somewhat like offensive thinking. Youngs first score came on the criss cross play, best home run play for the single wing as you watch the old single wing videos. They knew it was coming and could not stop. Think I saw Rocky Hill run it only once more.

  4. media from other areas have already made it known that a 1 loss new caanan team will jump ansonia.check out bransfields article on game time.of course if ansonia, new caanan lose it should be interesting.with that being said,its too bad that the polls have sapped accomplishments by other teams,anyway who made the SCC based new haven register the final word? the CIAC should earn their money and post their own top ten making it the ruling poll

    • Not worried about those other leagues and end-of-season polls.

      More interested in going to see and appreciate both Newsome and Kingsley’s last football games in high school. As well as every other senior for Ansonia and Woodland.

      • Wage He’s just trying to get people to go to his website!!! to look at his article because he’s becoming irrelevant to sportswriting

        .2 question he was talking about the show and Ansonia scrimmage when Ansonia played all their JVs and they got beat up on but you weren’t playing against the varsity squad!!!

        He never even seen Ansonia play!!! He’s going off at new Canaan Fanbase and that’s at least get his information he’s not being a true sports writer on personal feelings and family and Fanbase opinion makers make his opinion about a team. True reporter Comes out at office and actually go see a team play!!! And you can’t tell me that’s not what he does because the information that he got that he put an article was from Fanbase !!! Go see them play first then write your article

  5. it would be remiss to think its not on everyones mind thats associated with ansonia football.secondly i also am looking forward to see the greatest rb in ct.history play his last game.its going to be a highly emotional game for me and my family for sure but a win is not etched in stone.hopefully weather will be ok and both teams play well. the game is easy to analyze.woodys pass game running game in state.In my opinion,without dissing seymour i think the only way woody wins is if chargers lay a 6 turnover egg. roll chargers

  6. Sorry about the misspelling to much scotch lololol

  7. ill drop some food off about 4—–happy to help out future AA clients—–gotta get the shot there—-gotta feelin he aint interested in derby basketball scrimmage

  8. All you Charger fans who get riled up by out-of-towner’s statements about Ansonia football must remember one thing. Jealousy is the greatest form of flattery, and there’s a lot of jealous people out there. The thing that really sticks in their craw is that a Class “S” school with 323 boys in grades 9 through 12 is the #1 team in the State of Connecticut.

    • Envy plays a BIG role. BTW saw Shorty Gardin (Colts Superbowl V Champ) play @ AHS. No. 2 is very Special indeed. Could lead nation in rushing stats. once again…Out of superlatives.

    • ValleyFalls1

      There is some real “johnson” envy going on at CTPost and GameTIme. Was weak a couple of times and responded, but just not worth the effort it takes to write intelligently; not much IQ or EQ being exercised over there. The outlandishness of what is being written boggles my mind.

    • There may be a little built-in jealousy, but there are legitimate points being made by some among all the nonsense that goes on over there.

      Like it or not, the weakness of Class S this year and the lack of top competition in the NVL this year does bring up a valid argument as to whether or not Ansonia deserves to be No. 1. I thought Jim Bransfield brought up fair points in his column, although I disagree with the notion that you can point at one title game and say you’re going to vote that winner No. 1 regardless of what happens. I know my final vote isn’t filled in quite yet but it’s not unreasonable to think that New Canaan or Darien will have a better resume than anyone else in the state by the end of next weekend.

      • ValleyFalls1

        I am not objecting to the points being made at all; there are some valid statements. Just to the tone of the blogs there.

        That being said, I am very dissappointed in the general level of play in the NVL this year. Not sure what would fix it except some sort of re-alignment, but then that would impinge on other issues one of which is tradition. The other course of action might be to get the down programs to use losing as a motivation to get better.

        Oh well, the more sad issue, is that Saturday is the last game of the 2013 season, and the last time to watch Newsome play for AHS. As an AHS person I want them to win of course, but hold no animosity toward Woodland. They have demonstrated some gutsy play since the NVL championship game.

        On to Arute!

      • kyle—-you switch from week to week—-when nc lost you said your vote went back to ansonia——what has changed in the nvl scheduling since then?

      • My vote did go back to Ansonia. It could end that way or it could switch. We’ll see how it plays out this weekend.

      • ValleyFalls1

        Actually since that game in Seymour, Ansonia has picked up the pace. Crosby, Woodland, Naugatuck, Coginchaug and Rocky Hill. Combined win-loss records of: 41-18 (10 from Crosby) and scoring 270 pts to 91 pts. In complete control of every game they played in that span. They won the Naugatuck game with a gimpy QB, the Coginchaug game with no QB and a completely new offensive scheme (if you believe the Cog coach, they only needed one player to do that, can’t get anymore dominant than that) and the Rocky Hill game with a resurgent QB. They redesigned their defense to match the Double Wing with an extra lineman who came off the bench for his time in the sun. The knock was Ansonia did not have the bench depth to deal with the strain of the schedule. Lot’s of hard play since Seymour (inclusive)

        While they almost lost a game, they did not lose a game like other teams (they that shall not be mentioned in this post) in the state. So the question becomes, where those other team’s losses bad days, flukes, indications of weakness, poor alignment of stars and planets, act of god? Who do you believe in your gut of guts would win straight up? (rhetorical question of course), Could they win with losses of personnel? I know at least one of the teams that shalll not be mentioned did, did that team lose their perceived or actual dominance when that occured? I think a team should be penalized for a loss, how much of a penalty depends on the quality of the winning team.

        Just some thoughts, probably too many

        Oooops, lobbying for a vote(s) :) , next I am going after increasing the defense budget………

  9. probably right but its fun to argue—–i got nothing better to do———-wheres cpt.obvious been?”

  10. What’s on the menu for friday

  11. i think the ciac could do everyone a favor and end one site finals.finals should be scheduled according to participants like the semi format does.Hows this


    crowds would not eclipse turkey day games and if fans wanted they could attend more than one game—-just sayin

  12. I am a self-confessed FCIAC lover, but the gall that Darien and NC have to request a site change is absurd! Wags- Culbeta? That the mecca of softball in Stamford?

  13. the entitlement of the Gold Coast clowns is unreal, makes me proud to hail from the Valley

  14. If you are planning on cooking Friday night you should know that SCSU has a policy that gas only grills no charcoal.

    Also for all those who have offered suggestions about sites for the tournament. Shelton High School, Falcon Field and Middletown High School were not available for this years tournament. Naugatuck is a good site however it will probable never be considered because it lacks adaquate seating on the visitors side of the field.

    Finally does anyone really think that a game would have been scheduled at Sheehan if it were known in advance that the scoreboard was broken. If we had known in advance the game would have probable been scheduled for Avon High School the other available site. That would have given everyone a chance to bitch about the distance to travel.

    Not every school in the state offers their field as a site.

    I am responding because I am one those money hungry, no nothing clowns at the CIAC so frequently referred to on this blog.

    • Appreciate it, Cliff. But being that the finals are at CCSU and not SCSU, I don’t think we’ll have an issue. :D

    • I give you credit for responding, Cliff. One question though. Shouldn’t you as Chairman or someone else have taken the time to check out the sites before the games were played? It would have saved the C.I.A.C. embarrassment. I certainly hope that Arute Field has been checked out.

  15. it figures cliff——-you dont even know where finals are scheduled

  16. The ciac charges 10 bucks a game and pays scorekeeper who has no scoreboard—–also happened at law site. no access to handicap bathrooms if you use portolets—–lets not go there. what does the mighty CIAC offer at playoffs that are not offered during regular season?

  17. Just like Obama Care where the young and health pay for services they don’t need to help pay for the health care of others. Your ten dollars pays for those sports that don’t make money. (Tennis, Cross-Country, Field Hockey etc.

    Also thanks for telling me that the game was at Central and not Southern. You saved me a lot of extra driving.



  18. kyle——- meet JIMMY B——JIMMY B meet kyle—-you sound like you need each other

  19. Maxpreps CT Top 20… but what do they know.
    They actually have the SCC teams with higher strength of schedule ratings than the FCIAC teams when this year clearly belongs to the FCIAC as the state’s top league.

    1 New Canaan
    2 Southington
    3 St. Joseph
    4 Fairfield Prep
    5 Darien
    6 West Haven
    7 Ansonia
    8 Xavier
    9 North Haven
    10 Glastonbury
    11 Hand
    12 Shelton
    13 Ridgefield
    14 Newtown
    15 Middletown
    16 Greenwich
    17 Hall
    18 Norwich Free Academy
    19 Notre Dame (West Haven)
    20 Staples

    26 Woodland 27 Naugatuck 44 Holy Cross

  20. all the scc teams are watching playoffs except prep———who cares?

  21. According to MaxPreps, Newsome is leading the nation in rushing:

    299 – 3608 – 12.07ypc

  22. Also, I believe that if Ansonia wins on Friday, it will be Coach Brockett’s 100th win. Hopefull I didn’t miss a game or two somewhere.

  23. Once again you’re on top of your game, Beast. Coach Brockett’s record, should they beat Woodland, would be 100-7, a 93.4% winning percentage.